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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twenty-Six

~ Ariana's P. O. V. ~

"My family are on their way..." WHAT?! I love his family, but I haven't seen or spoke to them in five years. What are they're going to say about me? I mean his son got his girlfriend pregnant when he was seventeen. Wait, I don't even got them presents. "WHAT?! ZAYN WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!" I yell at him. "I wanted it to be a surprise." "Zayn you should of told me. I don't have presents for them! Plus I haven't seen them in five years Zayn. What are they going to say about Annabelle?" I say, getting even more nervous. "Ari, I told them that you don't know that they were coming. And they're exited to see you and Annabelle." He says smiling. "They know about Annabelle?" I ask. He looks at me like I said something stupid. Which now I realized I did. Of course they would know. Their son is in a world famous boy-band. His faces is mostly every where "Don't give me that look." I say to him. "Is everyone here?" I ask him. He nods. "Come on let's go down stair." I say as I grab his hand. "Don't worry babe, my family still loves you. The girls miss you." I smile at the thought.

I let go of Zayn's hand and walk into the kitchen where all the girl, except El, are at. "Hey Ari. El just called and said they're on there way here They're be here in thirty minutes." Dani says. I nod. "Okay. Both cakes are here right?" They nod.

The door bell rings. I freeze, knowing who it might be. I hear a woman's voice yell. "Zayn!" All the girls look at me. Probably wondering who it is. "Its Zayn's family." Their eyes widen.

"Really?" Jenna asks. "Yes. Zayn told me before we came downstairs. We should go out their. You go first." I say pointing to Jenna. To be honest, I'm freaked out. It feels like I'm meeting them for the first time. I hear, Tricia voice call Jenna's name. "Jenna Taylor, is that you?" I hear Tricia ask. Jenna laughs. "Yes. It is." Jenna says. "Come on Ariana. Don't be nervous come on." Star say pulling me. I nod and take a deep breathe. I walk and see the Zayn sisters, Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa, hugging Zayn.

Tricia turns around and smiles at me. "Ariana?" She asks. The girls pulls away from Zayn and turn to my direction. "The one and only." I say smiling at her. "Well don't just stand there. Come give me a hug." I smile. I walk up to her and hug her. "It's great seeing you again Ariana."
"It's great seeing you too, Tricia." I pull away. Yaser walk up to us. "Ariana, it's so nice seeing." He pulls me into a hug. "Yeah, same Yaser. How you been?" I say as we pull away from the hug. "Good. Very good. How's my grand-daughter?" He asks. "She's good. She should be here in a few minutes."

"Ari!" Waliyha and Safaa say in unison. I walk up to them. "Hey girls, how you been?" I ask. They smile. "Good. I'm so happy to see you again." Safaa says and hugs me. I smile and hug back. "I'm glad to see you too. Look at you! Your got really taller." I say as we pull away. She giggles. "I know."

Waliyha gives me a quick hug and says the same thing Safaa said. I walk up to Doniya and Zayn. "Ariana!" Doniya yells. I smile "Doniya." I mimic her. We both laugh and hug each other. "I'm so so so so happy to see you again." She says. "Glad you are. I'm happy to see you too." I say as we pull away. "I know what this idiot did, which caused you to leave." She says pointing at Zayn. "But I'm glad you're back together and have a daughter! Speaking of her, when is going to be here? I want to meet her already." I open my mouth, about to speak but got interrupted by Danielle. "Everyone they're here! Turn the lights off and hide!" Dani yells.

Austin turns the light off and everyone runs off and hide somewhere. I hear the door open. "Come on Annabelle. Lou hurry up!" El screams at Louis. "I'm here. Geezz. Why is it dark in here?" Lou asks. The lights turn on and we all scream, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS AND ANNABELLE!!!" They look shock, but then smile. "Thank you! You are the best." Lou says smiling at us. Annabelle is looking around smiling. I walk up to her. "Happy birthday baby. I love you so much." She smiles. "Thank you mommy. I love you too." She hugs me. I hug her back. "My little baby is growing up." I say, my eyes getting watery. I know she just turn five, but to me she's growing up. "Mommy I'm not growing up. I'm just five." She says. "I know, but to me you are." She giggle. I smile and hug her tighter.

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~

"She's so beautiful. She loves her mum a lot doesn't she?" My mum says as she stares at Ariana and Annabelle hugging. I nod. "Wow, little brother. You're daughter is gorgeous." Doniya says as she walks to me. "I know. She beautiful like her mum." I say, smiling. I see Annabelle putting her hands on Ariana face, just like what I do to her when I'm about to kiss her. Ariana laughs at what Annabelle said to her. Ariana stands up and grabs Annabelle's hand, walking her over here with my family. "Annabelle, this is your grandmother Tricia and your grandfather Yaser. This is your Aunt Doniya, Aunt Waliyha, and Aunt Safaa." Ariana says to Annabelle. She let's go of Ariana's hand and hugs them. I smile, knowing she already loves them. "Hi grandma and grandpa." She kisses their cheek. "Hi Aunt Doniya. Hi Aunt Waliyha. Hi Aunt Safaa." She hugs the girls and kisses their cheeks. "Awwhh. She so precious." Doniya says in awh. "Thank you." Annabelle says, staring at Doniya. Doniya stares back at Annabelle in shock. Annabelle simply smiles at her. I see Ariana smiling widely. My little girl is pretty smart. Just like me.

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

After singing Happy Birthday to Louis and Annabelle, we decided to eat dinner. Then, if we're hungry, eat some cake. Right now, we're finishing eating dinner. "Ariana, I noticed that Annabelle has your mother eyes. How are they?" Tricia asks me. "Yeah, she does. I still wish I had her eyes. My mom's okay. I haven't seen her in months actually. And . . . my dad. He passed away a week after my 18th birthday." I look down at my food. I try to keep the tears from not falling. "Oh love, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asks." Tricia says. I shake my head, looking up at everyone. "No, it's fine. You were just wondering."

Zayn stands up. "Excuse me, but I need to have a word with Ariana." I stand up and walk over to the living room where Zayn is. "How come you never told me about your dad?" He asks.I shrug my shoulders. "You never asked me about him and I try not to mention him." I say looking down at my hands. He pulls me into a hug. I wrap my arms his waist. I feel my tears running down my face.

We stay there silently. I pull away and see I left a stain on his shirt. "Oops. I'm sorry." I say looking at the stain. He chuckles. "It's fine, love." I smile. I kiss his cheek. "I love you, Zayn." He kisses my forehead. "I love you too Ariana."

"Mommy, I'm so full." Annabelle says to me. "Of course you are. You ate dinner, then a big piece of cake." I say to her. She yawns. "Come on. Let's get you to bed. "Go say good night to everyone." She walks up to everyone, hugs them and kisses their cheek, before coming over to me.

After changing her to pajamas, I tuck her to bed. "Santa Claus is coming tonight, right?" Annabelle asks. I nod. "He is, but you need to sleep first." She nods. "Goodnight Annabelle. I love you. Sweet dream." I kiss her forehead. "Goodnight mommy. I love you too." She closes her eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep.I head back to everyone and see that they're getting ready to leave.

"Goodbye Ariana. See you tomorrow." Yaser says. I look at them confused. "You're not staying here?" I ask him. He shakes his head. "No we don't want to bother. Plus if we didn't brought close for the night.""But we will be here tomorrow." Tricia adds. I smile at them. "You better." I say hugging her. "Trust me, we will."

"Bye everyone." Zayn and I say in unison. Everyone just left, except Jenna and Austin because you know. They live here too.

I yawn. "Come on love. Let's get some sleep." He grabs my hand. I nod. We head to our room.

We quickly change into our pajamas and lay in bed.
"Goodnight Zayn."

"Goodnight Ari." I smile as he gives me a peck on the lips. I close my eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter! What was your favorite part in this chapter? Oh I have some news. I said I was going to do a story about Star and Harry, but I'm not going to do it. I'm so so so so so so so so so so sooooooooooo sorry to the people who was looking forward to it. I am going to do another story though. It's a Harry Styles love story. The trailer is out. Check it out! c:

Diana -A Harry Styles Love Story-.

That's all goodbye.
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