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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twenty

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~

I still can't remember anything. The boys thought showing me around the house would help me, bring back some memories, but it didn't. I walk around my room and look around. A picture of a beautiful with bright red hair catches my eyes. I pick it up. "Do you know who that is?" I hear Harry's voice. I shake my head. "No." I whisper. "That's your cousin Scarlet. She passed away two years ago." Scarlet. . . "You don't remember her don't you." "No." "You don't remember Annabelle of course you don't remember her." I hear a knock on the door. The door opens, revealing two beautiful girls. I suddenly get insecure.

"Um hi, I'm not trying to sound rude, but who are you?" They look at each other then at me. "I'm Perrie and this is Star, we're your friends." I look at Harry. He nods. "So it's true huh?" Star says as she sits next to me. "Well if you mean about me loosing my memory then yes." Star looks down at the picture of Scarlet that is still in my hands. "Who is she? She's beautiful." "My cousin Scarlet. She passed away two years ago. Harry how did she die?" His smile fades away. A tear rolls down his cheek. "She committed suicide." He leaves the room. Suicide? Where was I? What happened? All these questions started to flow inside my head.

"If you don't mind, can you guys leave me alone." They nod and leave the room. I randomly look under my bed and find a box. I pull it out and find a journal, along with some pictures inside. I grab the journal and turn to a random page.

March 10th: Today I received a phone call telling me that Scar committed suicide. I broke down crying. I'm still crying. I should of let her stay with me. I don't think she would of came with me. Her two best friends lives in Nashville and I live in LA. Plus Jacob is buried there. I still can't believe it. She was so young. . . but she was so broken. We skype a few weeks ago. She looked happy-ish. She looked like she was doing better. If she was able to hide her pain, then she was a great actress. I wish hadn't done that. R. I. P. Scarlet, my angel.

March 17th: Today was Scarlet funeral. Once I saw her I broke down. Annabelle saw her and tried to wake her up, like if she was sleeping.(She was almost three years.) Scarlet was covered in cuts. I saw my uncle and aunt, her parents, sitting down emotionless. You know what I did? I slapped them across the face. They're, plus Julie, are the reason. If they were great parents to her, she'll still be here. When they finished burying her to the ground, Sam and Sarah, her best friends, tried to un-bury her. It was heart breaking. It took a lot of people to pull them away. If I lost Jenna or Annabelle, I'll do the same thing. It was just so sad and heart breaking day, but at least her and Jacob are together now.
Okay, I know this may sound weird but I think Scarlet was there. On her tomb here was a very beautiful bird, and next to her tomb was Jacob's tomb and there was a very beautiful white bird.

I put the journal down. I lay down. Scarlet. Scarlet. Scarlet. Something in my mind click. Scarlet Rose Blake. . . "JENNA!" I scream. She comes in the room, almost breaking the door. "What? What happened?" "Scarlet. Was her full name Scarlet Rose Blake?" "Yeah- wait. D-Did you remember her name?" I nod. Hold up I remembered! "Ari, you remembered! Oh my gosh. Boys, Ari remembered something!" Everyone comes in the room. "What?" Harry asks. "Scarlet Rose Blake. I remembered my cousins name!" "That's great!" Liam says. I smile.

I can't unlock my phone. It's a four digit number. "This is useless." I mumble. Jenna comes into the living room. "What's wrong Ari?" "I can't unlock my phone." I say to her. She grabs it. She starts to typing in something. "ZAYN, COME HERE!" She screams really loud. Zayn walks into the room. "Yes?" He says. "When's your birthday." "January 12th. Why?" Jenna types something in. "There you go. Your pass code is 0112." She says smirking at me. I feel my cheeks get red. "Awwh is Ari blushing because her pass code is Zayn's birthday?" "I-I." I don't know what to say. "It's true. Awwh. How cute. Well I'm going to leave to two love birds alone." She walk out of the living room. I look at Zayn. "Where's Annabelle?" I ask. "Perrie and Star took her to the mall." I nod. "Want to go to Starbucks?" He asks me. "Yeah. Let me get my purse."

"No I'm paying."

"No Zayn."

"Yes Ariana."

"No Zayn."

"Yes Ariana."

"No Zayn Jawaad Malik. I'm paying okay?" His eyes widen. "You just said my full name." He says slowly. Wait. So that means I'm starting to remember. I smile. "I remember your full name Zayn." Without thinking, I hug him which cause us to fall off the couch. I land on top of him. I blush. "I-I'm sorry." He chuckles. "It's fine love." I hear a 'click' sound. I turn and see Lou and El standing by the door smiling. El takes the phone off of Louis' hand and runs off saying, 'This is going on Instagram!" "So are you having fun?" Lou asks. I quickly get off of Zayn. "Uh I'm going to get my purse to go to Starbucks." I run off to my room. Well . . . that was awkward.


Sorry I haven't update. I've been really busy with school. Plus I don't have internet at home so I'm in the library right now. Also I made a video and just posted it in YouTube talking about Self Harm. Can some of you guys watch it? Well that's all bye c:

Trailer of the story: Is She My Daughter? Trailer
My Self Harm video Self Harm


i love this story


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I'm glad you're happy c:

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