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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty-Two ღ

I was happy. That’s all you need to know. My hand hurt, true that, but knowing he was there put a huge smile on my face. Pathetic because he only saw me sleep… though at least he showed he cared.

I woke up today and just tanned a tad but not too long until the boys stopped by. They had a gig on Sunday so they only had this Friday morning free and Saturday was all about rehearsal.

“You psyched?” I ask Niall.

“Yeah, but I have to say, again, you seem very happy today” he said with a giggle.

“Well maybe I am happy” I say with a grin.

“Well, I’m in your room, we’re alone, how about you tell me?” Niall imposed with a curious tone.

“You have been asking why I’m so happy all morning… I might as well tell you” I say with a cheeky grin.

“Please do”

“You know, how, I’ve been freaking out because I thought.. Harry didn’t care..” I sigh “well yesterday night Matt was in the room, and I thought he was Harry, then he said he was Matt but—” a knock on the door interrupted us.

“Lunch is ready” Diamond came in.

“Who cooked?” I ask concerned.

“Me, don’t worry” we both laughed.


“Let’s eat I’m starving!” Niall said rushing to the kitchen.

“Pass me the bread!” I hear Niall shout,

“No! it’s the last piece!” I heard Zayn. They looked like two babies.

“I’ll go get some more” I laugh and grab my car keys. Then I remembered I cant drive because of my hand, “I’ll walk its just a few blocks” I say putting the car keys down.

“You’re not going alone!” Diamond said. “If only Matt were here…”
There was a huge silence “We’ll go” Louis said making Harry stand up.

“Mate no” I hear him mutter.

“Well that’s settled how long did you said it was?” Louis asked.

“10 mins there and another 10 back, 20 minutes” ii say with a nervous smile.

“Let’s go then” Louis said grabbing Harry’s arm.

Oh god. We went out the door.

“Arent people gunna mob us Lou?” Harry asked.

“Its not a very populated neighborhood. Only we know each other” I say though he just doesn’t even answer, I don’t even know if he heard me…

I go beside Louis and whisper “I know what you’re trying to do, it won’t work” I sigh.

“You just need to talk to him” he whispered back and started to walk faster leaving me behind. Seriously I felt like I was living in one of those teenage series on TV. If you asked me they look easier on TV.

We walk in a horrible awkward silence. “are we not gunna talk all the way?” I get the guts and ask.

He just shrugged his shoulders.

“We look like five year olds fighting over a toy!” I exclaim.

“But here its not a toy, its life, Hope” he answered.

“right” I say and speed up. I didn’t care he was acting like a baby I tried to explain so many times.

“Wait” he said.

“What?” I say annoyed.

He opened his mouth then closed it. “Nothing” he said.

I just walk, I was tired and wanted to go back to his arms, but I know I would go back and read all about me, but I can’t give up what I feel for Harry, I just can’t.

Louis walked in the shop while Harry and I stay outside.

“You could’ve let me explain” I say I had to talk to him. He stays silent “maybe its not what you think” I add, him still not saying anything.

“I know you still care” this makes his head shoot up and look me in the eyes. “I know you came and see me ay night” I say softly. He was silent he didn’t say a word, then Louis came out, before he joined Louis he muttered.

“I didn’t go see you”

My heart sank, maybe Matt saw another person and thought it was Harry. My smile disappeared. I mean, it had to be Harry, it had to. Maybe it wasn’t. he just said it wasn’t him, why would he lie?

I open the front door and walked in. they were all eating when I put the bread on the table Niall attacked it he was so cute. I take my plate heat it and eat the food, slowly and quietly. The boys wanted to say goodbye to the beach so after lunch we headed to the sand.

“Where did your smile go?” Niall asked.

“I don’t know…” I sigh.

“you were all happy this morning, what happened?” he asked.

"Well, I was telling you that someone came to see me last night..." I trailed off.
"Matt told me it was Harry...but when I told him I knew, he denied it.." I sigh.

"Hope, Harry was in the living room always, he fell asleep first than anyone, sorry to break it for you, he wasn't there, Matt must have seen wrong" he said with sad tone.

"Oh" I sigh "so he doesn't care" i

"Hope, he does! Its just.." He stopped.

"Just what?" I ask.

"Hard for him" he added.

"I was hurt yesterday, if the places were switched I would help him, because deep inside I know he still cares, and deep inside I know he was there, even if its only me who believes it" I say. I could feel the tears welling up. I'm not going to cry.

"You guys should go, you have a gig in two days, and didn't you have an interview?" I say clearing all the welled tears with my palm.

"Yeah we do at 6pm" he sighed.

"Its 4pm, go" I said with a faint smile.

"Yeah, see you, well, I don't know when" he said with a faint smile.

"Well, have fun living your dream Nialler!" I say with a bigger smile as I hug him tight. "Have a nice time guys, I love you all from the bottom of my heart. You are five morons and that's what makes you special!" I say hugging each of them, well except Harry as usual...

"Bye babe" Diamond said.

"I love you" Niall said.

"Me too" Diamond added as they shared a passionate kiss. They left my house and headed to their interview.

I sit on the living room with some ice cream on my lap, no not because I was crying or depressed, but because I am a fatty and love ice cream. The TV was going on but finally what I was waiting for.

"And welcome back! Now with us is One Direction!" The TV presenter said. "Hello lads" he added "please have a seat. They all sat down.

"So how's LA?" He asked.

"Really good!" Niall said with his cute Irish accent. The interview went on and one.

"Here are some rather interesting pictures" he said pulling up some pictures of them at the beach with me Matt and Di.

"Oh, these are some really good friends of ours that came to LA too" Liam said. "They had a house by the beach and we just had a few swims". He added.

"Isn't that Hope, Harry?" The presenter asked showing a close up picture of me and Louis talking.

"Yeah, it is" he said uncomfortably.

"I heard you two were dating" he asked. My heart beat fast.

"Its complicated..." He said with a sigh.

"Oh" the presenter said. "Best of luck"

Harry just smiled, a huge fake smile. "Talking about relationships, who's single and ready to mingle?" He asked. For Diamonds sake Niall rose his hand. "Well with a its complicated and a single leprechaun, girls, win them over!" He said. "Now let's talk about the tour...." He trailed off. But I just ignored the rest. I just had to say something so I texted Harry.

To: Hazza <3
Look, deep inside I know you were there and I can see it in your eyes you still care. It doesn't have to be complicated anymore, if you let me explain...
Hope xx


sorry it took so long. but here you go! they might get back together soon, though i know where the story is going ;) ok hope you enjoyed it!


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sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
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