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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Seven

~ Ariana P.O. V. ~

" What was Zayn going to say before Curly came in?" Jenna asks. I blush. " I-I don't know." I turn to my left to see Annabelle sleeping. " Come on I know you know." She's going to make fun of me. " I helped." I mumble. She burst out laughing. "So she's Zayn's daughter?" Dani asks. I nod. Both El and Dani squeals. " Oh my gosh, you two did a good job! Like seriously Look at her! She's so beautiful and precious." El gush. I start blushing. "Okay so when did you found out you were pregnant?" El asks. Jenna looks at me. I smile sadly. I take a deep breath. "Remember that night when I found Zayn kissing. . . . . Perrie?" I ask. They nod slowly.

"Well before all of that happened Jenna got me a pregnancy test because I told her I kept getting morning sickness. The test came out positive. I was scared. Scared that Zayn would leave me cause we were only seventeen. Scared of raising a baby by myself. I was happy. I was having a baby. A baby Zayn and I made. A little us. I wasn't sure if I was really pregnant. I mean it came out positive, but I wanted to be hundred percent positive so we went to the hospital. They confirmed I was definitely having a baby. They told me I was two weeks pregnant. I didn't want to tell Zayn but Jenna convinced me. I was so nervous. Then. . . . . you know. All that happened."

"Wow." We stay silent until Jen speaks up. "So what are you and Zayn?"
"I-I don't know. I still love him." I get up. " Did you get me some clothes? " I ask Jenna. She nods. She gives me a bag. I grab it. I changed right then and right then and there.

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~

I kept thinking of Ariana and Annabelle. Ari. She had my baby girl The girl I've been in love with since I was a teenager gave bith to MY daughter. I feel horrible for not being there during her pregnancy. Also I wasn't there when she gave birth to Annabelle. Bell. My beautiful baby girl. I wasn't there for her first birthday. Hopefully, I can be there for her fifth. I feel a sharp pain on my mouth. Lou pulled the tape I had on my mouth off. " Ouch! " I glare at him. I turn to Niall. " You. " I pointed to him. " Why did you have to knock? Why couldn't you a long time?" They look at me confused. Liam speaks up. "Zayn are you alright?" I sigh. " No." I mumble. "What's wrong?" "We almost kissed. We were so close until all of you came." They smirk at me. Harry sighs. "They're taking too long"

"It's true. Zayn go tell them we'll be waiting in the car." I nod and do what I was told. I watch them leave first. I walk into the room to find Ari in her clothes, except in her shirt. " ZAYN! " She screams. I quickly cover my eyes. "U-Um the lads are at the car. I-I came t-to check if you're r-ready." I stutter a bit. I hear the giggling. " Zayn you already seen her naked. Just open your eyes." I blush. " AWWH! HE'S BLUSHING!" I hear Danielle say. "Um you can open your eyes now." Ari says. I uncover my eyes. "I'm going to get Bell." I walk up to the couch where Bell was sleeping. I lightly pick her up. " Ready? " She nods. "Yeah." The girls help Ari with her bags. "I'll meet all of you in the car. I'm going to check out. " She says. " I'll go with you." I speak up. "Okay." She smiles. We walk silently until we reach the main desk.

"Hi. I'm here to check myself out."

"Okay , please sign here." She grabs the pen and signs where she was told. "Okay you're free to go. Take care."

"Thanks." We leave the place. I look down at her. She so beautiful. "You're so beautiful." I blurt out. I see her blush. She looks up at me. "Thanks." Gosh I wish I could kiss her right now. . .

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

The car ride was silent, Kinda awkward since we were next to Peazer and Elounor. I think they were doing that on purpose. Right now, I'm making Bell some sandwiches. Its been an hour since we arrived. Everyone decided to stay. " ARI BOO!" Asutin. "AUSTY BOO!" He comes into the kitchen. Once he spots me, he pulls me into a big bear hug. " I'm glad you're okay. I was so worried." I pull away. "Awwh. Hey Austin can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, shoot."

"Have you asked out Jenna yet?" I whisper to him. "No." I sigh. "Ask her tonight. Pull her outside. Lay down and look at the stars. Talk then ask her. Trust me. She'll say yes." He nods. "Okay. I'll do it."

We walk into the living room where everyone else it at. I give Bell her sandwich. "Thank You." I smile. "You're welcome." I see Austin and Jenna going into the backyard. I smile. Finally, Austin gonna ask Jen on a date. I know they liked each other since they met. I see Bell giving Niall half of her food. Awwh. "I LOVE THIS GIRL!" Niall shouts. We all laugh.

"When should we tell her?" I look at Zayn. "I don't know. She's always asking for you I think we should tell her soon. She'll be very happy." He smiles. "How about tomorrow?" I nod. "Tomorrow it is."

Tomorrow is the day Annabelle finds out who's her father. . . .


Please comment, I want to see how's the story to some of you (:

Also thank you reading my story and leaving nice comments. xx


i love this story


YAY! thank you so much! :D

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I'm glad you're happy c:

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