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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Forty-Five ღ

“Babe, wake up” I heard a sweet british husky voice calling. I open my eyes slightly to find myself staring at Harry’s curls.

“mm” I say then yawn “morning curly fry” I say with a smile.

“That nick name is getting really old” he chuckled.

“Shut up! Its cute!” I say standing up. I realized where I was I was in the living room. “We fell asleep?” I asked.

“We sure did I woke up with the TV still on” he said heading to the kitchen.

“You sound like a Texan dude, ‘we sure did’” I said as I laughed.

“Oh gosh babe, you’re out of this world.” He said.

“Are you making me breakfast?” I asked as I smelled pancakes.

“Yes my love” he smiled at me.

“Wow, aren’t I a lucky girl?” I smiled back walking into the kitchen.

He cooked them perfectly and the taste filled my mouth.

“So you girls ready?” Harry asked.

“What?” I ask confused.

“Your dance crew” he said.

“We have boys in it too silly” I smiled.

“Really?” he asked.

“yes, why jealous?” I chuckled.

“Yes, very, actually” he said.

“Well, our Uni always has an opening show for the competition, only the colleges that are close come and watch and perform, you should come watch, you and the boys” I said.

“Have you forgotten we are superstars?” he asked.

“You can go on the top floor, you know in the back where usually the choir sings, you can stay there! Bring Josh and the others!” I was excited already.

“Well when you get the date just tell me” he winked.

“Cant wait!” I smiled.

“You’re going to be late again…” he said looking at the clock.

“Shi—“ he looked at me with a glare, he hated when I swore “Shizzle” I improvised and smiled. He just laughed. We both headed to the car and Harry dropped me off.

“Bye babe” he said kissing me on the cheek since there were, lets say a thousand eyes on us.

“Love you” I said as he entered his car.

“Lily!” I shouted as I spotted her.

“Bout time!” she said coming towards me.

“Wanna rehearse after school today?” I asked.

“Sounds great, Rider and Billy too?” she asked.

“What?” I questioned her.

“You haven’t checked your email have you?” she asked.

“I don’t check emails” I said.

The bell rang “I’ll tell you later, got History now” she said.

“Oh! Good luck!” I shouted.

I headed to my first period class. As I walked in there was a note on the board that read. “Mrs. Kinsley cannot make it to todays lesson, due to the short amount of staff all students from Mrs. Kinsley’s class are dismissed for a free period. Thank you. Headmaster.”

I smiled at the thought I had missed my first period class and head to the one place I wanted to be, the dance room.

“Hey miss Sherry” I greeted her.

“What are you doing here sweetie?” she asked.

“Mrs. Kinsley couldn’t make it today, so I was wondering if I could stay here and just rehearse?” I asked.

“You should see if Rider has the morning free” she said.

“Excuse me?” I asked.
“I assume you haven’t read the email” she chuckled. “In the opening show there will be pairs, and I paired you and Rider together, I’m using this opportunity to grade you all, so the song you’ll dance to is Boogie Shoes, its in the playlist, you should listen and you create a choreography!” she said cheerfully.

“That’s great!” I said with a bit of sarcasm. Let’s just say I was nervous of dancing with another boy…especially Rider…

Rider and I had somewhat of a past history, Lily knows him fairly well… they were “madly in love” in high school and they both loved dance, and let’s face it the arts university here in London in amazing! So we kind of knew we might end up with other dancers we knew from back home, there were a few other girls I knew from dance camp, so let’s say I knew a lot of freshmen. Back to Rider and I. He was hooking up with Lily but every time he got me alone he charmed me and I let him, then Lily found out and we had this huge fight, but deep inside they really didn’t like each other, so Rider asked me out, do note he is one year older than me, but I totally rejected him because I had just come back from summer ‘O9. So this is going to be awkward.

I took out my phone and ringed Rider, yes I still have my phone.

“Hello?” he asked with a husky voice.
“Shit did I wake you up?” I asked.
“Yeah, kind of, uh, sorry who is this?” he asked.
“Hope, Hope smith” I said.
“Dopie!” he said. Yeah and that was my nickname…
“Hey Rider” I said.
“Why you calling?” he asked. “I thought you were dating that dude from the band.” He added.
“H-hum, yeah! Yeah I am!” I stuttered.
“Oh..” he said I could hear a bit of disappointment in his voice.
“We were partnered up in dance class for the opening show, my first period teacher bailed so I have 90 minutes of nothing to do, I thought we could work on the routine?” I asked.
“U-uh yeah, sounds good, I’ll meet you in 10” he said.
“Cool” I said.
“Just warm up and I’ll be there in a flesh” he said as I laughed.
“Okay see you then” I said and turned off the phone.

I put on some one direction music to motivate me, call me sappy but I loved listening to Harry’s voice, even if it were on tape…I warmed up and did some leaps and some steps to warm up. I put the Boogie Shoes track in to see what I was dealing with.. I was doomed.

“Don’t worry I have it all planned” I heard a familiar voice.

“Rider” I said.

“Hope” he said my name. “Nice to talk to you after all you totally ignored me here” he said.

“Sorry crazy year” I said.

“Tell me about it” he said.

“Well we can catch up later, right now put these on” he said throwing me all starts.

“Why?” I asked.

“Better get used to dance in those” he said. I looked at him confused. “I told you I got this all planned” he smirked.

He turned the radio on and told me what to do.


I breathed heavily and gulped half of my water bottle.

“Nice job for a contemporary dancer” he said.

“Thank. You” I said. I took a deep breath in and stretched my legs.

“Well, we’re going to have to meet up after school, I mean dance classes wont be enough…” he said.

“Yeah, sure, just tell me what days you’re free and I’ll talk to Diamond so she can get someone to take care of her” I said.

“Yeah she lives with you” he said.

“Yeah she does” I smiled.

“Oh here you go” I said giving him the all stars back.

“Keep them, they were Lily’s” he said.

“I knew I recognized them” I laughed. “I need to get used to these, I cant get my legs straight” I sighed.

“Its fine, I got your back” he smiled.

“Yeah, its pretty hard to have my back when you are trying to flip me I end up on top of your face” I laugh.

“Its not like I mind it” he said.

“Wow, Ride, this is just friends here, im pretty serious with Harry, whatever we had going on in high school its long gone” I said.

“Yeah sorry, stupid of me” he said disappointed again. “Gotta go, second period starts soon” he said as he waved and left the room.

This is going to be a hell of a process.


heyy babesss! sorry i didnt updat but i was so busy with school! erghhh it was my birthday yesterday!!! anyaaysss..riderr huhhh?
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