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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Five

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
I slowly start to open my eyes. Once they're fully open I notice I'm in a hospital room. I turn to my left and see Zayn sleeping in a chair right next my bed. He looks really cute. To be honest I still love him. That night when I saw him making out with Perrie broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. I sigh. "N-No Ari. I love you! Please don't go." I look at Zayn again. Sometimes he talks in his sleep. Wait. Hold up. He said 'Ari' and 'I love you'. He's dreaming about me. He starts to move around. His eyes starts to slowly open. He looks around then his eyes lands on me. "Ariana you're awake ! How are you feeling ?" I smile a bit. "Okay. Why am I here? Where's Bell?" "You fainted. You've been here for three days now. Bell is with the guys and Jenna." I nod. Wait three days? Damn. Wait what. Bell is with the guy?!? Oh no. "Um did you say Bell is with the guys?" He nods. "Yeah. Also with that guy, Austin." Why did he say Austin name like that? It sounded like he hated him. Weird. I look over him. "Why did say his name like that?"


"Austin. His name. Why did you say his name like if you hated him or something." He sighs.

"You want to know the truth? Okay. I was jealous. Actually, I still am! When I saw you with him, I got jealous. Before you fainted, I saw him wrap his arms around your waist, I got jealous. Just seeing you with another guy, makes me jealous. I love you Ariana. I always had. Even after all these years. Ari , what happened with Perrie and I was a big big mistake. We both started to lean in then BOOM, we were kissing. When you left, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I know sorry won't do, but I still love you. I'm just. . . sorry. I'm really really really really really sorry. I wish I could turn back time but I know I can't. I can't believe I lost you to Austin. But if you're happy, I'm happy. I still love you even though you're with him."

I smile. I scoot over to make room for him. "Sit." He obeys and does what he is told. I sigh. "Zayn, you have no idea how much I missed you. I want to say ' I hate you ' but I can't. I'll be lying if I say that. Yes you broke my heart into a thousand little pieces , but I still love you. Wait. Zayn did you say that I'm dating Austin?" He nods. I burst out laughing. He look at me if I were insane. "O-oh m-my g-gosh. That's hilarious! Zayn I'm not dating Austin. He's like a brother to me. Plus, he likes Jen."

His eyes gets wide. He starts blushing. "Oh." I giggle. We stay silent. Zayn clears his throat. "Um Ariana, can I ask you a question?"


"It's about Annabelle." Shit. Shit Shit. Shit. Shit.

He hesitates. "Is She My Daughter?"


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i love this story


YAY! thank you so much! :D

Happyyyyyyyy :)

Gotta love 1D Gotta love 1D

@Aamna Malik13

I'm glad you're happy c:

Sinthiaa Sinthiaa

HAPPY! <333

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