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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Ten ღ

My birthday was amazing, I was happy; it’s been a while since I was happy. Harry made me happy. I had a smile on my face, not a fake one.
I woke up in the morning and looked at the clock, 6:30am, I woke up one hour early.

Well I might as well do a decent breakfast for Diamond. It was her first day in her school here, I was still in vacation for these two days… I’m worried that she won’t like the school…

What would she want for breakfast? She wouldn’t be up until 7am. Then I heard steps.

“Di?” I say.

“Yeah” Diamond responds.


“What if they don’t like me..” Diamond said.

“Nonsense Di they will love you!” I say sincerely.

“Yeah, whatever”

“Diamond, listen, you are a great girl and you are beautiful and you’ll do fine”

“Yeah I hope, whatever, whats breakfast?” Diamond asked.

“Well I was thinking pancake’s.”

“great! I’m hungry” she looked so upset, maybe she wasn’t gunna be happy..

My phone buzzed.

From: Hazza <3
I’m almost there, are you girls ready?
Harry xx

Lily borrowed my car for the last two days of vacation so I had no car.

From: Hope <3
Thanks again for doing this, you’re early! I’m making breakfast you can join :)
Hope xx

From: Harry
I don’t want Diamond to be late! And I’d love breakfast. See you soon love.
Harry xx

He was so sweet and I was so happy. He gave me so many butterflies, I looked like a teenager in love…

“Di, the pancakes are ready” it was only 7am now, her school started at 8am but the school was near but I didn’t want her walking to school just yet. Diamond and I started to eat when I heard the doorbell. A smile came to my face and I ran to the door and opened it.

“Hello beautiful” Harry said pecking me on the cheek.

“Mornin handsome” I reply and peck him on the lips. “Breakfast is in the kitchen” he ran to the kitchen he was defiantly hungry. We all talked and laughed, Diamond really liked Harry, she wasn’t a crazy directioner like I was before but she did like the band, her friends back home adored one direction so Diamond started to like them more too.

“Look at the time Di!” I say it was 7:45.

“Let’s goo” she said going upstairs to now her room and getting her stuff, she was a sophomore she came only one month later so it wasn’t a big deal she was still really nervous.

“Thank you again Harry for dropping me at school today” Diamond said as she went into the car.

“No problem” Harry said with his beautiful smile. We were arriving to the school when everyone there recognized the car and saw that Harry was in it, Diamond quickly went inside the building a lot of people started to talk to her, this is what I was afraid of, fake friends…

“I’m worried Haz” I say, we were in the car, One Direction had an interview today so me and the girls (Eleanor and Danielle, Perrie was busy with Little Mix) were going shopping, with the boy’s credit cards.

“Bout what?”


“Why would you be worried about Diamond silly?” He said, he was clueless, well I wasn’t gunna ruin the day for him saying well she might have fake friends because of you, I would talk about it later tonight.

“If she will be able to fit in” I lie, I feel bad but…

“She will don’t worry.” He said putting his hand on mine and rubbing it comfortably.

“Yeah” I say.

We arrive at where they were having the interview we arrived first than anyone since Harry decided to be early.

“Hey, you look worried” Harry said.

“Its nothing” I say

“If you say so.”

“Harry…when people find out I’m dating the pop sensation they’ll think, its all for
the fame, and.. I know its stupid I’ve just been thinking…” He looked worried.

“Hey, babe, don’t worry about it” he said calmly

“Yeah” I said, that was on my mind lately…
He put his hand on my cheek “don’t worry about it” he said before kissing me passionately.

“Break it up love birds” Louis joked.

“Oh hey Louis” I say breaking our embrace, I greeted all of the boys and then left with the girls.

“SHOPPINGGG!” Danielle said.

“Yeahh!” Eleanor said.

“Guys I was thinking after shopping we could head out to the college dance studio, I miss it a little, and Dani you could help me with this step that I need to learn.” I say I needed to release the stress I had in me and dancing was the only way.

“Of course! I miss dancing too!” Danielle said.

We had a laugh shopping going in the shop and trying on hideous clothes on, and Eleanor bought me some really cute clothes. We took a bus to the University dance Studio and we finally arrived.

“God, I hate buses!” Eleanor says.

“Me too, stinky people in there, just eww!” Danielle said.

“I hate them as much as you, they always make me sick!” I say. “C’mon this way” I
tell the girls into the studio.

“Play the music El” Danielle says.

We warmed up and then went straight to dancing. We danced for a while people
started to come in the studio and watched and Eleanor was like ‘Those are MY friends’ with a huge grin and applauding so loud, maybe too loud.

“You’re getting better” Danielle says in between breaths.

“Thank” I breath “You” I was really tired.

“Let’s go somewhere private” Eleanor said pointing at an empty room.
Danielle and I nodded.

“Hope…” Danielle said.

“When you were dancing..” she hesitated.

“Yes…” I said trying to make her say it.

“All your moves had fear and stress and the routine didn’t need that so that came
from you.. what’s going on?” Danielle asked

“I am stressed, I am scared..”

“About what sweetie?” Eleanor asked

“Me and Harry all this stuff, today, Harry dropped Diamond at school, they all
recognized the car and a billion girls went towards her, I’m scared that she will get a ton of fake friends and that my relationship with Harry will interfere with her life and end up hurting her..” I finally got it out my chest.

“hey, don’t worry about it, look, when me and Louis started dating it was really weird at first, no I didn’t have a little sister, but, it was too much for me, but Louis helped me through it.”

“Yeah don’t worry!” Danielle said,

“I don’t mean it the wrong way but most fans always have adored you, and when Sean put that picture of me and Harry… they started hating on me, once they find out they will hate on me too, but I’m not worried about that, I’m worried that they will hate on Harry and he’ll feel the same way he felt in a year in a making..”

“Hey, hey” Danielle said, I guess there were tears in the corners of my eyes, Danielle and Eleanor came close and hugged me, and I started sobbing, I hated crying I really did, “You know what can help you?” Danielle said taking my hand
“Talking to Perrie, she got a lot of hate and people at first thought it was only for publicity, but they really do like each other, she got through it so can you”

“Yeah, I think you should talk to Perrie” Eleanor said “I’ll call and say for her to meet in our favorite café.”

“Sounds great” I say clearing my face and dressing into my normal clothes.

“Where is Lily by the way?” Danielle asked

“Off with her new boyfriend” I say

“Oh, I thought her and Niall!” Eleanor said.

“So did I” I laugh. Yeah Lily found herself a new boyfriend he was nice.

“The café isn’t too far away so we’ll just walk ok?” Danielle said,

“Yup” I say, I really wanted to feel better if talking to Perrie about it would help…

We walked to the café and ordered.

“Look whose here” Danielle said,

“Hello girls” Perrie said “What’s so important?”

“Hope is having some issues..”

I explain whats been on my mind. “Oh you poor thing, I felt that way, but the girls,
from Little Mix, helped me through it and Zayn, he was amazing, but I still feel that way, it’s something you just have to try to forget, now you promise me if you feel this way again call me and tell harry how you feel..”

“How?” I ask.

“Just tell him you need to talk” Perrie said.

“He’ll think im gunna break up with him…”

“Well silly then say its nothing about breaking up!”

“Yeah.. wait what time is it?” I ask

“2:30, why?”

“Crap, Diamond’s school finished thirty minutes ago, let me call Harry”

Hazza <3

Harry: hey beautiful
Me: Di-
Harry: I got her, where are you I was on my way to picking you up, Diamond and I went to get ice cream where are you girls exactly?
Me: at a Café near the University Dancing Studi.
Harry: Oh ok I got it, be there in a few.

We were finally home.

“Harry” I say

“Yes love?”

“We need to talk” I say stiffly.


Here is chpt 10 ;D Hope you like it <3
and sorry if we are in diffrent timezones and my updates are in bad timing nothing i can do :/



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