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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

Starting of "Take Me Home"

This is the part in our book where would would explain how we have got this far, the start of the book was about Sparky and the reason how we all got together in the first place.

We went to the 'Up all night' tour for 6 months and Sparky came with us, not like we planned, but now the press and the paps know about her so they will hopefully leave her alone.

We are now all sleeping with her in the same bed and its been like that since the day i found out that Sparky was also with the boys, i dont mind because it makes her happy and if shes happy so am i.

We completed our 'Up all night' album and tour, so now we thought its time to bring out the new album that we have been planning for ages and this time Sparky is singing with us. Louis said that she could sing but was stage fright so she would cock-up, but we told her to sing any song that she was comfutable with and she chosen our song 'Mermoires'.

Oh God! She was amazing. The song list that Niall gave her couple of weeks back was the order that we was going to have the album in, Paul gave us sometime to practise the songs and when we was happy to start the album we did. Nobody in the world knew that we was creating a new album because we wanted it to be a suprise for our fans, nor did our parents knew.

When we were all together a couple of days after we told our parents, we all told our 'was' girlfriends its over. We left alot of brokenhearts but not Sparkys and we love her so much. Our parents toke it very well and they all wished us good luck.

We all sat in the recording room, all facing each ofter. Sparky was facing Niall, i was next to Sparky and Zayn was infront of me.

Louis was on the ofter side of Sparky and Liam was infront of him, we did it like this because it was help if we messed up a bit and if we needed one of us to hit a high note we could see.


Nice way to start the 2nd part of the story Harry.

SO! They have made Sparky famous, the boys have spit from there girlfriends to be with her.

Sparky can sing!

So thoughts? Feelings? Do you think shes different now?
xxxxxxxxxx Sparkles


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
StealMyHeart StealMyHeart
Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
MainlyMalik MainlyMalik
Please update! i really like this!!
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi