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C'mon C'mon

Chapter 26

Kat’s P.O.V
“That was great.” I spoke loudly. The noise of the packed and excited arena had temporarily damaged my hearing.
Zayn smiled, “It was. Thank you for the tickets.” He pecked my lips quickly as we walked out of the O2 arena. So far he had managed to go unnoticed. We both silently hoped that luck would continue for the rest of the night as we got in his car and drove away. “Where to now?” he questioned as we sat at a traffic light.
I bit my lip in thought, “Well there’s exactly two hours until the New Year.” Zayn nodded signaling for me to continue. “How does London bring in the New Year?”
“With a lot of drinking,” Zayn answered in a serious voice. I laughed and he stole a glance at me as he drove. “Seriously, you’ve seen how much Niall drinks and that’s on just on a normal day.”
“Niall is Irish though,” I countered making a valid point. The Irish were known to drink heavily. It’s their culture.
Zayn chuckled, “On New Year’s everyone is Irish.” I laughed at his joke. “We haven’t been out to a club since…” He trailed remembering the last time either one of us stepped foot into a nightclub. It was the night of Sammy’s birthday. The night before I found a half-dressed Perrie in his suite and flew the coup. “Let’s go out.” Zayn decided excitedly.
“Seriously?” I asked with a slight laugh at his change of attitude. He nodded and looked down. “Look at what I’m wearing.” I was dressed in black fitted cotton skinnies, red sheer quarter sleeve button down blouse with the cut-out on the shoulders, zebra print low close toe wedges and my hair was straightened and parted straight down the middle.
“You look fine.” Zayn commented. The same could be said about him in his dark pants, light blue button down Polo and black Supras.
“Well then…” I moved my head with my words, “We’re going out!”
“Yay!” Zayn fist pumped slightly swerving causing another car to blow their horn. “Whoops,” he placed his hand back on the steering wheel as my eye widened in shock. This was sure to be an eventful night.
Third Person P.O.V
The bouncer nodded allowing Zayn and Kat inside of the popular nightclub. Zayn held onto Kat’s hand as they entered amidst the load of people. He pointed to the bar and she nodded. There was no point in trying to yell over the music. Zayn ordered a drink for the both of them and they drank scanning the room. It was definitely more live than usual. People were everywhere dancing, drinking and having a good time. They had finished their drinks when “Pour It Up” by Rihanna came on. Kat gasped excitedly clapping fast before grabbing Zayn’s hand and pulling him onto to the dance floor much to his protest. She was already moving when their feet stopped. He smiled watching her as she got lost in the music. She was clearly enjoying herself.
“Loosen up,” she put her lips to his ear so that her words could be clearly heard.
Zayn leaned down, “I can’t dance.” He responded. He wasn’t sure if she knew that. Every time before when they were at a club they never did much together. This time it was just them. None of their friends were around.
Kat shrugged, “It’s easy.” She said as she placed his hands on her moving hips. She smiled as the song changed to something upbeat. Her movements increased in speed and continued to try to get Zayn to move along with her. She turned pressing her back against his chest and continued to lose herself in the music. Zayn chuckled lightly actually enjoying himself. Whenever he came with the guys they typically had a few drinks and stood around nodding to the music. It wasn’t all that exciting, but they did it anyways because they could.
When the countdown to the New Year began Kat turned to face Zayn with a smile. The people around them were counting down and she joined along. He was amused by her behavior. His hands stayed on her waist she continuously fist pumped shouting out numbers.
“3-2-1. Happy New Year!” The place erupted with cheer as Zayn captured Kat’s lips with his own. Her arms snaked around his neck and his grip tightened on her waist. They kiss lasted longer than expected and when they pulled apart there was desire in both of their eyes.
“Are you ready to go?” Zayn questioned in a low thick voice.
“Yeah,” Kat nodded as he took her hand and pulled her towards the exit. Sure they hadn’t stayed for long, but neither of them had the desire to anymore. The drive back to Zayn’s house was tense. Kat teasingly ran her fingers up and down Zayn’s arm causing him to shiver.
“You’re teasing,” Zayn spoke carefully placing a hand on her thing and slowly moving it upward. Kat took in a sharp breath causing a satisfied smile to reach his lips. “It’s no fun when you’re the victim, is it?”
She glared, “Shut up and drive.” Zayn chuckled accelerating ever so slightly. He reached his home and pulled into the garage. As soon as he cut the engine their doors were open. Zayn walked around the car to open the door allowing entrance into his home. Once inside he grabbed Kat pulling her into his arms and crashing his lips onto hers. The kiss was heated, passionate, better than any other. As her arms made their way back around his neck, he lifted her legs around his waist and began the walk forward. As he climbed the stairs Kat’s lips found his neck. Zayn bit his bottom lip to doing his best to stay calm and make it to his bedroom.
Despite their heavy make out session the couple made it into the bedroom. Kat dropped from around Zayn’s waist taking a small step back. Their eyes were locked on each other as he removed his shirt and she removed hers. When he was bare chested and she was on in her black lace bra their lips found each other once again. Zayn’s lips moved to Kat’s neck as her hands roamed down finding the button of his pants. He moved his hands from her waist tugging on her pants. They both step apart reluctantly to shed the unnecessary clothing.
“Who needs pants anyways,” Kat muttered breathlessly as Zayn lifted her once again moving towards the waiting bed.
“Not you,” he responded in a near growl before pulling back the covers and laying her down feverishly. It was different. That was one of their first thoughts as their bodies moved in sync with each other. It wasn’t just sex. Oh no, it was much more. There was so much passion and love in each touch, kiss, look. And as they pushed past their usual limits Zayn pulled away from Kat’s lips to look her in the eyes longingly. “I love you,” he spoke clearly.
Kat held her iPhone out so that the back camera was facing her. She smiled excitedly, “Hey guys! So today is Zayn’s birthday and he’s sleeping so I’m going to wake him up.” She stopped recording long enough to walk into the bedroom where the dark boy was in a deep slumber. Kat smiled taking in the sight of Zayn snuggling the pillow. She inched closer to the bed stopping at the edge. She began recording again with the camera turned to her sleeping boyfriend. “Zayn,” she called in a sweet soft voice. He didn’t move at all. Kat stopped recording turning to the air horn she had placed on the night table. She picked it up turning the camera to it, before turning back to Zayn and blowing the air horn. She laughed as he jumped up flailing his arms. With a glare he lunged for her as she dropped her phone with a squeal and ran towards the door. Zayn was too quick. His arms wrapped around her waist as he lifted her feet off the ground and slung her on the bed. Before Kat had a chance to process what just happened the shirtless boy was hovering over her with a menacing expression.
“What. The. Hell.” He demanded in his morning voice which she found unnecessarily attractive.
“Happy birthday,” she smiled playfully. Zayn’s expression softened as Kat propped herself up using her elbows. “I didn’t think it would work.” She defended herself.
He rolled his eyes standing up. Gripping her hand he pulled Kat to her feet as well. “Thank you,” he spoke softly before pecking her cheek and turning to walk out of the room. Kat ran jumping on his back as he entered the hallway. His feet stumbled but he managed to regain his balance. “You are happier than usual,” he commented.
“Today is a good day,” Kat shrugged hanging her arms over his shoulders.
“Why is that?” Zayn turned his head slightly as he walked down the stairs so that he could hear her clearly.
Kat pretended to think, “Maybe because today is the birthday of the sexiest man in all of London.” Zayn chuckled as he entered the kitchen. He crouched down slightly so that Kat could climb off his back with ease. “Did I get that right?” She asked hip checking him as she walked towards the refrigerator.
“Just how we rehearsed it.” Zayn nodded. He came behind her, but she pushed him back. “What are you doing? I ask that entirely too much.”
“Go sit, I’m going to make you breakfast.” He shrugged at her words. Kat waited until he was no longer in the kitchen before gathering everything she needed. As she checked to make sure she had gotten everything it occurred to her that she hadn’t posted the video. Quickly she bounded up the stairs retrieving her phone off of the floor and captioned the clip: Happy birthday – Zayn edition. By the time she made it back to the kitchen there were hundreds of responses.
MrsMalik102: Awe that’s so cute.
ILuvMusic: OMG happy birthday Zayn!
ZerrieShipper: Eww she is not pretty. Perrie would have done better.
PezEd: Um yeah just stop. NO ONE likes you.
The dark haired girl sighed moving the phone away from her so that she wouldn’t be tempted to check it. She refused to let nasty comments ruin the day. Soon she would be back in the States. Her time with Zayn was valuable and he wanted her here. That was all that mattered.
Kat’s P.O.V
It was the day before my flight home and Zayn and I were being lazy. We spent the day doing nothing. We stayed n comfortable clothes, lounged on the couch and watched ridiculous movies. As we sat cuddled on his couch grabbed his phone unlocking it (the passcode was my birthday) and going to his camera. I lifted the phone out in front of us.
“Smile,” I ordered through my teeth in a chirpy voice. Zayn looked at the camera and smiled. A genuine smile that reached his gorgeous eyes. The camera clicked and I pulled the phone down to review the picture. It was cute. Approving it I made it the wallpaper of his phone and hand the phone back to him.
He sighed pulling me closer, “I’m going to miss you.”
I pouted slightly, “I’m going to miss you too, but there’s always my Spring Break.”
Zayn groaned, “That’s so far away.” He was right. It was the second week of January and Spring Break wasn’t until the end of March.
“I know,” I agreed in a sad voice. No matter how much you love a person a long distance relationship is hard, especially if you live in two different countries. Granted we had the time difference figured out, but we both stayed busy. It sucked. “I wish I didn’t have to go back and we could just stay right here.” I admitted turning to face Zayn. I was laying with my back on his chest originally.
He nodded, “I do too.” We shared a quick kiss before I got up. “Bring me a soda please,” he gave a cheeky grin as I walked out of the living room. I had spent three weeks in this luxurious house, but I was just now getting used to it.
“Just in time to leave,” I muttered to myself opening the refrigerator. When the door closed I jumped nearly fifty feet in the air as Zayn stood there with a dark eyes and hard line. “What the hell?” I breathed clutching my chest trying so desperately to slow down my heart rate.
“Don’t go,” Zayn spoke suddenly.
“What?” I asked folding my arms and cocking my head slightly. His words made no sense.
“Don’t go back, stay,” he pressed grabbing my hands.
I shook my head, “Zayn I have to go back. I have college.” I reminded him.
“Transfer,” he suggested. My eyebrows knitted together as my brain tried to decipher his words. Zayn smiled widely, “Move in with me Kat.”



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