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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

Morning after..

After 'Live while we're young' went to the top of the charts the night we had produced it, it was amazing! To see how many people wanted to have our song. Even last night we was getting tweet messages congratulating us on our new single, even mom posted a really bad photo of me when i was a kid and what i looked like now.

I wanted to delete it! It was so embrassing. I woke this morning undernearth Sparky, she was asleep on my chest and seeing her there was beautiful, i loved seeing her sleep it calms me. Harry had he's arm wrapped around her as he slept next to me, Niall was on the floor facing upwards towards her, Liam was on her back and Zayn was lying by her legs.

I looked at Harry and he woke up. I looked at the rest of the boys and Harry woke up Niall, he shook he's head and sat up, having a big yawn before walking up Sparkys body to see her face. He kissed her head and her eyes started fluttering opening, she lifted her head and saw us boys smiling at her, then she looked at the Tv and it was still going up.

"What the hell?"

She was talking to the Tv and we just looked at her, She got up and sat on me. Liam started laughing and Harry did as well as they saw her face so shocked, the comments kept coming in and question was as well.

We all got up and Zayn already started making our breakfast, Sparky went to go and get changed because she just wanted too. We sat at the table and Niall got the paper that was wedged though our door, bloody kids!

As we all sat at the table with a newspaper in one hand and the ofter with tea or coffie in it, Sparky came back down them stairs in the sexyist outfit every. It was tight on her legs and her arse and was tight by her boobs, very important that one, she looked stunning and i guess Zayn was the first one to notice.

"Hotty! Wow babe, Look at you"

She looked at us and smiled, Sparky turned around to the sink and opened the cubered to get a glass out and she went to the fridge to get the orange juice. We just kept scaring at her and then Liam got up, he went behind her and i heard Sparky started giggling. He grabbed her waist pulling her closer and Harry started shaking he's head as he looked at me.

I laughed at Harry, Niall kept on nearly eatting the whole table and Zayn just carried on reading the paper like nothing was happening, i heard the sound of kissing and we all at the table stopped what we were doing and just stared at them. When Liam turned to walk back to the table, he looked at us and shugged he's shoulder.

Sparky them hit him as he sat down, we have only got 5 seats at the table so Sparky came to sat on my lap and she cuddled up to me. I kissed her cheek and she came even more closer, that morning was very speail to her and a little bit for One Direction.

This was her first ever song with us, our ofter single 'Gotta be you' had her in the video with us, but she didnt properly sang it with us at the start. Everyone thought that Sparky was our manger before we said that she was with us as our girlfriend, i guess it shock the whole Directioner world a lot but they love her and so do we.

This was the start of her career as a singer, the first song that we produced yesturday will all ways be her first on album. It was going to be a hit in hundreds of countrys, she was so proud of herself and she should be.

We sat there most of the morning as Niall was playing his guitar and then suddenly Sparky started singing softly to herself, Niall stopped playing and we all just looked at her funny. She must of had a light blub moment because her face lit up and she ran up stairs, we all looked at each ofter and thought she must really need the loo.

Then she came back down with a notepad and a pen, then she was writing away. I peered over her shoulder and she knocked her head on mine, Harry started laughing and i just rubbed my head were she hit me hard.

She then finish writing on that mini pad of hers and then she looked at Niall, told him to play that tune that he has been making for the past hour and when he did Sparky pasted us some papers with words on. We all toke a close look at the words and they were song lyices, she told Niall to play the tune and when she pointed to us we had to sing what was on the sheet.

First she pointed to Zayn.

"Oh i just wanna take anywhere that you like, we can go out anyday, anynight. Baby i'll take you there, take you there, take you there yeah!"

The we all looked at her and she smiled, she was creating a new song out of Nialls crap tunes and even Zayn liked he's verse he thought it was very new and not like what we always do.

He sang that line again but a bit faster this time round, it was an amazing tune.
We sat at the table for hours while Sparky was coming up with different words for the song and she wrote it all on a peice of paper, then when the song was finished and we like it. We all looked at each ofter, I think we all thought of a title.

Nobody knew what to called it and then it was Liam that came up with the title...

"Kiss you!"

We all looked at him wierd and didnt know what he was on about, he looked at Sparky, her eyes wided. He was right, at the end of the chorus it always said the line 'Let me kiss you' and then we all agreed on the song and the title. Harry when down to the cellar and we didnt know what he was doing down there.

He came back up with a bottle of wine and Sparky shook her head, shes not aloud to drink wine yet. As much as we want her too its not good for her, even though we like to see her high and fucking us like no tomorrow we dont want to see her have a hangover.

Harry looked at her and then removed his hand from behind he's back, he putted out a bottle of WKD for her and she laughed. Thats the only thing that shes aloud to drink, its only alco-pop and she loves it. Niall got the glasses out of the cuberd and Harry poured the drinks out, even for Sparky as well, she started laughing.

Zayn done a toast to Sparky and we all loved her for coming up with a song just like that, with no beat or notes. She started to blush and swerm on my lap, it was giving me a hard-on.

"To Sparky, we dont know where we would be without you babe"

She looked at Zayn and leaned over to kiss him, we all drank to that and even did Sparky. She then sang the title to us and we all laughed at her.

"Let me kiss you..."

It was 3 in the afternoon and we were going to have a wonderful nights sleep now, If you know what i mean by that...


Well are they being cheeky! :)

So they are just about to make there next single 'Kiss you'.

This is early August time when they came up with the song.

So it there love blossoming even more? Are they great together?

xxxxxxxx Sparkles


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
StealMyHeart StealMyHeart
Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
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Please update! i really like this!!
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