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Perfect Act

I'm a Terrible Person

Harry's PoV
What were Bella and Zayn doing? Just going... Out.... To a movie. Pftt sounds more like a date. Whatever. I don't care. Could not care less. Haha bullshit. I can't stop thinking about it. About 3 hours after they left the came back through the door. Bella looked like she had something on her mind. She came over to me and sat down, while Zayn went upstairs.

"Hey," she smiled. I gave her a half smile.

"Hi," Bella sighed.

"C'mon Harry please don't be mad," she pleaded.

"I'm not," Bella scoffed.

"Harry we-" she was interrupted by all the boys piling into the room.

"Harry, Bella. Zayn says he has something to tell us all," Me and Bella went over to the couch with the others. Zayn looked nervous.

"Um, well. Please don't be mad that I didn't tell you guys earlier, but Im dating Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Actually I was just on a date with her then, Bella was just helping me cover up." My eyes widened. Oh shit. I am a terrible terrible person. We all congratulated Zayn and decided to go clubbing tonight with Little mix, then everyone went to there rooms to get ready, El and Bella headed towards Bellas room (Dani was at a dance thing) but I grabbed Bellas arm and pulled her back.

"Bella I'm sorry I shouldn't-"

"Harry it's fine." She smiled genuinely.

"Not really, I was a dick and you were just helping Zayn cover up," Bella shrugged.

"It doesn't matter Harry, seriously. Now let me go get ready." I let go of her arm and she went into her room.

Bellas PoV
"Sooo.....how are things with Louis," I asked while we were getting ready. El blushed.

"Amazingly well. He's like the sweetest guy ever." I smiled.

"Naww Els in love with a famous idiot, how cute." I smiled and poked her cheek. El laughed.

"So what about you, any guys you wanna tell me about," I smiled and shook my head.

"Nope," El frowned.

"That's no fun. Oooh I should totally set you up with someone," I laughed.

"El practically everyone you know lives in England." She shrugged.

"I'm sure there's someone willing to move here, Australia is pretty cool," I laughed shook my head at her.

"El-" her eyes widened.

"What?" I asked. She moved my hair and pulled the shoulder of my top down, gasping.

"You have a hickey!" My stomach twisted as I looked in the mirror, sure enough Harry had left a mark on me.

"OH MY GOD MISS BELLA RAMOS YOU HAVE A FRICKIN HICKEY," she screamed loudly enough that all the boys came rushing in.

"What happened, why are you screaming?" Liam asked. El yanked my tops shoulder down again and pushed me towards the boys.

"Bella has a hickey!" I looked at the boys, they all looked shocked, Harry on the other hand had turned pale and looked panicked.

"It's not a hickey," I said, yanking my top back up. "It probably happened when me and Harry jumped of those swings." The boys all nodded and chorused 'ohhh's while Eleanor looked disappointed.

"Now leave, we need to get ready," I shoved the boys out of the room, locking the door. I turned to El who was frowning.

"This isn't over missy," I rolled my eyes and went back to my wardrobe, picking out a tight black lacy dress that cut off quite hight. I put on lipstick, mascara and a little eyeshadow, then let my hair fall naturally. El was wearing a tight one sleeved blue dress.


"Damn you look hotttt," she said when I was finished. I laughed.

"Not as sexy as you girl!" We linked arms and left my room. The guys all looked at us and froze. After literally about a minute Louis spoke up.

"I am very proud to say that one of these girls is my girlfriend, and the other my very hot close friend." Me and El both blushed and laughed.

"Perrie and the rest of little mix are gonna meet us there," Zayn said. We all nodded before leaving the building. We decided to just take cabs, so we split off into three. El Louis and Liam, Zayn and Niall, me and Harry. Once we got into the cab Harry turned to me.

"Fuck you look really hot," he emphasized the really. I blushed.

"your cute when you blush," I blushed again and looked down. He lifted my chin up with his finger.

"Don't try and hide it," he whispered. He brought my lips to his, they barely touched before the driver announced we were 'at our destination', why did the club have to be so close.

"Every bloody time, I can't have one kiss without being interrupted," Harry muttered under his breath. I giggled.

"Poor poor Harry." I said with fake sympathy. He pouted. I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Let's go," we both got out of the car. I heard Harry suck in a breath. I turned to him.

"What's wrong," he shook his head.

"Youre just insanely hot, but may I ask a question," I nodded at him.

"How the hell so you walk in shoes like those." I looked at the shoes I was wearing. They were four inches tall, they wernt stilettos but the heel became quite thin towards the heel. They were super easy to walk in, at least for me. I shrugged.

"Practice?" I suggested. Harry smiled and started walking towards the door of the club.

"Let's go in."

Harry's PoV
We had been here for an hour and I wanted to strangle someone, Bella was off dancing with El as well as Jade and Leigh Anne from little mix. Louis walked up from behind Eleanor and placed his hands on her waist, dancing with her and kissing her neck. I scowled. I can't do that, you know why? Because none of the other guys trust me with Bella. Especially Louis. My own best friend told me specifically not to pursue a girl I obviously had strong feelings for. Ass. Everyone had someone. Liam had Dani (although to be fair she wasn't actually here right now) Lou had Eleanor, Zayn has Perrie, even Niall had his fricken food. I have Bella but you know when I'm allowed to actually show that? The 5% of each day when we are actually alone together.

God I'm terrible, it's my choice not to tell the others....actually no, it's there fault not mine. I sighed and got out my phone. Yup, Harry Styles is at a club, playing angry birds. Great.

Perrie's PoV
I am a terrible person. I am a terrible horrible person. God I was such a bitch to Bella! She didn't even do anything! In fact she seems like one of the nicest people I had ever met. Why? Because I was jealous! I thought she might be screwing Zayn, but she obviously isn't. Ugh why am I such a bad person. I looked in the mirror trying to fix up my make-up with toilet paper. But every time I got it a tad decent more guilt tears would come.

'C'mon Perrie get your fucking act together," I scolded myself. The bathroom door swung open, and Bella walked in.

"Hi Pe-" she froze when she saw what a mess I looked like.

"Oh my god what happened are you ok?" Despite me being a bitch she is still being nice. Wow Perrie you are awful for being so mean to her. I broke down.

"I'm so sorry Bella I'm s-so sorry," I sobbed. "I'm not a bitch I promise I'm so sorry I was terrible to you because I thought there might be something going on with you and Zayn because when he mentions you it sounds like you guys are really close but then I met you and he looks at you like a sister and you look at him like a brother and I am so horrible because I just assumed he would be cheating on me with you but you seem so nice and I would bet my life you would never even sleep with someone's boyfriend but I thought you would because I didnt know you. But now I've met you and I made a really fucked up first impression and I'm so sorry Bella please please let me just show you that I'm not a bad person," I bit my lip to try and hold back the tears and sobs but it did not help at all. Then Bella did something I was not expecting. She can over to me and hugged me.

"Perrie its ok. I forgive you, I know your not a terrible person. So you got a little jealous, it's human. I'm not mad at you or anything. It's ok," Confused I pulled back and looked at her, expecting her to smirk and slap me. Instead she looked genuine.

"Really?" I asked. I didn't care how little kiddy I must have sounded. Bella smiled.

"Why don't we start fresh. Hi Im Bella." She stuck her hand out smiling, I laughed and shook her hand.

"I'm Perrie."

"It's very nice to meet you Perrie." She said dramatically making me laughed.

"Thank you Bella." She hugged me again.

"No worries, but please let me fix your face, your make-up is ruined." I looked in the mirror, realising it looks worse than before.

"Yes please, but good luck I look like shit," Bella smiled knowingly. After about 2 minutes Bella stepped back.

"Done," I looked in the mirror and gasped. I looked better than I did at the start of the night I turned to Bella.

"Oh my god are you a wizard or something? You had water and a tissue, how the hell did you do that," Bella smirked.

"I have my ways," she said mysteriously. We both laughed and linked arms, leaving the bathroom. Zayn came up to us.

"Hey, Perrie I've been looking for you for like 10 minutes, where were you" I froze. I was crying in a bathroom....

"That'd be my fault, I stole her, but if you really want you can have her back." Bella said. Zayn smiled.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer," he said taking my hand. I mouthed a 'thanks' to Bella before walking off with Zayn. He turned to me.

"Let's go dance." I nodded, we went to the dance floor right as a slow song came on. Zayn took me in his arms and swayed. We danced in a comfortable silence for about half the song.

"I love you Perrie," My heart skipped a beat. Did he say he loves me? As In L-O-V-E love? Zayn Malik, loves me? I looked up at him and smiled.

"I love you too,"

Bellas PoV
I watched from a distance as Perrie and Zayn danced. They were so cute. And Perrie seemed like a lovely girl. I felt someone place there hands on my waist. I tuned around and saw Harry smiling.

"Can you explain to me why I havnt seen you all night," he asked. I smiled.

"Well I'm sorry Styles but I was dancing with my girl friends. Sorry, chicks before dicks." I smiled as he frowned. I laughed and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"But I'm all yours now." He smiled.

"Good." We both smiled, but then the smiled fell off his face.

"I'm sorry Bella," I frowned.

"For what," I asked nervously.

"For thinking there was someone going on between you and Zayn." I smiled.

"You know you're the second person to say that to me tonight." He cocked his head.

"Who was the first." He asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Lady gaga." I said bluntly, at his blank face I rolled my eyes again. "Perrie you idiot."

"Ohhh, that makes more sense." I laughed. Me and Harry talked and danced for a few hours before deciding to head home. I texted all the others. El and Louis said they would head back to Els hotel (I didn't argue against that) Liam and Niall texted they would stay for a while, but Zayn Perrie and The other girls met us at the front of the club. We all walked home (some more stumbled then walked). Zayn and Perrie went into Zayns room. I let the other girls all crash in my room with me. Once Jesy, Jade and Leigh Anne had fallen asleep I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. I had a weird craving for toast. I put two peices of bread in the toaster and got butter and vegemite out. ((A/N vegemite is only yum when you have a tiny tiny amount, so no Bella is not coating her toast with vegemite. She is putting butter on first then adds a scraping of vegemite)) The toast popped up and I put the butter and a small amount of vegemite on, then sat on, not at, on the bench and started to eat my toast.

Harry's PoV
I went downstairs to get a drink of water. I walked into the kitchen and saw Bella sitting on the bench top.......eating toast?

"What are you doing," I asked. She held up the toast.

"Toast," she said innocently. I laughed.

"I mean why are you eating toast at 2:30am." Bella shrugged.

"I felt like toast." I went over and sat next to her on the bench and put my arm around her.

"Well, I'm definitely not going to stop you from eating it, but I'm gonna sit here with you." I said. I felt Bella tense up.

"What do you mean you definitely not going to stop me eating it." I did my best to stay looking relaxed. Shit, I didnt mean to say that out loud. I smiled and hoped it didn't look too fake.

"You look cute sitting there munching on your toast, that's all." She pulled away and looked at me suspiciously.

"That's probably the shittiest cover up I have ever heard. But I'm not in the mood to figure out what you meant, so I'm just gonna go to bed." I sighed. She hoped off the bench and started walking to her room.
"Do I at least get a goodnight kiss?" I asked hopefully. She came back over and gave me probably the quickest kiss ever, then went back to her room.

"Night Styles," I called over her shoulder.

"Goodnight Bella."

Bellas PoV
I flopped onto the edge of my bed, next to Jade, carefully avoiding stepping on Jesy or Leigh Anne who had decided to sleep on the floor. What had Harry meant? Does he not think I eat enough or something? I eat a good amount. Right? At least I thought I did. I pushed the thoughts from my mind and fell asleep.


I woke up at 8 (I know, early right?) and decided to just get up at watch tv. Everyone else was still asleep (including Niall for once) so I kept the volume on quietly. After about 10 minutes I heard footsteps. I looked up to see some random girl holding her shoes tip-toeing towards the door. Oh please don't tell me Niall brought some slut to my apartment.

"Erm-" I studdered. The girl quickly turned around, and I noticed she had tears on her cheeks. Why was she crying?

"Who-who are you?" I asked, tying to sound polite. She sniffled.

"I'm the slut who got so drunk last night that I slept with Liam fucking Payne."


Becha dint see that one coming mwa ha ha

So Thinking of having a new banner.......any one interested in making one for me? If you are message me, if you aren't, well ill just keep the banner I have coz I'm too lazy to make a new one myself ^__^

what do you all thnk of the chapter? Lemme know xoxox

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what the hell is going on with this girl who supposably slept with Liam

what do you think will happen next?


Holy fuck I need to know what happens. Please just tell me Harry and Bella make it through everything and end up together because I might lose my mind if not. This is so good but holy shit my emotions

Just read this tonight. Please please do a sequel. Your writing is amazing.

I'm so ready for the sequel. I can't function until I know what happens. You are an awesome writer!

Akrakl101 Akrakl101

This story is amazing I have read the whole thing in he past 48 hours and it's just amazing. You are great writer and I know it's been long but can you like write a sequel or something for closure... find out what happens with Bella and Harry? I need closure... Anyway your story is really good!!! =)

Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^