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Perfect Act

Dinner For 13

**If anyone is interested in writing one shot sort of things (not smut just a cute little story/imagine) I used to do them but I havnt updated for months and I need someone to take over. If ur interested plz read some of the ones I wrote so you know what I'm looking for and message me about it**

Harry's PoV
All the boys were coming over for dinner, but for now it was just me Bella Luke Jamie and Eliza going to Eliza's mums house. I quickly realised something I should have a while ago.

"Bella......this is....meeting Eliza's parents......is...it this like...meeting your family I guess." I didn't really want to bring up her family, especially since being back here would be bringing back a lot of memories.

"Yeah it sort of is." She shrugged. I gulped, now nervous.

"You're not nervous are you." I nodded a little. "Oh Harry I met your Mum and sister wearing your clothes in the morning and I didn't even know they were coming. You will be fine. Jess is lovely." She reassured me. Jess was Eliza's mum. We pulled up in a driveway and a kind looking woman was standing at the front door waiting. The others all practically jumped out of the car and engulfed her in a hug.

"Oh look at you all! You all tower over me." She laughed, looking up at everyone. "Oh I've missed you four so much, how have you been." All still smiling, they told her they had been well and I quietly snuck up behind Bella and stood there silently.

"Oh and you must be Harry! It's wonderful to finally meet you." She pulled me into a hug which I awkwardly returned. "Well Bella, he's very good looking." She smiled approvingly at Bella.

"Well I think so." Bella replied, snaking her arm around my waist.

"Let's go inside, Bella yours and Eliza's rooms are the same as they were when you left last year and Jamie and Luke you know which room to stay in. Harry, can I assume you'll be sharing a room with Bella?" She raised an eyebrow and my face became very hot.

"Erm...." I stuttered and I heard Bella stifle a laugh.

"Yea Jess he's staying in my room." Bella smiled. We all got our bags and I followed Bella to what I assumed was her room. The first thing I noticed, there were at least a hundred photos around the room. A lot of her with Eliza Luke or Jamie, and I even noticed one of her and Niall when they were little. I could see one guy I didn't recognise in many of the photos.

"Who's he?" I asked Bella, pointing to one of him and her at the beach, he was standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her...

"That's Riley, he's the one that lives up at the beach." She smiled fondly at the photo. I nodded, already wondering just how close they had been. I sat down on her bed while she walked around her room for a while, smiling at the photos, before sitting down on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"I'm glad you came here." She whispered, smiling.

"I'm glad I did too." I spoke just as quietly. Softly bringing my lips to hers, a kissed her with as much love as I could. This girl is my everything. I love her, every little thing about her I love. The kiss deepened as I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she moved her hips in slow circles, creating friction. Then of course there was a knock on the door.

"Bella, Harry, the others are here for dinner. And George just got home." At the mention of Eliza's father Bella pulled away and smiled, jumping off my lap. I groaned and tried to pull her back but she was already out the door. I shook my head and followed her to the front door.

"George!" Bella jumped into the arms of the middle aged man and he spun her around, laughing.

"Bella it's been too long!" He put her down and scanned her body, up and down.

"You've grown. You weren't this tall last year." He noted, causing Bella to roll her eyes.

"I haven't gotten any taller since I was like 15." He laughed and we all made out way to the dining room, where a long table was set out neatly. It had a cloth over it, draping long past the edges of the table. We all sat down, me next to Bella and across from Louis.

"So Harry, how old are you." George asked me, looking intently into my eyes.

"Erm...19 sir." I said awkwardly, his hard gaze making me nervous.

"Hmm. And you and your friends are in a band." He spoke with a hint of disapproval.

"Yes sir."

"So you must do a lot of moving around and travelling." I awkwardly scratched the back of my head.

"George." Bella and Jess both spoke at the same time with the same warning tone.

"What? I'm just asking." He held his hands up in surrender and Bella continued to glare at him.

"So....you two are serious." He asked. I was surprised he spoke at all, Bella's glares are terrifying.

"Yea." Bella responded shortly.

"And your happy with him, he's.....treating you well?" I scrunched my eyebrows, confused by his specific choice of words, then I suddenly understood what he was implying. He was asking if I was like Ky. Then Bella got what he meant. Her eyes widened.

"Oh god.....um yes. Yes absolutely he is treating me well." Thank god Jess had just brought the food in, because otherwise it would have been very awkward. I placed my hands on Bellas thigh and gave her a reassuring squeeze. She smiled up at me sweetly. While Bella started to pick at her dinner I slowly let my hand wonder a little further up her leg. She discreetly swatted my hand away and I moved it away for a second, before replacing it on her bare inner thigh. Thank god for dresses. I started to move my hand up and down her inner thigh, dangerously high. She shifted and squeezed her legs together, biting her lip and sending me a warning glare. That just egged me on.

I let my hand go all the way up her leg and traces circles through her panties. A whimper so soft only I could hear it escaped her lips, and she put her knife down on the table and casually dropped her hand under the table, placing her hand on my thigh. Just her simple touch on my leg through my jeans sent shivers down my spine. She casually looked around the room, acting as if she was listening to the conversation, and then her hand with with one quick movement was very, very high up on my leg. Then she started palming me through my pants. I had chosen this moment to take a sip of water and ended up letting out a half coughing half chocking noise. Every one turned to me, including Bella, pretending she wasn't doing what she was doing.

"You okay?" She asked, and I could see that cheeky smirk I love playing at her lips.

"Fine." I smiled back and everyone went back to their conversations. Everyone except Louis. He eyed me and Bella curiously, I avoided his eye contact, resisting the urge to moan loudly as Bella slipped her hand into my jeans, now the only thing separating her hand from me being the boxers. Bella on the other hand smiled sweetly at Louis, well not exactly sweetly. It one of her famous 'I'm in the middle of something very fun and naughty and you shouldn't ask what it is' looks. Louis quickly realised what was going on and had to cough to cover up his laugh. Getting frustrated, I moved aside the fabric of her panties and circled her entrance in a way that I knew was painfully slow and pleasuring. She quickly put some food into her mouth and let out a moan.

"This food is amaaaaaazing." She praised Jess, who smiled and thanked her. Damn, Bella is smart. She turned her head and glared at me, her eyes sparkling in a way that couldn't be good for me. Before I realised what she was doing, Bella hand went inside my boxers and her hand wrapped around me. All the air left silently my body and Louis raised his eyebrows at Bella who winked at him. Her hand gently moved back and forth, and I swear to god I was seriously suggesting fucking her right here. But no, I'm not letting her win this. I quickly slipped two fingers into her and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She bit her lip so hard I thought it would start bleeding and I watched smugly as she tried to control her breath. This time Louis raised his eyebrows at me and smirked proudly. But when Bella gently squeezed me I knew that I would come undone right here if we didn't move.

"Hey Bella where's the bathroom." I asked, taking my fingers out of her and discreetly wiping them on a serviette ((napkin)). Her hand slipped out of my pants.

"I'll show you." She straightened up her dress and stood up, I followed, hiding the massive bulge in my jeans. I followed her though the hallways and into the bathroom.

"Fuck you Bella." I hissed through gritted teeth, my impossibly tight jeans becoming unbearably uncomfortable. She locked the door and pulled out a small foil package from one of the draws, turning back to me and winking.

"You're about to."


I panted, trying to steady my breath.

"We--should really get back to the others." I pointed out. Bella laughed a little and looked at her phone.

"We've been gone for less then five minutes, I can say we got distracted looking at photos." I nodded, she's good at making up lies on the spot.

"But we should probably get dressed." She pointed out. I huffed and held her naked body close to me.

"Nah I think your good. In fact I don't think you should ever get dressed, I like you like this." I whispered seductively. She looked at me and smiled thoughtfully.

"Okay. If that's what you want I'll never ever put my clothes back on. But when we go back out there to have dinner I think the others might be shocked. Now who's out there again....Zayn and Niall...and Jamie and Luke......and Louis and Liam.....I'm sure they'd all be a tad surprised seeing.....all of me." I started to get angry at the idea of any of them seeing Bella naked. I looked back at her and she was smirking. Then I realised she had only said it to get me annoyed.

"Oh you little shit." I scolded her and shook my head, handing her her clothes.We quickly got dressed and left the room. Right as we were leaving Louis came up to us.

"Why hello you two. I see you found the bathroom, and it only took you five minutes. Good job." He smiled evilly.

"We got distracted by old photos in my room." Bella spoke sternly, letting Louis know that was why we would say we took so long.

"Sure you did." Louis winked and walked passed us into the bathroom, then walked back straight out.

"Ewwwww it smells like sex in there!" He complained causing Bella to both laugh and blush.

"That's what air freshener's for." I pointed out and started to walk back to the dining room.

"Actually," Louis called out to me, but not so loud that the others would here. "I think its for covering up the smell of shit, not sex."


"Ya know....I think I've... liked this trip so far." I spoke between kissed, pulling back from Bellas lips and smiled at her.

"Yeah I'm definitely happy I brought you here." She tightened her legs around my waist, pressing our bare bodies even closer, driving me crazy, and leaned back in to kiss me, my tongue instantly entering her mouth. Then......there was a knock on the door. Like there fucking always is.

"Bella would you mind going down to the store and buying some ice-creams for you kids."Jess'' voice rung through the door. Bella groaned.

"Why can't Eliza." She whined and I realised how much of a mother this woman was to Bella. Bella would otherwise be too polite to say no.

"What happened to the Bella who got up at 5 to go for a run and was always more then happy to make a quick dash to the store?" She lightly scolded her through the door.

"She realised that it was much more fun to sleep in 'till midday and that it was easier to stay at home doing other stuff while ELIZA went out." Bella called back.

"Isabella if you don't agree to go out then I will open this for right now. You know how easy these locks are to undo from the outside." Jess threatened, presumably knowing what she would find if she opened the door, I looked down at our naked bodies and then up at Bella.

"Fine, just give me a minute." She groaned and I head a satisfied huff from the other side of the door. Bella unravelled her body from mine and, for the second time in a couple of hours, got back into her clothes.

"Isabella?" I questioned, remembering what Jess had said.

"It's my birth name, legally now its Bella but my birth certificate says Isabella. Practically know one calls me that anymore." She shrugged. I hummed thoughtfully.

"Isabella...." I mused. "So pretty." I mumbled to my self, both at the name and at the sight of Bella who was fixing up her hair.

"Okay, let's go." She took a hold of my hand, such a small and regular gesture but one that still means so much to me. We walked out the door and along the street, towards the shops. I wonder if this is near where Bella used to live. I wonder if her family still lives here.

We walked in a comfortable silence, both of us watching the sky most of the time, it was a mix of colours, pink, orange, blue, yellow, purple and, while no stars had yet come out, you could see the moon shining brightly. As we neared the store a man, maybe a little over 40 or something, stumbled out from a bar a bit ahead of us. I looked at him in disgust, his clothes were tattered and covered in alcohol, I could smell the whiskey from here and he looked so drunk that he could barely remember his name. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk forwards, but then realised Bella wasn't moving with me.

I turned around to her and she looked like she was going to throw up. Her eyes were focused on the man only a few meters away from us. I looked between them, confused. And then it clicked, but a second too late. Because if I had realised who it was any earlier I would have gotten Bella the hell away from him. A strange sound escaped her lips, and her mouth opened, the word she said next barely audible.



Ohhhh fuck its Bellas drunk dad.....what's gonna happen.

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Holy shit! im sooo close to 100 votes! **nudge nudge**

i love you all SOO much thanks for reading my story and commenting and voting and everything I love you. Please comment!!!!!


Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^