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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twenty-Five

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
"Wait so you never seen the video for Best Song Ever?" Zayn asks me. "Nope." I say popping the 'P' "Why not?" He asks. "Zayn, a year ago, I didn't want to see you or hear you. Every time one of your songs came on I changed the station or I just turned the radio off." I say looking at him. What I'm telling him is true. "Come on you need to watch it." He grabs my hand and pulls me to our room. Yeah he lives us now. Jenna and Austin still lives with us. I have no idea what he did with his flat here. I know he still has his other flat back in London. "Okay sit down while I load the video." "Zayn we need to finish decorating. Lou, El and Annabelle are going to be here in about two hours. We need to finish. Everyone is going come soon too. Plus we need to get ready." I say kinda worried. Did I mention today is Christmas Eve and Lou and Annabelle's birthday? Well, yeah it is. We were decorating. "Babe, it's only going to take 6 minutes." He says smiling at me. "6 minutes ! What did you do in that video?" He laughs. "Nothing dirty, if that's what you're thinking." I roll my eyes. The video begins. "Is that Lou and Niall?" I ask pointing at the screen. Zayn nods. A girl pops out of the door. I soon recognized that girl, or should I say Zayn. I turn around and look at Zayn who is already is looking at me. "I'm not gonna lie but you look hot as a girl." He smiles. I turn around and continue watching the rest
of the video.

"That was really great." I say as the video finished. "Now come on let's finish decorating." We walk out to the living room. "Zayn hang the banner. I'm going to call Jen." Zayn nods and grabs the banner that says 'Happy Birthday Lou and Annabelle!' and begins to hang it. I pick up my phone and dial Jenna's number. She picks up at the third ring. "Hello?" She asks. "Jenna, when are you guys going to get here with the rest of the food? El, Louis, and Annabelle are to be here in two hours!" "I'm sorry but it's really full here. Hello, it's Christmas Eve. People are last minute shopping. Wait- what? Okay. Ari, we're going to pay now. Be there in twenty minutes." I sigh. "Okay. Bye Jen." "Bye." I hang up.

"Are they coming?" Zayn asks. I nod. "Yeah, they're just paying. They're be here in twenty minutes " I walk up to our huge Christmas tree. I smile. This is the first Christmas Annabelle is with Zayn. This is their first Christmas. Our first Christmas as a family. Well I guess you can say family. I mean Zayn and I are together. We have a beautiful daughter. So you can say we're a family. We're just dating. We're not married or engaged, but sometimes I do think about marrying Zayn. I think he's the one for me. He's the only guy I ever loved. He's been there for me since we first met. I still remember that day.

~ Flashback ~

"Mom, I already finished packing. I'm going outside. Tell Jenna I went out! " I say. "Okay honey. Be careful. Take your phone with you!" She yells. "Okay." I yell back. We just moved to England. Bradford, to be exact. My mom got a new job in here in England so we moved. I'm an only child and didn't want to move here alone so my mom asked my best friend Jenna mom if Jenna could come with us and she said yes.
I didn't feel like walking far so I just sit down in front of the house. I put on my earphone and listen to my music.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look up and see a cute boy who looks like about my age, smiling at me. I pull my earphones off and smile at him. "Hi." I say, still smiling at him. "Hello. I'm Zayn Malik." He says "I'm Ariana Blake." "You're not from here aren't you?" He asks. "How did you know?" I ask. "Your accent." He points out. "Oh." I say awkwardly.

He sits next to me. "Where are you from?" He asks me. "Nashville Tennessee. We moved here because my mom. She got a new job." He nods. "Want to play 20 question?" I nod. "Okay, any sibling?" He asks. I shake my head. "Nope. I'm a only child, but you can count my best friend Jenna as a sister. How about you?" "I have three sisters. The oldest is Doniya. The two youngest are Waliyha and Safaa." I nod. We continue to ask each other different questions.

"Want to go to the park?" He asks. I nod, smiling. He stands up. He sticks his hand out. I reach over and put my hands on top of his. He pulls me up. We both smile. Something in me tells me we're going to be great and close friends.

~ End Of Flashback ~

I smile at that memory. Who knew Zayn and I would have a daughter and be singers. I feel arms wrap around my waist. I turn around and smile at Zayn. "We need to get ready." I say looking up at him. "I know, but first.." He puts his lips on top of mines.

He pulls back smiling. "There. Let's go." He removes his arms my waist and grabs my hand, pulling me to our room. "Okay, I'm going to shower fi- " "Can I join?" Zayn cuts me off. I roll my eyes. "No you can't. Now as I was saying. I'm going first. You take a shower in the other bathroom. Now go." I push him out of the room. I decide to text Jenna before I shower.

To Jenna: Jen, Zayn and I are going to showering and getting ready by the time you guys get home so just finish the things in the kitchen and I'll help you when I'm done. x

She texts back quickly.

From Jenna: Together? (; Dayuumm get you some. Austin said use protection. Okay, we got everything. x


I put my phone down and head to the bathroom. I lock the door behind me. I don't want Zayn trying to be sneaky and come in here. He done that before.
I strip off my clothes and get into the shower.

I put the curler down as I finish my last curl. I hear a knock on the door. "Come in." I yell. The door opens and revealing a very good looking Zayn. I turn around and smile. Ariana's outfit "You look beautiful babe." He says kissing my forehead. "And you look handsome." He smiles. Suddenly he looks nervous. "Zayn, what's wrong." I say, getting worried. "Uh . . well . . "

"Zayn, spit it out!" I say getting even more worried

"My family are on their way..." WHAT?!


I'M ALIVE! I'm so so so so sorry I haven't updated in a loooong time. I had this major writers block. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Oh and I made a video about One Direction Imagines. Part 1 is Harry and Niall. Hope you enjoy it. The link ----->

Also, I met Jacob Whitesides again for the third time<3 It was awesome. I tried to hard not to fan girl and on last Monday he tweeted saying to tweet him a self and so I did and HE TWEETED ME. He tweeted '@Sinthia_21 don't say that you're beautiful' He literally said that. Like omg<3 K that's all.

Also can you guys check out my new video? It's How To Dye Your Bangs Blue-
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obZt-UUeJZsThank you! c: x Well that's all goodbye

Please comment? c: xx


i love this story


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