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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

Our girl! (Niall)

We went to bed around 9 and Sparky couldnt be arsed to even get off the sofa so Harry had to take her up, he grabbed her and sliged her over his shoulder. She started laughing and Zayn had to support her if Harry did drop her, she turned around to face us that was walking behind Harry.

Then out of nowhere she leaned over and kissed Niall over Harrys shoulder, We all heard a loud slap and it was Harry slapping Sparkys arse. Her jawed dropped and we all started laughing, when we finally got to the bedroom Harry thrown her onto the bed and she speaded across the whole bed.

We all looked at her and she went up on her elbows, her face was so beautiful and stunning. She smiled at us and then Zayn went towards her, she grabbed his collar and pulled him down into a kiss. Then we all came down on her, kissing all of her body. But the place she likes the most is her stomach being kissed and her neck, we heard her giggling and starching our back pulling us up closer to her.

We at the same time slipped our shirts and as we all was kneely infront of her, Sparky sat up and pulled us back down. Sparky stripped us all from the head downwards and left us in our boxers, we crossed our arms and looked at her. She the cheeky cow was still in her choltes and she started laughing.

We wasnt having any of it and we grabbed her choltes and ripped it off her body like a lap dancer, she started moving and telling us to stop. But we didnt. Pulling her top, Pink jeans and i dont no why but we didnt wait at all and we pulled her bra and pants off.

She just lay there staring up at us with rosie cheeks and a small smile, she started blushing and she did look embrassed like we have never saw her body before. She looked away from us and we didnt know what was going on with her, we looked at each ofter and then i leaned down next to her.

Sparky looked at me and she stroked my cheek, i kissed her. We all went on top of her body and just lay there, listening to her breathe and hold us tight to her. We lay there in sleint for a while then there was tugging on our boxers and we all looked up at her, she smiled this time.

Truthfully we have never ever been together before, all of us. Us boys havent saw each ofters bodys if you know what i mean and it shocked us, but i guess it was fun for Sparky to see us all together.

We all went all on her and we didnt care that we were all naked together, it was going to be different then one on one, now it was one on five and we wanted to try something with her and it might hurt her but we wanted to have a go.

"Spark, we gonna try something. Tell us if it hurts you?"

She didnt know what Louis was on about until we all pushed into her at the same time, now she didnt scream or punched us or even tell us to stop what we was doing.

She was did yelp out first but then she calmed down and grabbed Harry close to her, but at the same time she wrapped her arms around us and always breathed down our neck. Her soft moans against our ears, she was loving it and so was we...

"Oh god boys!...YES!"

She was so sexy, then halfway though she curved her back up to us and started screaming our names. She was on the edge of coming and we went faster and faster inside her body, it was hard to control her.

She had 5 cocks inside of her and with her moving in different direction it was hard to go deep but we could go really fast. Sparky was enjoying it and she wasnt like those girls that within 5 seconds start screaming out because it hurt so much, she rode though it and held us all.

She was so beautiful that night, we slowed down and looked at her, She had tears in her eyes but she wasnt sad at all. Happy really. She never thought that we could all do this and with us boys with her at the same time, the 5 boys that she loved all inside her at the same time was heavan to her.

We loved her and she loved us, what more do you need to make a perfect couple or couples? We just lay next to her after and we were all out of breath and breathing on her hot body, she stoked our backs to calm us down.

We do hope to stay with her forever...

"You know, we'll never get enough of this Spark. One way or another your gonna be fucked everyday of your life"

i said that and i was right, Sparky giggled and kissed the top of his head. I looked up at her and crawled up her body even more to kiss her properly.

"I dont care at all boys, i love you guys so much and theres nothing that im gonna want more of is you...i love you"

And we will remember that until the day we die because for a 12 year old she does make herself look older than she should, but we promised her that we would protect her and she promised us in return to never change for us no matter what anybody said.

She was now OUR girl...


Awww! This chapter might be rude but how cute is that at the end?

What he said to her was beautiful, you could imagine a littie irish accent on that sentence.


Favourite charater? Whats the best line in the story that makes you wanna cry? Your favourite direction boy? Do you like Sparky?

xxxxxxxxxx Sparkles


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
StealMyHeart StealMyHeart
Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
MainlyMalik MainlyMalik
Please update! i really like this!!
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