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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Ten

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~

I walk into the kitchen to see everyone eating. " Daddy! " Annabelle shouts. I go sit next to her. " Hey love." I kiss her forehead. " Hey Zayn, did you see Ariana?" I nod. "Yeah. We bumped into each other. She looked sad. Do you know what's wrong?" They shake their heads. "Ahhhh! My hair!" Harry shouts. We burst out laughing. Harry comes into the room. His hair is straight and has a red highlight. "Ariana. . " Harry growls. " Where is she?" "In her room but don't disturb her. She seems pretty upset." " Why?" Harry asks. "We don't know." Harry looks over at Jenna. " Hey Jen, does Ari get hate on Twitter?" I look at her. " Um I don't know. " Liam speaks up. " Everyone check Twitter. Now. " Everyone including me goes onto Twitter. I saw something that is trending. . . . . .


Everyone gasps. "Ari. ." Jenna whispers. She suns out of the kitchen. Annabelle looks at me. "Daddy where is mommy?" "She's on the phone." I lied. "Hey Bells, lets go play in your room." Dani says. "Okay." Dani grabs Bells hand and walk off to her room. " I'm going to check on her." El says. Austin gets up. "I'll come with you." How can our fans say that and trend it?!? Wow. I need to say something.

~ Jenna P. O. V. ~

She won't answer. "Ari!" Silent. Austin and Eleanor walks up to me. Austin wraps his arms around my waist. I have an idea. " Ari. I know what is going on! I already saw! Think of Scarlet! You know she wouldn't want you doing nothing to yourself!" I wipe the tears off my face. "Scarlet. . ." I look at El. " I don't think you remember her. She was Ariana's cousin. I think she was 13, 14 the last time you saw her. She had bright red hair. Anyways, she um committed suicide. She couldn't take in anymore. Her parents, Ari's uncle and aunt, never paid attention to her. She was bullied which lead her to start cutting. She lost one of her best friend who was also her boyfriend, Jacob. Oh and her older sister Julie was such a bitch to her." We heard something click and the door opened. " For Scar. " She whispers. I pull her into a tight hug. She yawns. " I'm going to take a nap." She says as we pull away. I turn to Eleanor and Austin. ' I'll take care of her ' I mouth to them. They nod. I walk up to Ariana. She hasn't been this upset since Scarlet's death. I lay down next to her. She's staring at a picture of Scar.

"Hey Jen, remember when she used to sing? How she put so much passion into it. When she wrote her stories." I nod. " Yeah, come on sleep." She nods. She lays down and closes her eyes.

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
I open my eyes and see I'm alone. I check my phone and go throw my mentions. More haters. Wow. Some nice. I retweet them and follow them. I scroll down and see Austin Mahone, Luke Brooks, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande tweeted something I smile. I see Austin, Jenna, and they boys tweeted. . . .

[AN: Fake Twitter Names: ]
@Imhisbitch : Hey whore, go kill yourself @Ariana_Blake #ArianaB.KillYourself

@Hisone12 : @Ariana_Blake DIE YOU BITCH! The boys are M. I. N. E. #ArianaB.KillYourself

@Janemalik : Bitch Zayn is MINE. Go dig a hole and die
@Ariana_Blake #ArianaB.KillYourself

@Kassey101: @Ariana_Blake you are so ugly and fat. Just kill yourself already. #ArianaB.KillYourself

@Harrysexy69: @Ariana_Blake WHORE WHORE WHORE WHORE WHORE DO KILL YOURSELF #ArianaB.KillYourself

@Directioner4Life: Hey @Ariana_Blake don't listen to them whores. You're beautiful! xx

@JayJay : Why are people hating on @Ariana_Blake ? She gorgeous as fuck!!

@Noah1 : @Ariana_Blake you are beautiful! Don't listen to them. They're just jealous.

@Andrea03 : Hey beautiful, stay strong x LET THE HATERS HATE.
@AustinMahone : Logged into Twitter and saw something trending. That's just cold and heartless. @Ariana_Blake is a amazing singer. She not fat , she's fit and beautiful.

@luke_brooks : Yo Directioners! Ya fuckers need to stop. Why are you hating on Ariana_Blake? She has a amazing voice. So what if she's dating one of the boys of One Direction? It's her life. Whoever started that trend needs to get slapped on the face. Don't listen to them Ariana. DM me some time. Oh, and I think you're beautiful (;

@ddlovato : I never met @Ariana_Blake but I now she has an amazing voice. She's really talented and beautiful. I really hope I can work with her one day!

@ArianaGrande : @Ariana_Blake is not ugly. She beautiful. I hope we can meet one day!


@Austin_Winters : Seriously? Stop hating on my little sister @Ariana_Blake. She isn't a whore. She's a beautful and amazing person. I love you Ari boo haha (:

@Harry_Styles : Really directioners? Stop calling my best friend @Ariana_Blake a whore. She's not. Okay? Just stop it. Love you Ariana even though you pranked me last night. Don't worry. I'm going to get you when you least expected. x

@Real_Liam_Payne : I'm really disappointed on you directioners. @Ariana_Blake is not what you are saying. Stop. I don't like it when one of my friends are upset. Love you Ariana ! xx

@Louis_Tomlinson : @Ariana_Blake is beautiful and amazing. Love you Arianaaaaa! Oh and next time you're gonna prank, invite me!

@NiallOfficial : I'm speechless. Who would hate on @Ariana_Blake ? She's so sweet and very beautiful. So disappointed on you directioners. That's so low to trend that. Love you Ari xx

@zaynmalik : @Ariana_Blake is the most gorgeous girl! She's not fat. She's not ugly. She's perfect. I'm really really disappointed on you Directioners that told her to kill herself. Especially who trended it. She's not a whore. She's an really amazing singer. She's a wonderful girl and mother. I love you Ariana. Don't let those word get into you head. You are beautiful okay?

Oh. My. Gosh. They're so sweet. I laugh at what Luke and Jenna said. I keep reading over and over what Zayn said. I get up and head over to the living room. "Hey guys." They turn around. They quickly get up and pull me into a bone crushing hug. "Guys. Can't. Breath." They let go. "Are you okay?" Zayn says. I nod. I am now. Thanks for what all of you said on Twitter. I love you guys." They smile. " I wonder why are they're sending me hate. They're smile fades away. "We know why." They hand me a magazine. My eyes widen. There'a a picture of Zayn and I with Annabelle. The day I got out of the hospital. I begin reading it.

Ariana Blake sent to the hospital.

A few days ago, Ariana Blake was sent to the hopstial for an unknown reason. Few say that she fainted. But fainted for what? She was escorted to the hospital with best friends, Jenna Taylor and Austin Winters. Also with One Direction. We have some pictures of the singer getting put on the ambulance and the boys getting in their car with Ariana daughter, Annabelle Blake.

We caught the singer walking out of the hospital with Zayn Malik, from One Direction, carry a sleeping Annabelle. These two seemed pretty happy together. I think this isn't gonna be the last time seeing these two together.

" Oh god. . Stupid paparazzi. " I mumble.


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