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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

A phone call (Zayn)

After last nights little try out, we finally went to sleep cuddled up to each ofter. Sparky was in the middle of us five and on the right was Harry, on her left was Louis, Liam was by her head with his legs away from us, Niall was by her legs on Louis's side and i was on the opposive side to Niall.

We were all holding tight to her and she had her arms wrapped around Louis's chest with her head so close to Liams head, there noses touching each ofter. Harry had turned away to face the wall and not her, I think Niall loved her legs so much that he became so attacted to them like he had his hands and face glued to them.

I woke right next to Nialls face and he opened his eyes at the same time as me, my first reaction was to scream and i did. Niall screamed back in my face and we both woke the rest of them up. Louis woke up quickly and then Liam and Sparky, Harry must of woke by me moving. Sparky looked down at me and then Niall.

"Why are you pair screaming for?..."

Liam looked at one of our phones and then put it back again, They all looked at Liam.

"Honsetly Zayn? its half 8...Jeez go back to sleep"

He was so pissed off with me because it was early to him and i woke him up when he wanted to sleep, Niall looked at me and started laughing. Then all the sudden we had an awdward moment between each and everyone of us and then we bursted into a huge laugher, Sparky started going red in the face which made us laugh even more.

Then we heard the sound of ringing and it was Harrys phone, he leaned over to reach it and he looked at it and mouthed who it was. It was 'Paul' and when Harry answered it he sounded really tired talking to Paul.

"Yes Paul"

"You know that song that you guys sent to me, Well ive listen to it and i think its amazing. Who came up with the idea?"

We all looked at Sparky and she put her hands over her face, then she turned over so her face was bedded into the pillow.

"Sparky came up with the song out of Nialls crap tunes on the guiter"

Niall looked at Harry and Sparky just started laughing at Nialls face, it was jaw dropped and he just shook his head. Who would ever thought anyone could make a full song out of the tunes that Niall makes out of his guiter.

None of us could do that nor could Paul, but we still dont know how she did it.

"Wait..Sparky made this for you guys? Wow! Where is she?"

Harry looked at her.

"Shes right next to me"

Sparky smiled at him and Louis sat up so he could hear what Paul was saying, but it wasnt what we hoped he would say.

"Oh god, Now your sleeping with her? Harry..."

Harry looked at the phone, but when Sparky came to studio with us he explained that he was with her. But i guess he never thought us all of us being together, he thought i was still with Perrie and Louis was still with Elendor. But really we broke up with them when we got with Sparky.

I think Paul had enough so he never agued with him because he knew this was what Harry wanted and that was her and no one else, she was the only women in his life apart from his sister and mom, but thats it.

"You guys can come down to the studio and we will sus this new song out..."

As soon as Harry was going to put the phone down Paul said something.

"And congrulate Sparky, she deserves it"

When Harry put the phone down, Sparky started screaming and hugged everyone. Her song was going to be a hit in our 'Take me home' album and she was so exitied.

We couldnt believe it and we all just piled on top of her, we was all still naked but that didnt matter because we loved her.

We were all shouting things and Sparky went crazy and start saying she was going to be famous, but in our eyes she was already famous and beautiful. We soon relsead this is was going to be her new life with us and she didnt mind that at all.

As long as she had us...


Wow! Sparkys life is changing alot with these boys.

So what do you think Pauls going to say?

Will 'Kiss you' become a song?

Will they stay strong?

xxxxxxxxx Sparkles


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
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Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
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Please update! i really like this!!
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