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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

Live while we're young :)

A very good day! We woke up this morning at 9:30 and what a beautiful lying in it was as well, I woke to Sparkys blue eyes and her smile. We are all now sleeping in the same bed and that bed is Harry's because it is bigger then the rest of ours, the bed has to fit 6 people on it and a bed that size has to be Harrys because its massive.

Anyway we woke up and had a lie in, Once we had got up and changed we had a big breakfast with toast, orange juice, crossonts and cereal so it was a very filling breaky. After breakfast we went to the recording studios down the west end of Londen, a big black car came to pick us up and Sparky said in the car.

"I feel like im visiting Alan Sugar!"

We all laughed because they use a car like this in the appertence so thats where she got it from and it did feel like that to us as well. As we travelled down the main roads we saw fans and paps everywhere, we had to get out of the car because of roadworks.

The big tough guards came to help us get off the car, Sparky was really calm and she looked at me when she heard fans calling her name and saying that they love her and she looks beautiful.

Harry grabbed hold of her hand and dragged her though the crowd of girls, i mean the girls was leaping on us and Zayn started laughing when he saw the sign that some girls put up for Sparky.

When he shown her, she started laughing and Louis whispered in her ear. I don't know what because i couldn't hear with the sound of screaming girls, but i guess it was something wrong because she started laughing even more louder.

It said on the sign and i couldnt believe they put this on a sign for us to see and for the paps to take pictures of it.'Sparky, Is there sex better then there looks?" And that was in huge writing, Louis must of said something on the lines of 'Both is hot right?'.

It was still mad even when we walked inside because fans was up the windows screaming our names and asking really wrong questions to Sparky, she was fine with it and toke them as a joke.

We got to the studio at the top of the building and Paul was at the top of the stairs waiting for us, we toke off our jackets and Annie got us a drink. We sat down and told Paul what we wanted in the album, we didnt care about the cover yet until the songs are completed.

They put us into a sound booth and we had to test all of our voices, Zayn was first and then me, Louis, Niall, Harry and then Sparky. Of course nobody even Paul hasnt heard her voice before and when Paul said if that was it when Harry finished, Louis stopped him and told him that theres someone else who needs to have a voice check.

Paul looked at him funny and Niall then pointed to Sparky, Paul looked at me. Sparky didnt want to do it, Harry looked at her and she shook her head as in 'No i dont want to' but he ignored her and picked her up. He placed her in the booth, Paul started doing the cross arm thing again and that means he is pissed off.

Even his own voice sounded pissed off as well and Sparky toke none if it, when she sang one of our songs everyone the the studios face really changed and we were sat behind Paul. All the time when Sparky was singing she looked at us both and when she could, she smiled at us and it made her feel better.

When she came out of there everyone started clapping and cheering, she started going red in the face and blushing. Paul turned around to face all of us, Sparky went to sit on Niall's lap and she grabbed Harrys hand. Paul then nodded and Sparkys face was amazed.

"You can hit the high note, impressive for a 12 year old. Yeah boys! She can be in the album with you and you might even get more downloads with her voice involed"

I looked at her with my jaw down and she looked at us boys, I think she never thought her voice will be on an album before. When Paul and rest went out of the room as soon as he shut the door, Sparky started screamed and she started kissing all of us.


We all was so happy for her and this was the start of Sparky, only a couple of months time this album will be out and her voice will be across the world with ours. She started crying and they were happy tears, she was the most amazing person we boys have ever knew and we would share this journey with her.

After a while Paul came back in and said we could start singing our first single, he said we could be all together or one in each booth. We said we like to be all together, we were so proud of Sparky and as she stood there with headphones on and a mircophone infront of her we knew this is what she must be, a international singer.

We all heard the tune play down our ears and i had to start us off, me and Zayn were mostly in this song and so was the rest. We just had more parts then the ofters, Sparky sang the chorus's and the background things.

"Hey girl im waiting for ya, im waiting for ya. Come on and let me sneak you out, and have a celebration. A celebration and music up and the windows down."

The whole time when i was singing that verus i was staring at her and she smiled every words i sung, when the chorus kicked in you could hear all of our voices and Sparkys. We sound really great together and we were wonderful, Louis and Niall started dancing.

Sparky then joined in and her laughs was also on the tape, Paul kept them in but quieted them so they wasnt so loud. When we had to do the 'Oh-oh-ohh' she started really dancing and then she got Harry involed with the dancing.

Once the song was recorded we heard it back and Sparky couldnt believe that she heard own voice on our track, I cuddled up to her and she put her head on my shoulder. Only a couple of hours of putting this song together Paul said the we could relese it tonight to get the crowd going and then they cant wait until the album comes out.


When we got home at 11:20 at night, Sparky looked at the clock and she just sat by it. We was already in our Jams and she wasnt, i guess she was nevous that the song will come out tonight. She turned the Tv on the music channel and we all sat around her. She kept looking at the clock and then back at the Tv, Harry hugged her close.

It was 11:55 and she looked at the time again, she grabbed on tight on us.

"5 minutes..."

Zayn was sat behind the sofa and he kissed her from behind, then we heard our name. As we looked at the corner of the Tv we saw a countdown sign to our song, it had the name of the song and who is was by. Then our faces changed, it said...

"Live While we're young, One Direction feat Sparky"

Her face lit up, her name was with ours. She started crying and then when the countdown was over, we all closed our eyes and then we heard our song. We all screamed at the Tv and we saw the downloads increase by the minute, She started jumping on Louis who was infront.

We would defo sleep really well tonight and i think Sparky would as well, they shown the twitter repies on the song and there was possive messages to Sparky and saying how great her voice is. They was even messages saying that she should be lucky to be with us boys and that we should be grateful that we have a girl like her, we watched the comments and downloads increase.

That night we fell asleep on the sofa and when we woke in the morning we still saw the downloads still increasing by the minute.



Im starting to like Sparky.

What about you?

xxxxxxxxxx Sparkles


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
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Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
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Please update! i really like this!!
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