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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Seventeen

~ Ariana P. O. V ~

" Austin I don't want to get up." I say Austin who is trying to get me out of bed. "Come on Ari." "No."

" Yes. "
" No."
" Yes."
" No."
" Yes."
" No."
" Yes."
" Yes?"
" No- I mean Yes!" He says. I laugh. " You said no. Goodnight." He groans. Please Ari." "Okay." "Lazy ass." He mumbles. " I'M TELLING JENNA ON YOU! " I quickly grab my phone and run to the bathroom. I begin to dial Jen's number. "Jenna your boyfriend called me a lazy ass." I say loudly for Austin can hear." "Well you are." "You're mean. Bye."

I quickly change. Ariana's Outfit I walk out. I see Austin laying down on my bed texting someone. Probably Jenna. "I need your help." I look at him confused. "Why?" "I want to make this the perfect date." We walk into the back yard. I see a little picnic set up. I look at Austin. "Thought we should have a picnic." I smile at him. We sit down. I see nutella. I quickly grab it. I get a get and dig in. I swear if nutella was a person . . . . I'll marry it. "Damn Ari. Slow down." I shake my head. "No this is too delicious." He rolls his eyes. "Come on eat this. He hands me a sandwich. "Do I have to eat it?" He nods. I take a bite. Okay this is good. I thought it'll be terrible. I never tried his food. He's to lazy to cook. And he calls me a lazy ass. "I also brought some fruit." Suddenly and idea popped in my head. I get and run inside. I get a bottle of chocolate and put some on a bowl. "What's that for?" I grab a strawberry and dip it into the chocolate. "Ohh." "Yeah. Aren't I smart?" "No." "Fudge you."

"Hey Austin." "Yeah?" "I was thinking of Scarlet. Her birthday is in a few months. I want to write her a song. Well a song for people who are in the same situation she was."

"You should do it." "Really?" "Yeah you can change and save lives."

I look down on my tattoo on my wrist. I got a butterfly with Scarlets name. I miss her. So much. I knew the bullying stopped. Well that's what she said. I guess she couldn't take it anymore. The day of her funeral I slapped Julie, one of her older sisters, across the face. Also to my aunt and uncle, her parents. They deserved it. Her little sister, Yarina, is now scarred. She was the one who found her body in her room. Her best friends lost it. They started yelling and crying. One of them slapped Julie too. When they buried her, Sam and Sarah, her best friends, tried to un-bury her. It took 10 people to pull them away. 5 each. It was painful to watch. They lost their best friend. Their sister. A few months later they moved away. They couldn't stand being there anymore.

I remember she used to have a crush on Harry. It was cute, but I know her love for Jacob was strong. I knew they were meant to be. Now they're in heaven together. They're beautiful angels. "Hey don't cry." He comes over and hugs me. Tears continuity rolls down my face. Wait . . . I never told Harry. He loved her. They were best friends. I'll tell him later. "Come on. Lets go inside. Time for you to write a song." We walk inside. "I'll leave you." He kisses my forehead and leaves. I grab my notebook and begin writing.

Finally I'm finished the song. I've been working on it for 10 hours. I smile to myself. I lay down. Suddenly my stomach starts making noises. "I'm hungry." I say to myself. I lazily get up. I grab my wallet, phone, and keys. I wonder where Jenna and Austin are staying at. I get in my car. I turn the radio on. 'Here's To Never Growing Up' comes on. I start the engine and drive to Mc Donalds. Damn stupid red lights taking to long. I am hungry! Ugh! I suddenly hear a truck beeping. The last thing I remember is hearing a crash before blacking out.


Oooooo..... I cried writing this. Oh and please don't comment here advertising stories. Comment to tell me how's the story, that's all.

Anyways please comment (: xx


i love this story


YAY! thank you so much! :D

Happyyyyyyyy :)

Gotta love 1D Gotta love 1D

@Aamna Malik13

I'm glad you're happy c:

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HAPPY! <333

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