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A Harry Styles Love Story - Comments, page 2

I Just got done with ACT so hopefully I will be able to update it soon but idk i have a competition this weekend...actually i could work on it on the bus ride there....i think i will do that...
Omggggg I love this story when are you going to update it?! :D xx
thank u im glad u like it <3
ahhh im excited !
this was awesome! <3<3<3
im glad u like it :)
This is so great! Wants to read more now! :D
Thess Thess
NOOOO why!?!?!?!
I love this story it is freaking awsome you are a briliam writer
noyabuisness noyabuisness

thank u dont worry im working on it now...im just having trouble adding details...
Pweaseeee update soon i really reeeaaaally like it!
i dont wanna sound pushy, i understand if your busy :)
just know that you and this story are amazing!!! :) xx
im working on it now and im glad you like it :D
I'm really liking this so far :) can't wait to read more!!!
thank u!! it means a lott I'm glad you like it :D
Love it so far!
i just did :D
when will be ur next update?
Thnx and ur welcome
no worries i will be working on the story whenever i get time and im glad you like the story! :D
I really luuvvv this story and the sequel so plz plz plz plz plz update

dont worry i will work on this when eever i get the time lol but im glad u enjoy this story that much :D