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Perfect Act

The aftermath

Bellas PoV
I blinked. Did she just say Liam Payne? As in the Liam Payne living with me? Daddy direction? The responsible one? The one that found me after I was raped? That Liam? Liam fucking Payne? THE ONE DATING DANIELLE!!!

"I'm sorry what?" I said, harsher than intended. The girl burst into tears. I quickly got up and wrapped her in a hug.

"Hon calm down. I need you to tell me what happened. Everything." She nodded and composed herself.

"Last night I went to a club, I was in a shit mood coz I had just found out my supposedly best friend had slept with my ex while we were still dating. I went in and got drunk, like really drunk. Then someone came up to me and started dancing with me. I didnt realise it was Liam I swear, I barely remembered my name. We kept dancing then all I know is he took me here and we had sex. I promise I didn't realise it was him, I thought it was just some guy. Then I woke up this morning and I looked next to me and there was fucking Liam Payne from One Direction. I grabbed my clothes and was just going to sneak out. I mean he has a fucking girlfriend. I don't even know if he remembers I don't know how drunk he was I was just hoping to pretend it never happened. I don't know what to do." She was sobbing. I put my hands over my face.

"Shit this is not got this is not good! Fuck why would he do that he's with Dani." The girl sighed.

"I'm such a slut and I just ruined a perfectly good relationship."

"Your not a slut, you didnt realise who it was, its him who Im mad at, not you." She nodded. Then she took out her phone.

"And the worst part is the paperazzi got a picture," she turned around her phone. It was her and Liam walking into the building. Shit. They had proof...... Wait!

"I know! Obviously he can't hide it from everyone but for now we can do our best to cover it up. Ill get some of my clothes for you, so your not going out in the same clothes you did last night. We'll walk out of the building and get in a cab and go... I don't know somewhere. The pap will get tons of pics and maybe they'll think your my friend and Liam was just going inside at the same time as you. I don't know how many people will beleive it but its a start." She nodded.

"Thank you, so much. And I'm so sorry." I smiled softly.

"It's ok, it's not your fault, come on, try and be quiet so they others don't wake up." She nodded. I went and got a pair of leggings (I have like 20 so I'm fine losing a pair) and a simple top that I never wear anyway. She had sunglasses so that would at least sort of hide her identity and her hair was out. I gave her the clothes and waited for to get changed. Then I applied light make up to her and styled her hair so it covered parts of her face. Then I got changed.

"Ok. So this is what we are going to do. We are walking out there like were best friends, we will smiled and laugh and talk from the second we leave the elevator. Then we get into a cab, go see a movie and then we'll go home." She nodded and we went into the elevator. I left I note saying I was going out. We got into the elevator. She turned to me.

"By the way, my names Sarah, you probably don't care anyway......" She trailed off.

"Sarah, you went home with a guy and had sex. 95% of girls do that at one point or another. Your not a bad person, your not a slut. It's Liam's fault, he has a girlfriend, he should have known, not you. Stop beating yourself up about it." She nodded and smiled. The elevator dinged.

"Show time," I said. We walked out and started making random small talk about shopping and the weather. The pap fired hundreds of question.

Didnt you go home with Liam

Are you two friends

Who are you

Bella how do you know her

Did you and Liam even sleep together or were you both just going into the building

I smiled for real when I heard the last question. Me and Sarah got into a cab and went to the movies. I've done my bit, I just hope Liam will be able to fix this.

Liam's PoV
I opened my eyes. And immediately shut them. My head was pounding. Last night came rushing back. Shit fuck Shit. I cheated on Dani! Oh my god why why why did I do that. I love Dani why did I cheat on her. I got soooo drunk. Ugh you idiot Liam you got pissed drunk when you were alone and at a club filled with girls. Fuck. Wait....where is she? What was her name? Sophie? Sammy? Crap. I looked around. Clothes, shoes, everything of hers is gone. What if she went to the press and told them? Crap I've gotten myself in some deep shit.

I looked at my phone and went onto the One Direction app, I only have it to see what the newest story is on us. There was an article called 'mystery girl' I clicked on it.

August 20
Last night at 3am Liam Payne was seen entering his apartment building with another woman. Is Liam cheating on long term girlfriend Danielle? That's what we originally thought, then we saw the same girl leaving the venue earlier this morning in a new change of clothes with Bella Ramos. The two seemed to be friends. Would responsible Liam Payne cheat on his girlfriend? Or is it possible that this mystery girl just happened to be entering the building at the same time?

What? Bella knows that girl? But she's just some random person from a bar. What the fuck is going on.

Louis PoV
I woke up to El trying to carefully get out of bed, something she's not very good at. I tightened my grip on her.

"Where do ya' think your going." I mumbled into her neck.

"Well, I was planning on having a shower then getting some breakfast, but something tells me your not going to let me do that." I chuckled.

"You would be correct." I said and nuzzled my head into her neck. We layed like that for another 20 minutes. Then El got up.

"5 more minutes," I whined.

"Lou as much as I sometimes think you are, you not 5, stop whining and get up." I smirked.

"I don't think a five year old would be able to do the things I did to you last night," I said while sitting up. El blushed and lightly slapped my chest.

"C'mon, five more minutes," I whispered seductively and pulled her to me slowly.


Me and El made our way over to Bellas place. We walked in the door and it was quiet. Like really quiet. Harry was on his phone, texting I think from the look on his face. Zayn and Perrie where cuddled on the couch listening to music with headphones. Niall was silently eating leftover pizza, and Liam was staring at his phone like it had his death sentence written on it.

"Liam, what's wrong?" He sighed and handed me his phone and put his head in his hands. I read the article onscreen. Mystery Girl. My eyes widened and so did Els.

"Liam, please tell me this doesnt mean what I think it does." All the others got up and looked at the phone.

"Oh my God Liam!" Zayn exclaimed. Bella then walked through the door. Liam grabbed his phone and barged towards her.

"What the hell is this?" He demended. Bella took a quick look at the screen and rolled her eyes.

"That's me attempting to clean up part of the mess you made." I could tell Liam and Bella were both very pissed.

"So what, you planned this article to try and help me?" Bella let out a humourless laugh.

"Actually I planned that to try and help Dani and Sarah, who by the way is the girl in the picture. Not that I would need to tell you that since you had sex with last night. The girl you slept with, felt like shit once she realised who you were, actually she was sobbing in my arms. So I decided to try and help her since I'd prefer her not getting death threats from your fans. Dani on the other hand is another victim in this since you cheated on her and the whole world will know, so I did what I could to make people not think that you cheated on your perfectly wonderful girlfriend. No, I didnt do it to try and help you, I did it to try and help them." With that Bella pushed past Liam and went into her room, slamming the door extremely loudly behind her and leaving Liam standing there frozen and pale. Perrie walked towards Bellas door, and El left my arms to do the same.

"Uh- maybe you should give her some space to cool off," Niall suggested. They ignored him. Perrie lightly knocked on Bellas door.

"Bella its just me n El, were gonna come in ok." Perrie opened the door just enough for her and El to slip through, then closed the door behind them.

Eleanor's PoV
Fucking dickhead. How could he cheat on Dani! Dani and Bella are the two nicest people I have ever met. What did she ever do to him! I sunk down on the floor along with Perrie next to Bella. She leant her head on my shoulder and let out a sigh.

"Why did he do it?" She asked. I leant my head on top of hers and took a deep breath.

"He was drunk-"

"I know that! I mean why! Dani is a perfectly sweet girl. No matter how drunk he was he shouldn't have done it? Plenty of people get drunk and don't cheat! And he's a good person! Bloody hell why did he do it!" I felt a tear slip down my cheek. I know I know I shouldn't be crying but I cry very easily. This is going to kill dani. I sniffed and Bella lifted her head up.

"Hey hey don't cry." She wiped a tear from my cheek. "Aw hon it'll be ok. They're Liam and Dani. They'll figure it out. It'll all be ok." I nodded. Bella put one arm sound me and the other around Perrie and brought us all closer. It's not like we had know Perrie for very long, but Bella seemed to really like her so I do to.

"I know there 'Liam and Dani' I just don't see how she can forgive him." I said sadly.

Harry's PoV
Liam fucked up. Big time. He cheated on Dani? C'mon I know he was drunk but really? He sat on the couch with his head in his hands. The three girls were still in Bellas room, it had been like 30 minutes but no-one had said anything. We all just sat around the room, looking back and fourth between each-other. Then Danielle walked in. We all looked at her.

"Hey guys," she smiled. I guess she hasn't seen the articles (yup, plural) yet. I felt so sorry for her. Liam stood up.

"Dani, can we talk?" Her smile slowly faded and she nodded, following Liam upstairs. The apartment was dead silent, so we were able to here ther voices, but not what they were saying. Liam spoke first. Then I heard Dani's voice, sounding broken and betrayed. Liam's voice again, but he was cut off by Dani, yelling. For about an 45 minutes we sat there, listening to the tones of there voices, there was yelling, crying, pleading, swearing. At some points Im pretty sure Liam was the one yelling though. What did he have to yell about? Bastard.

Eleanor, Perrie and Bella came out from the room. El and Perrie had wet cheeks on, and Bellas eyes were swimming with tears that she refused to let fall. Eleanor ran to Louis arms, sobbing as he whispered comforting words in her ear, Perrie collapsed on the couch next to Zayn in tears, and he was quick to bring Perrie into his arms. Bella walked over to me and I held her in my arms, slightly rocking back and fourth. After a few minutes I pulled away and lead her to the seat of the window sill ((A/N one of those things where its like a soft couch thing but right up against the window, often used for reading. If you don't know what I'm talking about Monica from 'friends' has one near the back of her apartment))

I sat down and brought Bella onto my lap. I scanned the room. Three of us guys were holding our girlfriends in there misery for Dani, and Niall was stress cooking silently (an interesting thing he does since he can't even cook.) Another 30 minutes passed before Dani came running from upstairs with tears streaming down her face, she ran out of the apartment. Immediately the girls all followed her. I decided maybe it would be better to let the girls handle it. I watched from the window as Dani ran out of the building and was swarmed so badly by paps that she couldn't even move. Thankfully the girls ran out shortly after and went to dani. They engulfed her in a hug. I watched as Dani pulled away and said something to them. They all nodded before giving her a final hug. They waited as dani got into a cab, then re-entered the building, ignoring the pap. Less then a minute later they all came barging through the door.





The girls all continued to scream at Liam who stood there not saying a word. He had come down stairs shortly after Dani with a tear stained face. Once they all finished there yelling they just stood there for a minute, glaring at him. Then Bella spoke up.

"Why Liam." That's when he broke down. He fell to the floor with his head on his knees sobbing. The girls all sighed in sympathy and sat around him, leaning on him and hugging him. Wern't they just all hating him a moment ago? He continued to cry and they continued to tell him everything would be ok for ten minutes.

Liam looked up.

"What if she can't forgive me?" He asked desperately. Bella smiled softly.

"Hon she needs time, she even said so herself. You love her and she loves you. But you screwed up really badly, and she can't just forget that. Give her a little time and space, and make sure she knows that you get what an idiot you are, But that you love her and your eternally sorry. Your Liam and Danielle, it'll all be ok." I smiled to myself. In that moment I knew I was In love with Bella. Liam had just cheated and I know Bella hates him for that, but here she is sitting on the floor with him, explaining how it would all be ok. If you look at the circumstances, you don't really think it will be okay, but after Bella says it will be, you beleive it.



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soi was looking through the popular section of stories , and half way through the 4th page..........was this story!!!!! Ahh I'm so happy guys are the bestest I love you all so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

what will happen next

will harry tell Bella he loves her

I can't think of any good questions right now


Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^