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In Our True Words - Take Me Home Album!

Truely, madly, deeply crazy! (Zayn)

So its halfway though the day and we are just so hyper at the moment that we want to run down a hill and shout at the top of our lungs. We dont know what has got into us, this morning we was a bit depressed but since then we just keep doing silly things.

Sparky put salt in Liams sandwich and a mint in Nialls drink which happens to be coke and you know what happened to that BANG! It went everywhere and the cheeky cow started laughing her head off when Nialls hair is all sticky.

We soon got her back alright, we pinned her on the grass and Louis got the hose and aimed it at her. She was soaked when Louis stopped and started to shout our nicknames that she came up with, we dont mind.

Mine is 'hair' because i always look in the mirror, Harry is 'sugercurls' because he is sweet and curly, Liam is 'adolf' because he is serlous! Very meanful person when he goes 'daddy direction' on us, Niall is 'lep' or 'Nialler' because he is irish and small and Louis has always been called 'boobear' she has never changed his nickname because she likes it.

Sparky has many nicknames like Sparks, your highness, koala and theres lots more. We have so many names for her its unbelieveable. We sat outside when it was dark on the patio, us boys had a beer in our hands execpt for Liam he cant drink. Sparky had a WKA, thats the only thing she can drink.

We were mad and crazy that day, we couldnt wait to go to bed and show Spark how much we loved her.

If you know what i mean.


Ok Zayn getting a bit into to much detail, but maybe not enough?

Now we know there nicknames of what Sparkys called her 5 boys and even the boys have nicknames for her.

Next part is Sparkys chapter and the last one for 'Take me home album'.

What will happen in the next part of the story? I will give you a hint;

Something happens to Sparky, the whole of part 3 will be mostly Harry and Sparky. So why is it going to be mostly them?

xxxxxxxxxxx Sparkles


Want the next part of the story? Go on my page and look for 'Im too young!' and thats the next point of the story. xxxxxxx
amazing update more
StealMyHeart StealMyHeart
Want anymore chapters?

xxxx Sparkles
Wuvving it! Please update!!! :)
MainlyMalik MainlyMalik
Please update! i really like this!!
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi