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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twenty-Three

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

It's been two months since Zayn and I got back together again. It's been really
great. Annabelle gets happy seeing us together. There's just one problem. The
Directioners. Now since all the boys are taken, they're pretty upset. Some are
angry about El being pregant since she's starting to show now. She looks so
adorable with her little baby bump. Another problem is that fans and reports
keep asking Zayn and I about Annabelle. None of the fans know about
Annabelle being Zayns daughter but I think some knows. I mean Annabelle
looks like Zayn except her eyes. She got that from my side of the family. Now
we're at a interview on The Daisy Show. To be honest, I'm a bit scared. Zayn
and I decided if Daisy asks us about Annabelle, we're going to say the truth.
Perrie, Jenna, and Austin with us for they can watch Annabelle backstage while
the boys and the rest of the girls and I are on stage. I take a deep breath. "Are
you okay babe?" I hear Zayn's voice. I turn around and face him. "Yeah, just a
bit nervous. That's all." He smiles. "Are you telling me, the big tough Ariana
Blake is nervous?" I laugh. "Where did you get 'big tough' from? I'm not
tough." He smiles again. "I know. I just wanted you to be distracted." I smile
and give him a kiss. "Well it kinda worked."

"Give it up to One Direction and their beautiful girlfriends." Daisy, the host,
says. One by one the couples walks up to the stage, Zayn and I being the last.
"Well hello." Daisy says. "Hello." We all say in unison. "I LOVE YOU ARIANA!" I
look over to a girl who holding a post saying 'I love you Ariana.' I see several
more. I smile. I didn't think some of my fans would be here. "I LOVE YOU TOO!"
I yell back while doing a heart with my hand. She smiles and starts to fan
girling. "Well I see we have some Arianators here." the host says. I smile.
"Well let's get started. I see all the boys are now taken." The boys nod. "Sorry
directioners, boys are off market." She says. "Let's start with the two longest
couples. Liam and Danielle. Louis and Eleanor. How are you? How your
relationship?" Daisy asks. Liam speaks up, "We're really great and really
happy." Liam kisses Dani on the cheek. "Awwhh she's blushing." Daisy points
out. "He never fails to make me blush." The host smiles. "Louis, Eleanor?"
"We're great too." Louis says. "I see you're expecting a little bundle of joy in a
few months." She says point to El's baby bump. "Yes we are. In 6 months
actually." The host smile. "Well congratulations." "Thank you." El says to Daisy.
"So let's talk to the new couples. Harry and Star. Niall and Sammie. Where did
you meet?" "I met her though Perrie and Ariana. Everyday Star would sing
covers of songs and I would secretly would go and see her. One say I was with
Ari and she wanted to compliement Star for her voice and I was so nervous. I
texted Ariana that Star was the girl I liked so she invited both Star and Perrie to
have lunch with us. That's how it all began." Harry kisses Stars hand. "Awwh
stalkerish, but cute." The host says. The audience starts laughing while Star
blushes. "Niall, Sammie?" "Well Sammie and I were friends first. We talked
every single day. No one knew it. I started to like her, so I made this cute little
date and asked her out. We keeped us a secret because I didn't want her to get
hate but she told me she could handle it." She kisses his cheek. "And I can."
"Awwwh, you two are cute." "Now the last couple. Zayn and Ariana." I look
at Zayn nervously. He squeezes my hand reasuring everythings alright. "How
did you meet?" Zayn looks at me. I nod. "Well we know each other since we
were little kids. She moved next to my house when we were 10 years old. She
was new to the school and country. We became friends instantly. When we
were 13, I started to like her, but I didn't knew if she liked me or not. So when
were were 15 I asked her out and she said yes. We dated for two years until uh
something happened and she left. We were 17 when I last saw her. 5 years
later, I was at her concert but I didn't knew it was her. Two months ago I asked
her to be mine again and she said yes."

Everyone silent. "Wow. That's an interesting story. I've been seeing and
hearing this rumor. Is Annabelle your daughter?" Zayn looks at me again. I nod.
"She is." "Really?" We both nod. The audience gasp. "Where is the little
cutie?" She asks. "She's backstage with Perrie, Jenna, and Austin." I say. "Can
we bring her out here?" We both nod. Few seconds later my precious little
daughter comes out running. She hug me and kisses my cheek. She then kisses
Zayn cheeks and sits on his lap. The audience 'Awwwhs' Zayn whipsers to
Annabelle's ear. She gets off of Zayn lap and walks up to the host. She hugs
her and kisses her cheek. "Hi Ms. Daisy." Annabelle says smiling. Daisy smiles.
"Well hello Miss Annabelle. How are you?" "I'm good." "That's good, why
don't you go sit with your mommy and daddy?" Annabelle nods and sits back
down on Zayn lap. "She beautiful." Daisy says. "Thank you." Zayn and I say in
unison. "Her eyes are amazing! How's is that she got that colour?" Daisy asks.
"Well she got that from my side of the family. My great grandmother and
mother have the same colour as Annabelle. It skips a generation. So
Annabelle's grand children will have her eyes." "That's amazing." Daisy says. I

For the rest of the interview Daisy asked question to the boys about their
music and me about mine. "So Ariana, heard you wrote a song." Daisy says. I
nod. "Yes I did. I wrote it on the day I got into the car accident." "Would you
mine telling us the name and what inspired you to write it?" Harry looks at me.
Harry knows the story behind the song. 'Tell them' He mouths me. I nod and
take a deep breathe. "It's called Hold On Pain Ends. My cousin Scarlet inspired
me to write it. She passed away a few years ago. There's a lot of people who
are suffering like she did and I want girls, boys to know that there's hope and
the pain will end." Everyone says silent. A girl in the audience stands up and
starts clapping. Slowly everyone gets up and does the same thing. I smile.
"Well I see everyone will love this song. That's all we have time for. Give it up
for One Direction and their amazing girlfriends." We say goodbye and head to
our dressing rooms.

Someone knocks on my door. "Yes?" A backstage worker comes in. "Miss
Blake there's two young girls wanting to talk to you. They didn't say their
names. They just said that they haven't seen you since that day." I nod. "Let
them come in." The worker leaves. Soon the door opens and I see two twin
sisters I haven't seen we lost a special girl. "Sam? Sarah?" They nod. I hug
them. They hug back. "How have you been?" I ask them. "Better." Sam says.
"And you?" Sarah says. "Same." We pull away. "We heard about the song."
Sam says. "Scarlet would be proud of you." Sarah says. "I hope."

We continue talking until they get up saying they have to leave. "It was great
seeing you again Ari." They hand me a notebook. "What is it?" I ask. "It was
Scars. She was writing a song. We want you to have it." I grab the notebook.
"Thank you." I whisper. We hug one last time.
We pull back. They walk out of the room.
I sigh. "What's wrong love?" I look up at Zayn. "Nothing just tired. Zayn do you
know what's next month?" I ask. He looks confused. "Christmas?" "That and
Annabelle's birthday. Plus Lou's too." "So you're worried?" "Kinda. Annabelle
usually tells me what she wants, but she haven't said anything."

Zayn kisses my forehead. "No need to be worried love." I smile. "I know it's
just. . ." "What?" I look down at my hands. "Sam and Sarah came today and
gave me this." I hand him Scars notebook. He starts t read the lyrics. "She
wrote it?" I nod. "I want to be in my album. Should I?" He nods.

"Goodnight babe." I kiss Zayn on the lips. "Goodnight love." I lay my head on
his chest. He wrap his arms around my waist. I close my eyes and fall asleep.


Sorry I haven't updated! Hope you enjoyed this chapter! I think it's the longest I wrote.

Please comment (: xx


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