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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Nine

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

" Mommy can you sing to me? " Bell asks as I tuck her in. "Of course sweetie. " I clear my throat. Shut the door, Turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love, I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this, Even though I try, Heart beats harder, Time escapes me Trembling hands Touch skin It makes this harder, And the tears stream down my face. " I continue to sing Moments. I was about to sing Zayn's solo until someone beats me to it.

"Flashing lights in my mind, Going back to the time, Playing games in the street, Kicking balls with my feet There’s a numb in my toes Standing close to the edge There’s a pile of my clothes At the end of your bed As I feel myself fall, Make a joke of it all. " Zayn. We both starts to sing the chorus. " I’ll find the words to say, Before you leave me today. " We finish the song. We look at each, smiling. I kiss Bell forehead before leaving the room. I open the door and see everyone standing there. "Um what are you guys doing?"

" Nothing." Okay. . . " Ari, I need to talk to you. " Jenna says smiling. " Okay lets go to the kitchen. " We walk in then she starts squealing. "
Austin asked me out!" I act surprised. "Really?" She nods her head. " I told you he liked you but nooo you didn't believe me." She rolls her eyes. "Yeah yeah whatever. So. I saw you with Zayn in your bed. You looked really comfortable. See." She pulls out her phone. She shows me a picture of me and Zayn in my bed. My head on his chest while his arm around my waist. " I was uh sleeping. " "Okay." I walk into the living room. "So are you guys sleeping over?" They look at each other and nods. "Yeah. Well if you guys don't mind."

"Liam don't be dumb. Of course we don't mind." I clap my hands. "Okay what to watch a movie." Everyone nods. "El go pick a movie." She goes up to the movies and picks one. She inserts it into the DVD and goes back to Louis. I look around. All the couple are cuddling. Its just Niall, Harry, Zayn and I stilling still. The movie begins. Its reads. ' Tuck Everlasting ' I squeal. "I love this movie! It's so cute yet so sad. Ser-" "SHUT UP!!" Everyone shouts. I frown. "We someone is on their period. I mumble.


Tuck Everlasting just finished. Surprisingly, everyone is sleeping. I get off my sit and head up stairs to get my supplies. I tiptoe to the bathroom. I get my hair straightener and hair dye. I silently walk over to Harry. I plug it in and begin to straighten Harry precious curls. This is what you get for pushing me.

I grab the last curl and straighten it. I grab the dye and begin mixing it. I gently begin dyeing some some of his hair. He is going to freak. I grab my red lipstick and put some on. I kiss his cheek, leaving a kiss mark on it. I write '-A. B ' I don't think he's going to mess with anymore. I carefully start to wash the part when I dyed it. Damn this is hard, but it's so worth it. I carefully get up, trying not to wake anymore one up, and head to Annabelle's room. I lay down next to her. I close my eyes, quickly falling into a peaceful sleep. **
" Mommy, I'm hungry." I open my eyes. "Okay. First lets get you changed. I grab her leopard leggings and a black blouse and hand it to her. "Stay here. "I'll be back." I quickly go to my bedroom and get my leopard legging and a black shirt. I go back to Bells room. She's already changed. I go to her bathroom and change. I walk out. "Do you want me to straighten your hair or leave it curly? " "Curly." Ariana and Annabelle outfits

" Okay lets go make you breakfast." We walk into the living room seeing everyone, but Zayn and Harry, awake and taking picture of Harry. "Once they see us they smile. " Wow you guys look great." "Thanks." "Ariana, I love your masterpiece." Louis say, pointing at Harry. I laugh. Annabelle walks over to Harry. She gasps. " Mommy what happened to Uncle Harry?" "He was a very bad boy." She giggles and runs off to Austin. "Hey Kiddo." He says to her. " Guys don't say NOTHING. Let him notice it himself. Now lets go eat. "

I feel my phone buzz for the 20th time. I put down my fork. I pull out my phone. I've been getting Twitter mention. I check them. Wow . . . . .

**~ Fake Twitter Names ~**

@DirectionerForEva33 : @Ariana_Blake is a worthless talent less whore.

@1DLoveMe60 : Who would love @Ariana_Blake ? She's so ugly, fat and she can't sing.

@Mrs.Styles101 : @Ariana_Blake Why are you so ugly?

@Zaynismine : @Ariana_Blake you should kill yourself. Like seriously. No one will miss you. Not even your OWN DAUGHTER!!!

@NiallsWife18 : You're such a Bitch. Wow. Seriously. Why fake like you fainted You're an attention whore. Kill yourself. . . . . .

" Ari? " I look up. " I'll be back." My voice crack. I stand up an head to my room but ended up bumping into someone. " Sorry." I mumble. I don't look up to see who it is, probably cause I don't want them seeing me cry. I run to my room and lock it. Why are they sending me hate? I never got hate before.You can obviously see it's Directioners. Why would they send me hate? I check Twitter and see something is trending. . . . .



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