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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Eleven ღ

“What’s wrong?” Harry said with a worried and a scared face.

“I’m not gunna break up with you” I just say so he wouldn’t be as scared.
He let out a ‘phew’ face “So, what’s wrong”

“Harry, today the girls and I.. well I went dancing to get all of the stress and fear out-”

“Fear?” he stopped me right there “what are you scared of”

“Fake friends” I simply say

“What do you mean?” he was defiantly confused

“Diamond” I say “did you see when people realized who you were how many girls went to her?”

“Oh, no I didn’t notice”

“Well I did and I’m scared for her”

“Don’t be if she needs anything or if anything is up she’ll tell you, the first thing she said to me when we
met, before she said ‘OMG ITS REALLY YOU’” he was trying to cheer me up “was that she was glad to move in with you because she was gunna finally have someone to tell her how her day went and to tell her what’s been going on in school” he said with a smile.

“She said that?” I ask

“I did” Diamond said behind me. Damn what if she heard everything?

“Oh, come here little sis” I say pulling her to a tight hug.

“I know who my real friends are and who the fake ones will be, don’t worry and if I ever need help I’ll come
to you don’t you worry about it”

“I’m glad to know it.” Hope said.

“Harry, would the boys and the girls like to have dinner tonight?” I ask.

“I’ll call them, but they always love your food so they will gladly come.” Harry said. His accent was so hot.

I went with Diamond to the kitchen “How was school?” I ask.

“Good” she simply says getting a cup of soda

“how good? Did you like your teachers, ok scratch that what a stupid question, cute boys?”

“Ah, yes! And cute accents” she said.

“Hahah” I was glad she was having a good time “glad for you, when I was in high-school they were all

Diamond laughed. “but the cute boys in my school are nothing compared to one direction…” Diamond said with a smirk

“You got that right”

“They are coming over” Harry shouted from the living room

“Hurray” Diamond said.

“You little..” I simply say “you know they are taken” I laugh

“Last I checked Niall is a solo leprechaun”

“Di, stick to your friends at school” I say laughing.

“At what time-“ the doorbell rung, my question was answered.

“Hey, Niall, Zayn” I say surprised “where are the others?”

“Hey” Niall said kissing my cheek “Eleanor and Louis were having a ‘dating brunch’ whatever that is, and
Danielle and Liam got caught in traffic, and Perrie is still with the ladies” he explained.

“OH” I say “Come in” I say to Niall and then greet Zayn.

“Sit down I’ll make some sandwiches” I say, as I notice Diamond greeting the boys and hugging Niall for
longer, that girl…

“OHHH! I’LL HELP!” Niall said in excitement.

“Sure an extra help is always good” I said laughing.

The others were talking in the living room.

“So” Niall said “how’s things with Harry going?”

“Pretty good” I say “just its gunna take a while to adapt”

“Yeah..” Niall said “why do you think Lily turned me down…”

“Wait?” I say in shock, “you asked Lily out?”

“Yeah, she said she wasn’t ready to deal with the fame and stuff and then she found herself a boy” he said “I’m over it” he said stiffly.

“Good” I reply “what do you want on your sandwhich?”

“Hum.. a little bit of everything” He said.

“Oh you fatty” I said laughing.

“So…” he extended the ‘o’ “how old is Diamond again?”

“15 turning 16” I say innocently then just realized what he asked “why do you care” I say quickly.

“Nothing, just comparing your age” he said “2-3 years”

“2 and a half” I say. “you interested?” I ask to see his reaction.

He instantly blushed “well.. no not at all” he said after he looked at my expression.

“C’mon lets eat” I tell everyone and we gather around in the couch. Harry was cuddling me and playing with
my hair. “My turn” I say, he looked at me puzzled the next second I was attacking his curls. “Stop harry”
he was tickling me “Harry!” I said really loudly, and that finally made him stop.

“No touching my curls without asking” Harry said with an adorable face.

“I’m so sorry” I said like I was talking to a three year old.

“I don’t forgive you” he said pouting like a little kid. I kiss him “that’s better” he said with a grin.

“Get a room!” Diamond said throwing me a pillow at the face.

“Ow” I say.

“You’re giving me a heart attack looking like you do-o” Harry instantly said.

“OW” Niall shouted.

I burst out laughing “you guys are adorable” I finally say.

“why thank you” Harry said pulling me by my waist and bringing me closer to him. “you are adorable yourself”

“thank you love” I reply pecking him.

“so cutee” Diamond joked.

The bell rung. “Di can you get that?”

“On it” she said.

“Hope?” Harry called.


“Tomorrow is your last day in vacation right?”

“Yeah, why you ask?”

“So tonight is your only night free” he asks, what was he heading too?

“Well yeah basically”

“Would you go on a date with me?” Harry said in only in one breath.

Everyone was staring at us.

“What about dinner, and Diamond?” he looked disappointed.

“We’ll take care of her” Eleanor said. “Yeah” Danielle agreed.

“Well then, Harry Styles I’d love to finally go on a date with you” I say and kiss him.

“Girls.. clothes” I say

“ON IT!” Eleanor said. “Harry tell me where I won’t tell her just pick an outfit”

“ok” harry said and whispered something into Eleanor and Danielle’s ear.

“let’s go! Dress up time” Eleanor said. She pulled me upstairs with Danielle.


here is chapter 11! i am thinking of doing a scene of Diamond and Niall im not sure yet.. ;)
Hope you liked it!


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p