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A Harry Styles Love Story - Comments, page 5


of course i will post more now if i have it with me im using a loaned laptop since mine had wireless issues i will warn u that im getting close to where im at right now i think...so yeah i'll post 3 more chapters :) im glad u like the story :D
Update soon!!
Please update soon!! :)
I don't like the story......I love it!!!! LLN
no worries i updated as soon as i got ur comments lol and thanks for commenting im glad you like the story :D
Can't wait for the next chapter
Really good story:) keep it up ;) can't wait for more!!!
thank you!! i will update the next chapter :)
this is really fun to read
i dont know probably because i update this story while in school so i will repost them now and thank u for ur comment it means a lot!!!
OMG! I need to read more of this! How come I can't read the first, third, and fourth chapters?