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Is She My Daughter? (A Zayn Malik Love Story.)

Chapter Twenty-One

~ Ariana P. O. V. ~
"Girls are you ready?" Liam yells. "No!" All the girls except Eleanor yells back. In case you're wondering, we're going out to eat in this fancy restaurant El says she has some news for us, then Harry said he has some news, then Niall has some news too. Yeah a lot of news. I put the curl iron down. I grab my dress and head to the bathroom and chance. I close the door and look at my hair. Yup, I did a awesome job. I quickly strip off my clothes and put my dress on. I put on my heels and then add a few accessories. I look at the mirror again checking myself. I hope this isn't too much. Ariana's Outfit I walk back into the room. "Hey girls do you think this is too much?" I ask. They turn around. Their eyes widen and mouth opens. "It's too much right? Okay I'm going to chan- " "No!" Perrie cuts me off. "You look gorgeous Ariana!" "I bet Zayn's going to drool." Dani says. "I don't think he's going to drool." I say to her. "Ari I bet you 50 bucks he's going to drool." "Okay deal. If he doesn't you owe me 50." "Deal." Girls Outfits

I know I'm going to win this. "Okay is everyone ready?" Dani says. "Yes." we say in unison. "Ari, you go last. I want to see Zayn's reaction." Star says. "Okay." All the girls leave. I hear the boys complimenting the girls. I suddenly feel weird, kinda nervous. "Oh Ari. Come out." I take a deep breath and walk out. I walk up to the top of the stair case. I look up and see Zayn looking at me, with his mouth wide open. I begin walking down the stairs. I reach down the step and Zayn's still has his mouth open. "Uhh. Hi." I say awkwardly. He doesn't say nothing back. I look at the boys. They smile at me. "You look beautiful." They mouth to me. I smile. "Thanks." I mouth back

"ZAYN!" Star yells in Zayn's ear. He jumps back. "Uh what?" "Zayn is that drool?" Niall says pointing on the side of his mouth. His eyes widens. "Uh n-no." He quickly wipes the side of his mouth. He looks at me. "You look gorgeous." I blush. "Thank you. You don't look bad yourself." He chuckles. "Mommy! you look so pretty." Annabelle says walking up to me. I smile. "Thank you sweetie, but you look prettier. No you don't look pretty. You look beautiful." She smiles. "Thanks mommy." She walks in the middle of Zayn and I. She grabs our hands. I smiles. She's so cute, I swear. "Awwhh. You guys are so cute." Star says. "Thanks." Annabelle says.

"Everyone we're going to be late. Lets go." Liam says. We all get out of the house. "I'm going somewhere real quick, I'll meet you there." Niall says as he makes his way to the car. "Okay, just don't take to long." Liam says to him. He nods and leaves. Zayn, Annabelle, Perrie and I leave in my car. Liam, Danielle, Harry, and Star leave in Liam's car. Jenna and Austin leave in Austin's car.


We finally get to the restaurant. You know what I see? Paps and a lot of teenage girls. We quickly get out. Once we finally escape all the fans and paps, we enter the restaurant. Luckily the guys rented the place so we won't be disturb.We walk all the way to the back and see El and Lou in the table talking. Annabelle let's go of my hand and runs off to them. "Hi Auntie El, Uncle Lou." She says as she hugs them and gives them a kiss on the cheek. "Hello love." Lou says.

"ARIANA YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!" El says as she runs up to me. "Thanks, but you at you!" I say. Eleanor's Outfit She smiles. "Zayn was drooling over Ari when he saw her." Jenna says laughing. Zayn groans. "You girls aren't gonna let that go are you?"
"Nope." They say in unsion. He groans again. "Lets just sit down now." Zayn mumbles.

We all take a seat once we all greet each other. Two waiters come out and take our orders. Once they finish, El and Lou stands up. "Okay we have some special news." They look at each other and smiles. "We're having a baby!" El says happily. "Congrats!" We all say. Harry and Star gets up next. "Okay Star and I are not dating. I've been dying to do this in front of people." Harry kisses Star on the lips.

"Hey everyone." We, including Harry and Star who pulled away, turn around. Niall walking toward us with a girl. They're holding hands.
"Everyone this is Sammie, my girlfriend. Sammie this is Eleanor, Louis, Harry, Star, Liam, Danielle, Perrie, Austin, Jenna, Ariana, Zayn, and Annabelle." He shyly ways. She looks down at Annabelle and squeals. "You're so beautiful." Annabelle smiles. "Thank you." She says smiling. "My daddy says my mommy and me are his princesses. Right daddy?" She turns to Zayn. He nods.

"You have a daughter?" Sammie says speaking directly at Zayn. "Yeah." "Who's the mother?" She says. Zayn smiles. "This beautiful girl next me." He says. I blush. "Awwh. How long have you been dating?" She asks at she sits down. "Uh we're not dating." "We did when we were teens but . . . " Everything gets silent.

"Something happened and Ariana left. She was one week pregnant with Annabelle." Sammie nods. The workers from the resturant comes out and brings our food and we begin eating.

That was awkward. . .

"Goodnight mommy." Annabelle says I tuck her in. "Goodnight sweetie." I kiss her forehead. I turn the lights off and walk out of her room.

I walk to me room. I lay down on my bed. I close my eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep.


So someone stole my and other peoples story. I just want to make this clear that this is MY story. I'm the author. I created this story. This story is only posted on 3 websites. Here, Quotev, and NOW OFFICIALLY Wattpad. Well I hope you liked this chapter. One more thing. Some may know that I'm starting to make YouTube videos. Comment some ideas I should talk about.

please comment xx c:


i love this story


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I'm glad you're happy c:

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