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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Eight

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
* The Next Day *

I feel someone shaking me. " Five more mintues. " The person keeps shaking me. I groan. "What?" "Get up." I open my eyes to see Zayn in my bedroom. " Zayn, what do you doing here so early?" He chuckles. "Ari, it's thirty minutes passed noon. Also, I'm here to see my daughter." What? I pick up my phone from my night stand. 12:35. Damn it. " Annabelle! Where is she? I need to change her and-" "Ariana!" Zayn cuts me off. " I already changed and feed her. Harry took her to get some ice cream. They're going to the park too. Jenna went shopping with El and Dani. Austin went out also. Now go to bed. You need to rest. I'm going to make you something to eat. Come on."
I follow him back to bed. I lay down, Zayn starts to make his way to the kitchen. "Zayn?" He turns around. "Thank you." He smiles. " No problem,
love." He leaves the room. I can't believe I've been trying to keep Zayn and Annabelle apart. I clearly saw his face light up when I told him Annabelle is his daughter. I feel so guilty. I hear footstep. Zayn comes in with a tray in his hands. He carefully lays the tray on my lap. He made me some pancakes with bacon on the side, along with some orange juice. "Thanks." I kiss his cheek. He starts to blush. "No problem." I start. "No problem."

I start eating. Wow. This is great. The first time Zayn cooked for me the food was burnt. I silently laugh of that memory "Why are you laughing?" Zayn asks. "Oh nothing. I just remembered something." "Noo tell me. I want to know." "Remember when you first cooked for me? How you burnt the food." His face turns red from embarrassment. "Yeah I remember. Then we went out to McDonald's." We stay sitting down silently.

"Hey want to watch a movie?" He nods. I get up. I lay the tray on my desk. I go to where I have all my movies. I grab a pile and look through them.

Twilight. No.
Letters to Juliet. No.
Hocus Pocus. No.
The Last Airbender. No.
Scream. No.
I keep looking until I reach the last one. "Perfect." I whisper to myself. I put he movie into the DVD player. and go back to bed. "What movie is it?"
"Your favorite." "Freedom Writers?" "Yup." I say popping the 'P' He smiles. "You still know me so well." I smile. Through out the beginning of the movie I caught Zayn staring at me. I end up blushing. I feel my eyes getting heavy. I yawn. "Go to sleep. I'll be here." Zayn whispers. I nod. I sson fall into a deep sleep.

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~

Its been two hours since Ariana fell asleep. She suddenly lays her head on my chest. I hear her mumble something. Ugh. I wish I knew what she said. I lay my head on top of hers. I carefully wrap my hands around her waist. I sigh. I need to make her mine again. I need to prove her that I still truly love her. I know just with one date she won't accept to be mine again. I'll wait no matter how long it takes. I smile to myself thinking about us being a family. A very happy one with our Annabelle. I start to close my eyes and end up falling into a peaceful sleepy.


I hear a clicking sound. "Do you think they're gonna get back together?" I hear Harry ask someone. "Yeah. You can see in their eyes that they're still in love with each other." I hear Jenna reply. I hear keep talking. I fake yawn, pretending like if I was waking up. I open my eyes. I see both Harry and Jenna smiling at me. "Hey Zayn. "
"Hi. What time is it?"

"It's 6:15." "Where's Annabelle? "She's eating cookies with Niall." I feel Ari move around in my arms. She suddenly opens her eyes. "Hey." She whispers.

"Good morning sleepy beauty." She smiles. "Are they're back yet?" I nod. "Want to tell Annabelle now?" "Yeah." Ari starts blushing. "Um Zayn." "Yes?" "Can you um. . . let go." She points to my arm around her waist. I quickly let go. "Uh um sorry." We get up and head to the kitchen. Finally I'm going to hear Annabelle call me 'daddy."

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

"Mommy!" "Hey baby. How was your day with Harry?" "It was fun. We got ice cream then we played at the park." "Wow. That sounds awesome. Now I need to tell you something important." She stays quiet. "Remember how you wanted to know who daddy was?" She nods. "You want to know who's daddy?"

"Yes!" She says excitedly. I take a deep breath. "Annabelle, Zayn is your dad." She squeals. She starts jumping up and down. She runs up to Zayn and gives him a big hug. "Daddy!" She starts giving him kisses all over his face. He laughs. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" She starts screaming. She looks so happy. I hear someone knocking at the door. "I'll get it." I walk over and open the door. Liam, Louis, Dani and El are smiling. "Hey Ari." They say in unison. "Hey guys. Come in." They walk in heading over to the living room.

"Mommy come sit with daddy and me." I smile. I walk over to them. I was about to sit next to them until someone pushes me and making me land on someones lap. I look up and see Zayn. I hear a few clicks. I turn around and see everyone including Austin with their phones out taking pictures. I look at who pushed me. Harry. I glare at him.
I'm going to get you Curly. . .



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