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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Six

~ Ariana P.O. V. ~

"Is She My Daughter?"
Askfghk. Fuck. "W-What?" He sighs. "Ariana don't lie to me. Is Annabelle my daughter? The boys say she looks like me. I even asked Jenna. She looked shocked, like if I busted her or something. She didn't reply to me either. Please I want to know." He grabs my hand and looks into my eyes." I have to tell him. I nod. "Annabelle is your daughter." His face lights up. He gives me a big bear hug. I instantly hug back. We pull away. He gets up and begins dancing weird. I begin laughing. He stops. He turns around and smirks at me. He walk up to me.

"Zayn, what are you doing?"

"Nothing just this!" He begins ticking me.

"Z-Zayn, p-please s-stop!" I swear if he doesn't stop I'm going to pee! Like seriously. I'm very ticklish.

"Z-Zayn !" He stops. His face is inches from mine. We both start to lean in until someone comes in yelling.

"WE BROUGHT FOOD!" Niall. We pull away.

"Ari you're awake! Lads she's awake!"

Oh my gosh was I seriously going to kiss him?! I do miss his kisses. Its been almost five years. I hear footsteps coming down the hall. I see all the boys, including Jen and Bell. "Annabelle!"

"Mommy!" She runs up to me. She tries to get on the bed but end up falling down. Zayn picks her up and sets her on the bed. "Come here." I whisper to her. She crawls over to me and hugs me back. "I miss you." That broke my heart. "I miss you too."

I pull away. I feel her little thumb wipe the tears off my face. " I love you."

" I love you too. " I smile. I look up to see everyone with their phones out. "What are you guys doing?"

"Nothing." They say in unison. Jenna comes up to me hugs me tight. "Don't leave me."

" I'm not."

" I want to hug Ari!" Lou shouts. I giggle. One by one each boys hugs me. They each whisper, " Glad to see again." or " Glad you're okay. "
I pull away from Nialler. I see my old best friend standing in front of me with tears in his eyes. "Come here Haz." I pull hi into a tight hug. " I missed you so much Ari. I lost my best friend cause of him." He whispers to me. " I missed you to Hazza. That's true but I'm here now. " I whisper back. I whip the tears off his face. " I'm glad I have my best friend back." I smile. " So am I." I kiss his cheek. "I want to go home now. When can I go?" I hear a knock on the door. Liam gets up and opens the door. ' Hello everyone. Oh, she's awake! Hello Ms. Blake, I'm Dr. Miller. " the doctor says. "Hi nice to meet you. Um Dr. Miller, when can I leave?" He looks at his clipboard. "We everything seems fine. Nothing is wrong. You may leave whenever you want."

" Yes! " I scream. The doctor chuckles and leaves the room. I see Annabelle. with Zayn. She turns to me. " Vas Happening? " Oh. My Gosh. Did I? Did she? Like father and daughter. "Ari close your mouth. Don't want any flies going in there." He smirks. I playfully glare at him. " Shut up Malik."
" Make me Blake."

"Someone gives me some duck tape." I say. I extend my hand. "Haz give me some duck tape." "No." " Harry if you don't get my some duck tape right now, I swear I'm going to straighten those precious curls of yours. I did it once. I can do it again." I smirk at him. His eyes widen. " U-uh O-okay." He stutters. He get up and I guess goes to the store. "Make sure it pink! Also bring me some nutella!"

"Everyone looks at me. "What? I want some nutella." They laugh. "Hey Ari, can Danielle come? She's with El. They want to see you." Liam asks. I smile. "Of course they can. I miss them so much." He nods. "Nialler say thirty." He looks at me weirdly. "Thirty." I burst out laughing. Everyone looks at me again. I always laugh when Niall says 'thirty'. It sounds funny. "Ahh, it never gets old" I hear a knock on the door. It opens. I see Danielle and Eleanor. " Ariana! " The girls runs up to me and gives me a bone crushing hug. " Girls. Can't. Breath. " They let go. "Ops. Sorry. Ari, We missed you!" I smile. " Its fine. I missed you guys too!" They smile. They go and greet everyone. They reach Zayn and Bell.

" Awwh, she's so precious. What's your name love?" Bell smiles. " Annabelle." "Beautiful for a beautiful little girl." Bell giggles. "Damn Ari, you did a good job." El says. I blush a little. " Hey I hel-" "I'm back!" Harry cuts Zayn off. Oh my gosh. I'm sure he was going to say ' I helped.' Everyone look at Zayn and me. Harry hands me the tape. "Zayn come here." He gets up and walk over to me. I rip the tape and place it over his mouth. "There you go." He starts saying something but I can't understand him. "Okay everyone, except then girls, out! I want to leave now and I need to change." The guys leave before giving their girlfriends a kiss. Zayn takes off the tape and kisses my cheek. I blush. Once the guys leave the girls turn to me. " Girl talk. "



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