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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twenty-Four

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
I feel someone shaking me. "What?" I mumble. "Love, get up." I hear Zayn's voice. "What time is it?" I ask. "Uh 10:30." He says. "Zayn it's too early." I mumble. "No it's not." He say. I feel Zayn lips on my neck. "Come on, we're going on a picnic with Annabelle." I sigh. I open my eyes. "Come on, then." I say as I look up to me. He puts his hand on my cheek. He leans in and so do I. I feel his soft lips on mine. Our lips moves in sync. I can never get tired of this. I can't believe we spent five years not kissing each other. I lips away. "Come on, we're going on a picnic." I say. "Awh. Can I just have one more kiss?" He says leaning in again. "No." I say getting up. I hear Zayn groan. I walk into the bathroom that's connected to my bedroom. I strip my clothes off and get into the shower.

I turn the water off. I reach out to get a towel but don't feel anything. I peek out and see there's no towel. Shit. I swear I saw a towel when I got in here. "ZAYN!" I scream. "WHAT?" I hear him scream back. "PLEASE COME IN AND BRING ME A TOWEL." I scream to him. The door nob twisted and in comes a smiling Zayn. "Yes, love?" He says, still smiling. "Can you please get me a towel." H e shakes his head. "No." "Why not?" I ask confused. "You didn't give me kiss." I roll my eyes. "I'll give you a kiss after I get my towel." He shakes his head again. I groan. Suddenly, an idea pops into my head. "How about this. You get my towel for me and before we go, we can have a little fun." I say seductly. His eyes pops out. "Really?!" He says exitedly. I nod. "Promise?" He says. I nod again, crossing my fingers behind my back. He quickly runs out.
Less than one mintue, he arrives with my towel and hands it to me. I grab the towel and wrap it around my body. I step out of the shower and walk into my bedroom, with Zayn behind me. I turn around facing Zayn. Suddenly he crashes his lips to mine. I kiss back. We continue kissing until I remember I need to get changed. I pull away and push Zayn onto our bed. He looks very happy. His smiles fades away when he see me getting my clothes and running back into the bathroom. "Hey!" I hear him shout. "Sorry babe! Go get changed!" I shout back.
I finish my braid and head back into the room. Ariana's outfit I see that Zayn isn't in the room. He must be in the livingroom with Annabelle. I walk into the living room and see that I'm right. "Goodmorning mommy." Annabelle says getting and hugging me. I hug back. "Good morning sweetie." I say smiling.

"Daddy says we're going a go on a picnic." She says jumping up and down. I smile. She's always loves being with Zayn. "Okay, I've got everything let's go." Zayn says smiling.

"We're here." Zayn says smiling. I get off the car. I see we're at a park, next to a river. Park I open the back door and grab Annabelle. "Wow this is so pretty!" Annabelle says happily.

Annabelle and I start walking, while Zayn getting the picnic basket and blanket.


Zayn opens his mouth. I throw a grape to his and it lands on his mouth. "Yes!" I says. We've been here for about two hours. We finished eating and now we're just playing. "My turn. My turn!" Annabelle says excitedly. She grabs a grape and tries to throw it in Zayn's mouth. She misses and hits Zayn's eye. "Ow."

"IS THAT ZAYN MALIK?!?" We hear a voice scream. Suddenly a group if girls come to us. Annabelle gets scared and runs up to me. Zayn looks at me. "I'm sorry." He whispers. "It's fine." I whisper back.

Every time we go out and a fan comes, he always says he's sorry. I don't ever get mad. His fans loves him, like I do. "Hi Zayn!" A girl who looks about 17 years old says happily. Zayn stands up. "Hello." He says smiling back. "Can I have a picture with all three of you?" She says now looking at me. I nod. I get up, with Annabelle still in my hands.She gets in the middle of us. One of her friends gets her camera. "Okay on a count of three. One. Two. Three." She takes the picture.

After that, most girls want to take pictures with Zayn, so I stay out. "OMG Ariana Blake?" A girl with brown hair asks me. "Yes? I asks. She starts squealing. "Omg, my wish came true. I finally get to meet my idol." She says smiling. Her idol? "Can I have a picture with you and Annabelle please?" "Of course." She takes out her phone and we take a selfie. "This is so amazing! Can you please follow me on twitter?" I nod. She tells me her username. I found her and follow her. She smiles. "Thanks you!" I smile no problem.

She told me she wanted to take more pictures so I said yes since Zayn was still busy. We started doing weird faces. "She suddenly looks down on her phone. She frowns. "I have to go." She says sadly. I hug her. "It was great meeting you." I says smiling. "It's was great meeting you too! Bye Ariana!" She leaves.


Zayn was finish taking picture with fans until a girl with very revealing clothes comes up to Zayn and hugs him. "Zayn!" She yells. He looks shock. She pulls away. "Hey Zayn, do you want to go out tonight to the club with me?" She says like if Annabelle and I aren't even here. He pushes her off of him. "Uh no thanks." She turns around and looks at me. "Well if it isn't the slut and her little brat." She says fake smiling. Oh. Hell. No. She can call me whatever she wants but do not call my daughter a brat. "I'm the slut? I'm not the one showing her ass and boobs to someone's boyfriend. And do not call my daughter a brat." She fakes laughs. "Whatever slut. How about you leave Zayn and I alone, for I can show him a good time." I roll my eyes. "Look. By the looks of it Zayn doesn't want to be with a fake teenage barbie."

She raises her hand. I close my eyes waiting for a hand to connect with my face, by nothing happened. I open my eyes and see Zayn hold the girls wrist. "Do not call my girlfriend a slut and do not call my daughter a brat. How about you go away and leave us alone. You see that?" He says pointing to me. "She's perfect, beautiful, and gorgeous. She a great mother and a great singer. She was only 17 when she had our daughter. She was a single mother for five years because of a mistake I did. She was able to take care of her and do what she loves, which is singing. Now she's a great singer. Now leaves us alone and never come close to the two most important girls in my life."

The barbie scoffs and leaves. Zayn turns around and looks at me. I smile and hug him. "You're the best. Thank you," I whisper. "I know. I not gonna let someone talk about the two girls I love." I pull away and kiss him with full passion. He instantly kisses back. We both smile into the kiss.

We pull away. "I love you Zayn." I say smiling widely. "I love you too Ariana. Forever and always."


Cuteeeee. Sorry for the shitty chapter, but I hope to still enjoyed it!

Please comment (: xx

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