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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Four

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
"Hi. I love my mommy!" Bell kisses my cheek. The crowd 'Awwwes' "The meet and greet starts in 30 minutes. Bye for now." I walk off the stage.
Well that was awkward. I put Bell down next to me. "Arianaaa." I turn around and see Jenna. "That was awkward." She laughs. "Ari, where's Annabelle?" "She's right here." I look down next to me. She's not here. . . . I see Autumn talking to some of the backstage workers.
"Autumn have you seen Bell?" "No. I thought she was with you?" I turn around. I feel my tears running down my cheek. My daughter is lost. "Jenna I need to find my babygirl!" Right now I'm fully crying. Why did I let her out of my sight? I NEED to find my daughter . . .

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~
I still can't believe it. Ariana has a daughter. The little girl is beautiful. Just like her mum. "Yeah. She is." Harry says. Did I say that out loud? We start walking around until we heard someone crying. More like a little girl. We start walking close to the person who was crying. We see Annabelle, Arianas' daughter. She looks up at us. For some odd reason I feel like I NEED to protect her. I bent down to her height. I whip the tears off her adorable face. I pick her up and set her on my arms. I turn to the guys. Their eyes wide. I stare at them confused. "Annabelle right?" She nods.
"Where's your mum?" "I-I don't know." I sigh. She probably backstage.

"Mate this might sound weird but she looks like you." I stop. "Niall, how can she look like me?"
" Zayn both of you have the same features! Picture yourself her age."
I look at her. Okay we might have the same features. That's a coincidence. So ?
"This might sound weirder, but I think you're her dad." He whispers. Her dad ?
No that's impossible. "No I can't be. I haven't seen her in what? 4, 5 years now.
I hear Harry mumble something. I'm sure it was 'idiot'. Louis comes toward us. "Annabelle, how old are you ?"
She looks at Lou, then at me. "I'm four years old." Everyone looks at me. I roll my eyes.
"Lets go find Ariana." We silently continue walking.

We reach the steps that leads up to the stage. From here I can see Jenna walking back and forth.
I see Ariana with some guy. Ariana has her hands on her face. The guy has his hands on her shoulders.
I suddenly feel a pang of jealously. Seeing her with another guy hurts. A lot.
Yes I made a mistake but I still love her. I love her and only her. We walk up the stairs and walk toward the girls. I take a deep breath. " Jenna. A-Ariana." Jenna freezes and turns our way, shocked. Ariana lifts her head. She looks like if she seen a ghost. "Mommy these guys found me. What's your name?" She turns to me.
I smile. "Zayn. My names Zayn." She giggles. " I like your name. Mommy, Zayn and his friends found me."
She kisses my cheek. I smile once again. I felt this connection when she kissed my cheek. Could it be true? Am I her father?

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~ "Jenna. A-Ariana." That voice. I look up to see Zayn and the rest of One Direction.
They have Annabelle. Zayn has Annabelle in his arms. "Mommy these guys found me. What's your name?"
She turns to Zayn. "Zayn. My names Zayn." She giggles. " I like your name. Mommy, Zayn found me." She kisses his cheek.
I see her eyes twinkle. My worst nightmare came true. I sudden feel dizzy. I feel Austin snake his arm around my waist.
Then, I faint. The last thing I hear is people yelling my name. . . .


I updated! (:

Okay so I'm not updating for a few days. Sorry! I'm currently writing this and I haven't had time to write since I babysit everyday -.- But I got some ideas!

Please comment (: xx


i love this story


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