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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!


Thank you for reading this story, my wonderful amazing fans of the One Direction typo. If you guys love Sparkys story and how she came to meet with these beautiful 5 boys and you want to keep reading her story go to my page.

There it will have her next story called 'In our true words - Im too young!'.

The title gives alot of the information away in the next part of the story but if you like things like that i would read it, even myself as a writer i loved writing this first half of her life with One Direction.

I have also got 2 other fanfictions on my site, if your a big fan of Zerrie and you have always wondered what happened to her before the X factor read 'I hate that i love you'. It is based on Perries diary.

And ive just started a new book, for people who love relationships in a twist and supernatural beings, haunting and gory. It is called 'Dollhouse' and it is based on a true story of a girl called Isla James and people thought she was mad when she told them her story.

Fans think if theres a girl in a 1D fanfiction that one of the guys will go with her but thats not the case in 'Dollhouse', it is one guy loves a guy who love a girl. If you know what i mean.

I just wanna say thank you guys for the comments and support in writing this first part and i promise you that there is so many parts to this story, it unbelieveable. I swear one day my fingers will fall off.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ELMO :)


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
StealMyHeart StealMyHeart
Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
MainlyMalik MainlyMalik
Please update! i really like this!!
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi