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A Harry Styles Love Story - Comments, page 4

Sooooooo good!! Screw you Nathan! LLN please update soon!
Sooooooo good!! Screw you Nathan! LLN please update soon!
im soo glad im not the only one i cant believe ACTs are only a few months away im getting nervous and everything its just so afjaslfjasldkfj but i will still try to update :)
OMGG thank uuu! im glad u like my story!! I'm trying to keep it going while still working on my other one as well but still i will try :D
I love this story! :) And OMG, I feel you girl. Junior year is a pain in my arse right now too!
I just discovered this story. The first couple chapters had me hooked! My parents couldn't get me off my phone thanks to your EXTRAODINHARRY story!! Keep on writing. Don't let it end!
OMG!!!! More! More! More!!!!! LLN!
Yesssss pleasssssse morrrrrrre!!!!!!!
Sarah and Niall -
Yessssssssssssssss I want more!!!!!! I need more!!!!!!!!! LLN :)
ooo clever and yes i am sort of a criminal minds fan as well lol i finally got my laptop back so i will be able to update now or later on today at least. thank u for reading my story im glad u enjoy it ;D
Hahahaha I love criminal minds it's awesome that you incorporated that tv show
LLN means laughing like Niall cuz...ya know...he's ALWAYS laughing :)
It's a TV Show waiting to happen. I love it : ))
what does LLN mean??? lol im glad u like it
Nooooooooo!!!! There has to be more!
Yes I need the sequel and sky/Sarah should stay with Harry and please update soon! One of my faves ;)
I don't like the story...I LOVE IT!! LLN! :D