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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty-Five ღ

“I’m not leaving you like this, like it or not I’m helping” I kneeled besides him.

“I’m better now, you can leave” he said a few minutes later. He got a towel and cleared his mouth. Though he moved to quickly and soon enough he was knelt down again and threw up once again.

“You’re not better” I say as I knelt beside him and held his perfect curls with my shaky hands.

“I gotta get out there” he said standing up. I quickly flushed the toilet and closed the top, then making Harry sit down.

“You’re not going anywhere!” I say. I take some paper and wet it. I carefully put them on his forehead. “You’re heating up” I said as he closed his eyes. “Come, I’ll help you up” I said putting his arm around my neck. He was heavy, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t that strong. We struggled up the stairs but finally made it to his dressing room where Lou was there.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know but go tell someone the boys need to know” I say. Harry groaned.

“Harry, you’re heating up really fast I’m going to have to take your jacket off, maybe even your shirt” I said as he groaned again. I carefully took his usual blazer off. He was shaking, this was painful to watch.

“Haz-Harry” I corrected myself. “Can you take your t-shirt out?” I asked.

He shakily took his under t-shirt out and laid on the couch again.

“Do you want me to drive you to the hospital?” I asked worried now.

“No, this will pass” he said acting strong.

“Harry, you don’t need to act all strong around me, you’re not okay, and you know it wont pass” I said placing my hand on his bare chest.

I just noticed Harry, shirtless shivering with cold, he had a bad fever and was throwing up, why?

Harry groaned “You ok?” I ask taking my hand from his chest. He pointed at a bucket on a chair, I sprinted there and back right in time for Harry to use the bucket.

A few moments passed and Lou came rushing in. One Direction had their interlude played again, though now it was a different video.

“Harry!” Louis said as he ran to the couch.

“I’m fine Louis” Harry said.

“What happened?” Niall and Liam asked me pushing me to a corner.

“I don’t know, I noticed he wasn’t on stage and went looking for him, I found him throwing up in a bathroom, then he started having a temperature, that’s why he has no shirt on and he just wont let me drive him to the hospital” I trialed off.

“Drive him to your house, Harry hates hospitals, give him some meds” Liam said.

“You think he will want to go with me anywhere?” I said.

“He’s not thinking about that now, just get him to a safe place” Niall said.

“I’ll try” I sighed. “Nia—”

“You’re up boys” A manager said.

“Rock it out there” I hear someone say.

“Harry, c’mon, I’m driving you to my place” I said, he was too cold and was now snuggling a blanket which looked so cute.

“No, let me stay just a little longer, please just until the show ends” he said.

“Harry, let’s go” I felt like I was talking to a baby.

“Fine” he gave in.

I help him put his shirt on. I remember the last time I saw his bare chest, feeling his heart pump. My body was craving for connection with his. I shook my head.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, fine let’s go” I said. “Shit wait, I’ll be right back” I say I had to get my keys and my bag.

“Hey! How is he?” Diamond asked.

“Gunna take him home, he looks really bad” I sigh.

“I’ll crash at April’s if you want?” Diamond said.

“I don’t know, I’ll text you later, but probably best if you do” I say and run backstage.

“Good you didn’t run away” I said, which makes him laugh and cough.

“C’mon let’s go I got the keys this time” I chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

We got out of the arena which made a chaos with the paps out of the arena. We only saw pictures being snapped. I could see how uncomfortable he was. “GUYS HAVE SOME CONSIDERATION HE’S NOT FEELING OKAY!” the flashes stopped and the paparazzi backed off… a bit. We reached my car, I helped harry in.

“Thanks” he managed to say “Look Hope—”

“Save your energy” I interrupted. I wish I hadn’t though… “I’m gunna drive through the Pharmacy Drive In” I say, he nodded and drifted away to sleep.

“Hello, good afternoon” the attendant said.

“Hello, may I have some pills for fever and some digestive pills please?” I said.

“We have some but you need a prescription” she said.

“Get me the ones that don’t need prescription” I say.

“They aren’t as strong” she said.

“It’s just for tonight” I say, gosh I didn’t have time for this.

“Okay that will be $15” she said.

“There you go” I said handing her the money. I got the meds and headed home.

I parked my car making Harry wake up. “We’re here” I say opening his car door.

“M-hm” he answered.

I head to my room but change the route to the guest room. The bed was bigger.

“There you go” I said giving him some tea. “I have to make dinner for you to take the pills.” I say.

“I’m not hungry” he said.

“Harry you have to eat, I’ll just make you a light soup, OK?” I ask him.

“Fine, just make that really good one you made me once” he said.

“That was what I was planning.” I smile faintly as he does the same.

I head to the kitchen, I take my laptop and log into facebook and twitter. Harry and I were trending worldwide. Wait what? I go to sugarscape, the gossip of all gossips and tonight article was “Hope goes all protective about sick love, Harry Styles” so that is what this is all about. I roll my eyes and click mentions. Most of them were ‘how’s harry?” ‘is hazza okay????’ so I decide to tweet.

@hopie_smith: harry is fine girls don’t worry just some really bad food and a flu, he’ll be back in no time! Xxx

I logged out and prepared the soup. I walked in and Harry had turned on the TV now and was waiting anxiously for me.

“For who wasn’t hungry” I laugh a little and give him the soup. In no time the soup was gone. “Now these are cheap meds, they might not be strong but they will take some fever” I said.

“Thanks” he said as he took the rest of his tea and gulped the pills.

I sat at a little side couch just to keep an eye on him.

“Hope, I really need to talk to you” he said.

“Harry, when you’re all better we can talk” I said avoiding the conversation.

“I have to get this off my chest” he said.


Here is another chapter just because i was in a writing mode and i love you allll heheh. HOPE YOU LIKE ITTT. cant wait to write the next chapterrr. ahhhhhh.


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p