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• I love to read and write
• I'm only fourteen
• my favourite artists are one direction and Ed
sadly I haven't been to any of their concerts
• I love all the members of one direction but my favourites are Zayn and Harry

• I love to draw - se say I have a talent for it but I don't really think so

* it's so simple, yet the message is so deep. Just the words love and beautiful bear so much meaning. *

• I have read the start of some great stories here I just hate how they never get finished because some of the people hear are very good writers

• I want to post a story but with school I don't think I can keep up so I will probably wait till the work dies down a little
• anyone interested in being a co-author please let me know

• and I would recommend everyone to check out the stories by @KAOT she is a really talented writer - I have read all her stories and am also reason her current one