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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty-Three ღ

Since Friday night, nothing, its currently Saturday and it’s 10am and I’m up and ready for my morning swim. This was one of the things I like about being back in LA. The ocean breeze, the sunlight beam in the morning, the sand burning your feet, well that in particular isn’t that good. I check my phone five in five minutes, but come to the same conclusion. Nothing. Harry didn’t even respond and the other boys didn’t say anything… I knew they were busy, because of the gig tomorrow…

I couldn’t stop but think back in 2OO9, when I first met Gemma. I met her, well it was funny, I was in Paige’s store, it was her mums at the time, she was babysitting me, even though I was fifteen though anyways she came in with Anne and Harry and Anne left her there with Harry, Gemma was about nineteen years old and Harry was sixteen, she left them there and went to the shop beside it. Apparently my aunt knew Anne, well it was a small neighborhood… anyways it was the beginning of summer there though it was freezing, I mean I was used to the summers in LA. Anyways Gemma came to the table I was sat at, she said she recognized me from pictures, and then explained to me she knew Paige from her school and her parents knew my aunt. We talked, though Harry was in silence.

Harry didn’t really like me, and I didn’t really like him, and it was only the beginning of summer. The memories flooded in my mind. After I met Gemma I spent a lot of time in her house and with her around the cold beach breeze though I couldn’t help but notice that Harry still hated me. It took me until the last month for him to accept me. I never knew why he didn’t like me, but it took him a lot of convincing, maybe this all adds up, maybe he didn’t trust me back then, as Niall said he had a lot of trust issues, maybe I broke the trust he built up along these two years…

My thoughts and memories were interrupted by my phone ringing. I smile at the caller ID and pick up.

“Well hey! You’re alive!” Lily said on the other line.

“Hey Lils!” I squeal. “miss you” I add.

“Me too Hopie! Guess who’s with?” she asked me.

“I don’t know…?” I say with a curious tone.

“Hey cupcake” I heard from the other line.

“Gems!” I exclaim.

“I miss you guys like crazy you have no idea” I sigh.

“Why so sad?” Lily asked.

“Let me guess, my little bro?” Gem said,

“Yeah…” I sigh again.

“When you told us what really happened we though he would understand!” Lily said.

“Well if he gave me the chance to let me explain…” this time I try not to sigh.

“Poor babygirl” Gemma said.

“Gem, I’ve been thinking, remember back in 2OO9 well Harry didn’t like me when we first met..” I trail off.

“Yeah well he liked you after” she said.

“Wait, hear me out, Niall told me that he has trust issues” I say.

“Yeah, he always had” Gemma confirms.

“Ok, when only at the last moth of the summer he let me in, maybe he knew I was leaving and then he had time to trust me and then meet me again, I must sound paranoid, but the thoughts just came to my mind” I express myself.

“You might have a point. Harry did talk about you a lot, that is until the X Factor” she said.

“Which was exactly when we stopped talking!” I affirm.

“Maybe it all adds up to a bigger picture” Gemma said.

“Yeah, it probably does, I’ll think more about it” I say with a little bit of enthusiasm.

“Look, we love you but we are also wasting money” Lily sighed.

“I love you girls so much, and when I get back, which trust me will be less than the three months that the college gave me, we will have a blast together” I say with a smile on my face even though they couldn’t see it.

“You got it girl!” Gemma said.

“I love you girls” I say to the phone.

“We love you” Lily said. “bye cupcake” Gemma said as both of us pressed the red button.

I put my phone down change from my pjs into a bikini and head for my swim. The water wasn’t as hot today though it felt good. My hand was much better though I could feel the salt from the water pierce into the bruise. My mum always told me that the salt from the ocean makes the healing process faster so I just ignored the pain and swam for what felt like hours though it was only forty-five minutes.

I clean my dripping wet body and walk inside to find Diamond stuffing herself with food. “Rise and shine Di” I say with a smile.

“Mornin’” she said still sleepy. “You went for a swim, this early? You are crazy!” she said with a chuckle.

“It’s refreshing!” I state.

“Oh, April and Charlotte are coming over!” she said with a huge grin.

“Awh, the three best friends re united” I say with a sweet tone.

“Yeah so maybe you could make us some lunch, I’m awfully tired” she said with a puppy face.

“Fine, let me just go get changed” I say. I walk into my room and take some casual cloths not really caring how I looked. I still had a lot of time until lunch so I put the clothes on my bed and head to a shower to take the salt out of my hair, I wasn’t planning on surfing today nor going to the sea again.

I could feel the hot water running through my body at first it gave me chills, due to the difference of temperature. After a while it felt soothing, so soothing that I started to sing, just the first song that came to my mind. I apply my shampoo softly and make sure all the salt is off my hair so it wouldn’t stay sticky and thick.

I take the towel off the rack and cover my body with it, I take a smaller towel and wrapped my hair with it. I go to my bed and put my outfit on. I picked my simple ‘SEA’ shirt and my jean shorts along with some light blue shoes, I put my hair on a messy pony tail and add a little bow made of ribbon. I look myself in the mirror I wasn’t even gunna bother to put make up on.
http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=72848065. I closed the bathroom door and cleaned my room before heading to the living room. The process of me getting ready took only one hour, now being 11:45. Not bad! I go to the kitchen and make some lunch for Diamond and her friends. Shortly after I’m done with lunch the door bell rung and Diamond’s friends come rushing in, they were nice, cheerful, no doubt. We all eat and chat and before I know it, it was already 6pm.

“You girls staying over?” I ask politely,

“Well… if it isn’t a problem” Charlotte said with a nervous tone.

“Not at all! The more the merrier!” I say with a smile. They both smiled at me and went back to their conversation.

I was distracted but a familiar ringtone caught my attention.

“Hello?” I say to the phone.

“Hey! Nialler here!” Niall said with a cheerful tone.

“Hey Niall!” when I said his name the room went silent and all eyes were on me.

“Well, as you know tomorrow is our gig and it would mean the world if you came watch, even though its been rough between you and Harry…” he said.

“Of course I’ll come!” I say with a smile, half fake half real.

“You can bring Matt” he said.

“Probably not a good idea going to a concert if I’m supposedly in ‘complicated relationship’ with Harry” I state.

“True..well you can bring Diamond” he said after a beat.

“Well of course, though she has two friends over freaking out because I’m talking to you, mind if I bring them along?” I ask politely.

“Not at all, if they are Diamond’s friends they are welcome to come!” he said I knew just from the tone of his voice he was smiling.

“Well then I’ll see you on stage tomorrow Nialler” I chuckle.

“I’ll mail you the tickets, and the backstage passes” he said.

“Ok, see ya Nialler, take care, and rehurse!” I say to the phone as he says goodbye.

“Oh and—”

I cut him off “send kisses and greeting to Di” I say as he says ‘yeah’ and chuckles “I’m starting to be pretty good at this” I laugh.

“Bye Hope”

“Bye Nialler”

I turn off the phone and place it back on the counter.

“I guess we’re all watching One Direction tomorrow night” I say with a smile and throw my body to the couch.


i was bored so i ditched homework and wrote another chapter just a filler to tell you more about summer of 2OO9 :) hope you liked ittt. 2 chaps one day :D


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Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p