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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Nineteen

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~

It's been one month. One month since I've seen her speak or move at all. I've
been here the whole time since Ariana has been here. I haven't moved my
spot. Well I only move when I need to use the restroom or shower. I turn the
tv on. Great they're talking about Ariana again. 'Ariana Blake is still in a
coma. Sources say Zayn Malik from One Direction, has been with the singer
since the accident. We also Harry Styles in Nashville, TN. at a cemetery.
Whoever that person was must had been special.'
I turn the tv off. I look at
Ariana. "Ari, please wake up. Annabelle needs. Jenna needs you. . . I need

Suddenly her heart monitor stops. "NO! NO! NO! DOCTOR! DOCTOR!" I
scream. The doctor runs in, along with some nurses. "Mr. Malik, please wait
outside." one of the nurses say to me. Before I have a chance to speak, the
nurses pushes me out. I slid down the wall. No. Please god. . Don't take her


~ 1 Hour Later ~

The door opens. "Mr. Malik?" I stand up. "She's fine. She woke up but . . ."
"But what?" I ask. "She loss memory. You may go in now." She walks
away. I take a deep breath and walk in. I open the door. I see Ariana sitting
down, playing with her hair. "Ari?" She turns my way and looks confused.
"Um, who are you?"

"You don't remember me?" As I as I sit my previous spot. "No." The door
opens. Everyone, except Harry and Annabelle, comes in. "ARI?!" Jenna
screams. Everyone gasp. Before I can speak they rush over to her an hug her.
"Who are you people.?" Ariana asks. Everyone one looks at her shocked,
then at me.

"She lost some, well a lot of memory." Harry and Annabelle comes in.
"Mommy! You're finally awake!" Annabelle yells once she see Ariana.
Annabelle lets go of Harry's hand and hugs Ari. Ariana freezes. She doesn't
remember Annabelle . . . I thought she'd remember her. "Um uh hi little girl."
Bell pulls away. "Daddy why did mommy call me little girl?" "Mommy?!"
Ariana yells confused. I sigh. I start to tell her everything.


"Okay, so this little girl is my daughter?" Ari asks. "Our daughter." I
correct her. Her face turns slightly pink. "Um right. Our daughter. You guys
are a famous boy band." We nod. "Eleanor, you're one of my friends and
you're dating Louis. Danielle, you're friend and you're dating Liam." They
nod. "Jenna, you're my best friend and you're dating my guy best friend

"Yup." They both say. "And I'm a singer." We all nod. "Wow. I have a . . .
interesting life." I smile. She looks down at Annabelle, who is sleeping next
to her on her bed. "How can I not remember my own daughter?" She says to

"It's not your fault. You hit your head pretty hard." El says. Ari sighs.


"Okay Ms. Blake you're free to go."

"What about her memory?" Liam says to the doctor. "Take her to places she
loves. Show her pictures. Do something she loves Anything you think that
will help her remember." We all nod.

"Okay I'm going to check you out. Come on lads." I say. I kiss her forehead.
She nods. "I'll wait for you outside." "Okay." She says smiling. "Lets go
you love bird." Louis says, pushing me out of the room.

~ Ariana P. O. V.~

"You like him don't you." Danielle says. I look at her. "What? No. I just met
him." Eleanor shakes her head. "No. You know him since you guys were
teenagers. Even though you lost some of your memory and forgot him , I
know deep down you still love him." I shake my head. "So am I going to go
out like this or what?" I say, trying to change the subject. Jenna hands me a
bag with I guess my clothes. "Thanks." I walk into the bathroom. I quickly
change into the clothes that were in the bag. Ariana's Outfit. "Ready?" Jenna says as I walk
back into the room. "Yeah." The girls get the bags while I carry Annabelle
into my arms. She is really light for a four, well almost five year old.
"Let me help you." Zayn says, reaching out to get Annabelle. I set back. "No
that's fine."

"Okay. Paps and fans are outside. Don't listen to the paps. Just ignore
them. Be careful with the fans. Some are . . . really dedicated." I slowly nod,
knowing what he meant. As soon as we step outside, we get bomb with

"Ariana are you okay?"

"Ariana are you pregnant?"

"Zayn, Ari is it true that you are dating?"

"Ariana, is Zayn the father of Annabelle."

"Ariana are you going on tour next year?"

We finally reach the van. "Whoa . . ." I say. I look down at my daughter. I'm
surprised she didn't woke up. "How could she not woken up." I say. "She's
just like her dad." Zayn says happily. I feel my cheeks get warm. I still can't
believe he's her father. He's so fit and -"Awwh Ari is blushing." Jenna says
laughing. "No it's just hot in here."

"Yeah right."


I'm so sorry I haven't updated in two weeks. I've been busy with school. So I made a trailor for this story! Here's the link: Is She My Daughter? Story Trailer <<<< Link Check it out c: Also I'm writing another story. Here's the trailer: Best Friends To Lovers Trailer

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