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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Eighteen

~ Zayn P. O. V. ~
Beep Beep Beep.
Who is calling me at this time? "Hello?" I ask. "Is this Zayn Malik?" "Yes. Who this? Whay are you calling me this late?" "Are you related to Ariana Blake?" "Uh yes." "I'm sorry to inform you, but Ariana is in the hospital. A drunk driver ran into her car. She flew out of the windshield. She just arrived at the hospital. We don't know if she's going to make it." What? "I-I on my way." I hang up. I quickly change and head to El's flat.

I get out and begin to knock loud. "Zayn? What are you doing here?" A very sleepy Eleanor answers. "Wake everyone. Now." I say as I walk in. She runs off. I sit down. I put my hands on my face. "Zayn? What's wrong? Are you crying?" I hear Liam say. I look up. "A-Ariana is the hospital. They say she might not. . . make it." Everyone gasp. "Daddy?" I hear Annabelle's voice. She walks up to me. "What's wrong?" I shake my head and hug her. I can't lose her. "Lets's go. Lou call Harry and Niall." Liam says.

I get up. I carry Annabelle and head to he car. Soon everyone get in and we leave to the hospital.Soon as we get there, I see a familiar red headed girl crying. "Jenna." My voice cracks. She pulls away from a crying Austin. "She's in the emergency room."
"Daddy why are we here?" I look at Annabelle. "Mommy got into a accident. She m-might not wake up." She looks sad. "Like Aunti Scar? She never woke up. Now she's with the angels. . " I look at her confused. Scar? As in Scarlet? "W-What?"

I turn around and see Harry with Niall next to him. I look at Jenna for an explanation. She sighs. "Come on. Time to tell you." "Do you remember Scarlet, Ariana's younger cousin?" We all nod. She takes a deep breath. "She . . . committed suicide two years ago. She didn't want to love anymore." What?

I look at Harry. He has tears rolling down his cheeks. I remember he had a crush on her. When we last saw her was when she visited Ari and us in London. They were best friends when she was there. Harry turns around and leaves. "Lets leave him alone." Lous says. We all nod. We stay silent and wait news about Ariana.


"Are you here for Ariana Blake?" A nurse asks us. "Yes." I say, quickly standing up. "She made it. She's not gonna wake up for a while. She's got a major concussion. You may now see her. She's in a room 515." We all thank her and rush to Ari's room.
We quietly walk into her room. I see her laying in her bed motionless and really pale. I grab a chair and sit next to her.

"Mommy?" Annabelle says. "Daddy, is mommy ok?" I nod. "She's better." I set Bell on my lap. She yawns. "Go to sleep." I whisper to her. She nods. Less than an minute, she's asleep. "Is she asleep?" I hear Jenna say. "Yeah." I sigh. I lay back, slowly falling into a deep sleep.

~ Harry P. O. V. ~

"She . . . committed suicide two years ago. She did not want to live anymore." No. No. No. No. No. NO! I feel my tears roll down my face. I turn around and leave. I should of kept contact with her. No! No! This has to be a lie or something. I angrily punch the wall. "Ahh!" Shit, well that was dumb. I look at knuckles. They're bleeding. I walk down to the fountain next to the hospital and sit down. Scarlet. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry.

'Harry' I hear a beautiful voice call out my name. I look around me. No one is here but me. 'Harry' I hear the again. I suddenly see . . . Scarlet. I rub my eyes. She's looking down at me. She;s wearing a white that looks gorgeous. Her red hair long and wavy. She sits next to be. She has beautiful white wings. Scarlet outfit

'Harry, please don't be sorry. It wasn't your fault. I chose to take my life away. Please take care. Don't do anything stupid. I see you finally found someone. I have to go now. Take care of Ariana and Annabelle. I'll be watching over you guys.'

She kisses my cheek. "S-Scarlet, wait. What if I want to see you again." I ask. She sighs.

'Whenever you go home, there's gonna be a necklace under your pillow. When you want to see me, wear it when you're gonna sleep and I'll appear in your dreams. Now I really have to go. Goodbye Harry.' She vanishes. Okay. . Am I going crazy? "Harry?" I hear Lou call voice. I turn around and see Louis and El coming my way. El gaps. "What happened to your hand?" I look down. "Uh I punched the wall." Lou sighs. "Come on. Let's get that checked and cleaned." I get up and walk back inside to the hospital.

I keep thinking of Scarlet. Seriously am I going crazy or is this a type of dream? I guess I'll check my pillow whenever I go home. .


What did ya think? Sorry I haven't update. Busy with school. So who heard that ZAYN AND PERRIE ARE GETTING MARRIED?!? I'm so happy for them! Also I miss Liam so badly! He hasn't tweeted. His last tweet was "#done." I don't hate on his new girlfriend Sophia. Yes, I still ship Payzer but if Liam is happy then so am I. I still love Danielle no matter what. Well that all! Bye c:

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