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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Forty-Six ღ

It’s been one week since Lily, Rider, Billy and I go almost everyday afterschool to practice together, I asked Paige if she could take care of Diamond so Di is in aunt Cece’s house.

My phone vibrated, I took it out carefully so my last period teacher couldn’t see me, one new message, it read, I opened the message and read;

“From: Ri ;)
Again today?
Rider xx”

I quickly replied.

“From: Hopie Dopie
Yeah if its cool, we need to work on the time you flip me…
Hope xo”

I got an instant reply.

“From: Ri ;)
Shut up you you’re amazing!”

I smiled but quickly put my phone away as I could see my teacher’s eyes on me. I felt like I was in a movie anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 5pm. The show was tomorrow and the competition was in two three weeks, the boys started their tour after the Brit awards which was middles of February, and it was the last week of January now.

The clock was slowly ticking and it finally reached 5pm the bell rang and everyone rushed out of the classroom. I went to the locker room and got changed to some shorts and a plain shirt and put my all stars on. I bought new ones, they are easier to dance in. I would wait for Lily but, she could take a while…I decide to head to the dance class Rider must be waiting for me.

I walk through the busy halls of my university, I was so lucky to be here, to think that at the beginning of the year I was almost leaving because my mom lost a lot of money, I didn’t buy the house I live in, Dad did when I was little, he came to England a lot, it was his job, and I love living in his house, and I have enough money to sustain myself and Diamond but my mom and George were in charge of the University money. I tried to get a scholarship but its really hard in this school people are so talented. But somehow, the bills are paid I guess George finally got a job… As I reach the dance room I see Rider do the routine, he was a great dancer, great dancer.

“Im here!” I smiled at him.

He stopped dancing and smiled back. “Great”

Lily and Billy joined us and we both criticized on our dancing, their routine was really good and so was ours, I really had fun with ours, and it was all from Rider’s great mind.

“This routine is genius!” I said after gulping some water.

“Thank you” he said cleaning his face with a towel.

“We are so ready!” Lily said.

“You guys were amazing!” I said.

“Well you two have great chemistry when you dance” Billy said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Whe you guys dance, everytime you look at each other both of your faces light up to a smile” he said honestly.

“Its all acting! Its our characters!” I said really quickly.

“He wasn’t insinuating anything” Rider said.

“I was just stating a fact” Billy said.

“Sorry, im just really tired, Harry should be here by now, see you guys later, Lily you coming?” I asked.

“I’ll meet you at the house, I have to do something” she said.

“Okay” I said suspiciously and headed out to find Harry’s car at the entrance.

“Hey beautiful” he said as I opened the car’s door.

“Hey handsome” I smiled.

“How was practice?” he asked.

“We actually came up with a really cool dance, cant wait for tomorrow!” I said static, I loved dancing.
“I can’t wait to see my princess up there dancing.” He said. He called me his princess, how cute. “Well lets go home, I really need a shower” I said.

“I’m not sleeping over tonight” he said as he started the car.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I’m going to my flat and just spend the night there okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, of course” I said smiling, its not that I didn’t want him to go to his flat, I just liked the thought of waking up to his face, but it was probably better if he went home, because I couldn’t have distractions… well If you understand me…

“There, you’re home!” he said as he kissed my cheek.

“Thank you” I said as I peked him on the lips.

“You’re welcome, love” he said.

“Love you” is aid as I opened the car’s door.

“Love you more” he said. I blew him a kiss and closed the door. Waved goodbye and opened my front door.

“I’m home!” I shouted.

There was noise coming from the living room.

“Di?” I asked.

As I walk in I see a familiar irish face.

“Niall?” I laughed.

“I dropped her off and—“

“No need for explanations you’re both with your clothes on so I don’t have to worry” I said.

“HOPE!” Diamond shouted.

“I’m just kidding,” I laughed.

“You staying over for dinner?” I asked niall.

“If its ok” he said.

“Yeah its fine!” I smiled.

Niall cooked dinner and it was delicious, I really needed a bath. I turned the water on and when it was in the perfect temperature I jumped in. I thought a lot in the shower, it was somewhere where I felt I didn’t get judged you know? Tomorrow was the opening show or whatever you wanna call it, but I’ve been thinking people will think my team won because I’m dating Harry, so yes, im thinking about declining the offer, but o don’t know… I want the team to win square and fair… if it means me not participating its fine with me. I dry my wet body and comb my wet hair and let it dry. I needed to hurry up, i was tired from all the dancing. I stretched before pulling my duvet. I turned my computer off and ringed Harry.

“O-oh hey hope” he said.
“Hey babe” I said cheerfully.
“Hope, it’s not really a good time I’m really busy with band stuff” he said.
“Oh, kay, love you” I said.
“Yeah, see you well I don’t know when” he said ending the call.

Band stuff? I’m not the suspicious type, or the jealous type but… I was headed to sleep when I got a message.

“From: Ri ;)
Just here to remind you that you’re amazing and have a good night sleep cupcake.
Rider xx”

I smiled. No I’m not supposed to be smiling.

“From: Hopie Dopie
Thanks for the message but why all of this all of a sudden?
Hope xx”

I got an instant reply.

“From: Ri ;)
Just being a good friend, have been trying for years. Anyways, good night beautiful!

I didn’t even respond, all that was on my mind was Harry ditching me like that. Dani told me Liam was with her tonight and Eleanor is in her cousin’s birthday with Louis, Niall is here.. and Zayn I don’t know, but band stuff? I wish he’d told me the truth…I close my eyes and drift to sleep.


heree you go! btw check this out! skip to 2:12 someone says 'taylor swift, or sumthin lik ethat' OMGG.

ANYWAYSSS HOPE YOU LIKE IT. (hope see what i did there? ahahha)
-Carlota <3 xx


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p