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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

The thought of living this life (Sparky)

I should be grateful...

To live my life again and to have things that no other girl could have, i mean for one i have my 5 boys One Direction and then i have my singing career with them. I dont want to go back to my old life at all, i hated it, it was the worst way of being brought up.

But these last couple of months with One Direction has changed me completely and im so in love with them, i think to myself sometimes do i deserve them? Or why do they only love me?. They gave everything up for me, there girlfriends, there manager and they was going to give up there career to be with me.

What could i say about them? Well Harry is just a softie, he is so loveable and he treats me like im something. He called me 'the lost cause' and sometimes i dont like it when he says something about my old life because i want to forget about that.

Then theres Liam, serious and uptight Liam, he can be funny and you could spend hours talking to him about anything. Louis is so funny and cheeky, but i like it when he brings out the 'sass' and rolls his eyes. Niall is just so carefree and always happy, he cares about nothing but only me.

Zayn is very vain, he looks in the mirror like every 10 minutes and taking you back to when i first shagged Zayn in the tour bus he always looked in the mirror infront of us and check his hair now and again.

I love the boys so much and i cant believe they added me into the album as well, When i was younger i always dreamed of being in the army, RAF being in a plane which could take me anywhere and i could meet Prince William, fly with him. But i couldnt full fill my dreams when i ran away from home.

I bet your wondering who i am?

Ive never told the boys about my life, my true name and why i ran away. They just think it is about my mother. They are right!. Thats what this story is really about how my mother fucking beaten me, slapped me, locked me in my room. I ran because i thought there was nothing left of me and i ran to die on my own.

I was weak when Harry found me, i truefully wasnt going to go with him because i knew i was on the edge of death but he still insisted of taking me back to his house. I didnt feel anything towards Harry at all until he came into the bathroom to see if i was alright, when he sat on the toilet and just watched me messing about with the water.

Thats when i looked in his eyes and saw the love, he cared about me and i could see that. Harry just wanted me safe. Then i pulled him into the bath with me and i was scared, nervous, i didnt know what to do at all i just let him lead me the away and before i knew it i wasnt a virgin anymore. I gave myself up for Harry Styles.

I dont regret having sex at 12 to 5 boys, i know they are older then me and they should love somebody there age but they wanted to love me. In school i was the kid that nobody wanted to talk to and i used to get picked on, saying that i wasnt worth anything and now im told the complete different of what they said.

Every day i get told that im worth everything, im One Directions world, i love you's. I go from i dont wanna know you to i want to fuck your ass. A lot can change only because im dating One Direction and on the way to fame everyone seems to love me.

But only thing that the boys really want to know is my name...

Everyone my name is Ellie Louise Oliver and im known as Sparky.


We know the truth about Sparky and who is she, YES!

If any of you guys have a problem like Sparky, like abuse or bullying PLEASE tell someone because nobody wants to feel that way and its not right.

Thoughts? Feelings? Comments? Surscribe?


Thanx for reading next part of the story is called 'In our true words-Im too young'


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
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Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
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Please update! i really like this!!
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