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C'mon C'mon

Chapter 9

Kat’s P.O.V
@KatBXoXo: I got these from work today. I wonder if I can get them autographed.
I tweeted a picture of the One Direction headphones. They were the last pair in stock at the bookstore and Sammy convinced me to buy them just for kicks. I would never use them, but at least Zayn would stop complaining about me not being supportive and being a bad friend for not being supportive. He did that when Louis hadn’t beaten him to it. Needless to say that after the dinner I had become good friends with all of the lads. Liam and Louis introduced me and Sammy to their girlfriends when they came to visit a few days later. Zayn and I were still ignoring that last kiss until two weeks later when Sammy did the unthinkable.
“I’m working the late show tonight which means I won’t be home until morning.” She informed me causing my eyes to widen and my mouth to go slack.
“You. Punk. I told you that Zayn is supposed to come over tonight. You’re supposed to be my insurance!” My words came out in a rush. Sammy smiled mischievously as someone knocked on our door. She opened it revealing Zayn. His smile faded as he took in my expression. Quickly I changed my face and tried to act happy to see him.
“You kids have fun now, you hear.” Sammy faked a Southern accent as she walked down the hallway towards the elevator.
“You’re going to burn in Hell!” I called after her closing the door. With a deep breath I turned to Zayn. “Hey.”
He pointed behind me, “What was that about?” he questioned slowly.
I shrugged, “That’s just how we do.” He raised an eyebrow letting me know that he didn’t believe me at all. “None of the others wanted to come?”
He shook his head, “I didn’t invite them.” I nodded taking a seat on the couch. “Are you alright Kat?”
“Aren’t I always,” I smiled turning my attention to the television. It was silent before I sighed. “I’m bored. There’s a skate center close by do you want to go?”
“Sure,” Zayn responded. Standing and following me to the door. Black shorts and turquoise t-shirt would have to be the perfect outfit for skating. There was no way we could sit in that apartment alone.
“Ah!” I squealed as Zayn fell and pulled me down with him. Zayn Malik could not roller-skate. After several failed teaching attempts, it was time to get something to eat.
“I’m going to break something,” Zayn grumbled as he helped me up. I laughed looking at his seemingly upset expression. “Is this funny to you?” I shrugged as he griped my waist. “Wow. Laughing at my pain Kat. That’s a new low.” He feigned hurt before pecking my lips.
“Let’s go get food sir,” swiftly I had ended a possible public display of unexplained affection. We left the rink and went to a nearby burger joint. After receiving our orders we found a booth close to the back of the restaurant lobby and took our seats.
“I think you tried to kill me tonight,” Zayn commented in between bites. I rolled my eyes.
“I really didn’t. It was fun.” I argued with a sly smile.
“Your idea of fun is a lot different than mine.” His comment caused me to giggle. Giggle? Really Kat, you’re giggling now? I could tell that the unusually girly act caught Zayn off guard as well because he eyed me suspiciously before shrugging it off.
“So do you keep a lifetime supply of black t-shirts and khaki shorts?” It was a joke but my tone was serious.
“Is there something wrong with it?” I shook my head slightly. “Your shorts are all super short. Do you buy them small on purpose?” he countered.
“My shorts are in my size thank you very much. It’s not my fault I’m not a complete stick figure.” I mock rolled my eyes with a neck roll trying so hard not to crack up. “Besides other guys seem to enjoy it.”
“I’m not complaining,” Zayn muttered. He winked when I looked at him. This boy truly knew how to get into my head.
I had avoided being alone with Zayn for two hours but it was inevitable. It was around ten o’clock when we got back to my apartment. Of course he sauntered in and made himself right at home. He seriously came over a little too much. I had only known him six weeks and he felt comfortable enough to take over my TV. As Zayn made himself at home in the living room I went into my room to change. It was late and I had woken up early for work so there wasn’t much time before I started yawning. I was pulling my shirt over my head when I heard the footsteps as someone entered my bedroom.
“Hey Kat…” Zayn started trailing off. “Oh shit. I’m sorry.” His apology didn’t sound at all sincere as he turned and walked out. I discarded the t-shirt in my laundry hamper replacing it with a black graphic pajama tee from Aerópostale. At least my bra was cute. It was black and lacey with turquoise accents.
After quickly dressing in my pajamas I went back into the living room to find Zayn preoccupied by his phone. Folding my arms I sat in the chair and eyed him suspiciously. Eventually he noticed and looked up.
“What was so important that you had to barge into my room?” I demanded.
He chuckled, “I didn’t barge in.” The roll of my eyes told him that I wasn’t amused. “Uh I was going to tell you that your phone went off.” I retrieved my phone from the coffee table. There was a new text message from Sammy. I unlocked my phone so I could reply.
Sammy: There are condoms in the bathroom by the way ;)
Zayn’s smirk proved that he had seen the message. I groaned inwardly at Sammy. She could be overbearing at times, especially if she was determined to have something happen.
“Learn something new every day,” he muttered watching my face for a reaction as I typed away. I opened my mouth to speak, but the sound of his phone ringing cut me off. As he answered I went into the kitchen. Finding something to snack on was oh so appealing. While Zayn talked on the phone I munched from the box of iced animal crackers. My back was turned to the living room as I leaned against the island where the sink was located. As I snacked the calendar on the refrigerator caught my attention. I pushed off of the counter and moved closer to the refrigerator to get a clear read. As I scanned over the seemingly clear calendar, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.
“Are those animal crackers?” Zayn questioned leaning his chin on my shoulder. I turned around so that we were face to face.
“Yep, the iced ones so you know they’re the best.” I answered genuinely. The little kid in me loved animal crackers more than I should.
“Cool,” Zayn commented before pressing his lips to mine. I reached back setting the box on the counter before wrapping my arms around his neck. He gripped my waist turning us around so that I was pushed against the island. As the make out session continued he lifted me onto the counter. Without thinking I wrapped my legs around his waist. Needless to say that things were getting heated fast. Zayn’s hands had a tight grip on my waist and mine were in his hair. This wasn’t like the last time. That was clear way before he lifted me up and made his way to my room. Once I hit my bed I tugged at Zayn’s shirt. He pulled away long enough to take it off. Seconds later my shirt was discarded of too revealing the same lacey bra. If you do this there’s no turning back so maybe you should stop. But we didn’t. Zayn’s hands gently caressed my exposed skin as his tongue traced my lips asking for entrance. Without hesitation I allowed it. As our tongues danced his hands moved to my shorts. He pulled at them cautiously clearly not sure if I was okay with losing them just yet. Using my feet to plant myself I lifted my butt off the bed making the removal of my shorts easier and pulling back the covers. To my surprise Zayn pulled away standing. I propped myself up on my elbows looking at him with an appalled expression.
“What are you…” his cut off my question by shaking his head and leaning forward to kiss me. As we continued to kiss his stuck his hand in his pocket retrieving something before losing his own pants and climbing on top of me. Hormones were running high as Zayn straddled me in our heavy lip lock.
“We can stop if you want.” He offered looking into my eyes waiting for a response. I shook my head pulling his face closer to mine as his eyes darkened. From the beginning it was clear that this was more than just sex. The way he held me and the gentle kisses made that clear. This was more than that. I just didn’t know what it was. His lips moved to my neck as my hands roamed on his chest. His hands slid down my sides, grazing my thighs, and parting them smoothly. “It’s not too late to stop.” He offered me an escaping his voice betraying his cool demeanor. He was nervous as well.
“Say that one more time and I will punch the shit out of your pretty face,” I groaned opening my eyes to look at him. Zayn chuckled carefully placing his hands in my panties moving them out of the way. I felt his fingers creeping up the inside of my thigh and tilted my head back enjoying the sensation. Foreplay was always interesting. Every person did it differently and Zayn’s way was by far the best. As his fingers worked he peppered kisses up my thigh, hip, stomach, finally reaching the top of my breasts. I gripped his face bringing his lips to mine and he smiled in the kiss. Not giving him time to taunt me, I moved my lips to his neck. Zayn sucked in a breath as I hit a sensitive spot. Placing my hands on his chest I rolled over so that I held the dominate position. I peppered kisses on his chest smirking when I reached the top of his boxers. I pulled away to look up at him, “I don’t usually do this so don’t get the wrong idea.” I spoke before moving his last shred of clothing out of way and gently taking his growing hardness. Taking in a deep breath I cleared my mind and took him in my mouth.
“Fuck,” he cursed gripping the covers as I put to practice what Sammy had talked to me about several times. Remembering the rule about no teeth, I carefully worked feeling satisfied when an irregular sound escaped Zayn’s lips. When he was close I released him moving the kisses back up until I reached his neck. In a blur Zayn flipped us back over to our original position. “That was nice,” he complimented me before removing my panties and ripping open the condom packet.
“Thanks, that was my first time doing it.” I smiled at him as he offered me the chosen protection.
Zayn nodded appreciatively, “I feel special.” He joked as I slid the rubber down on his hardness. Eagerly he moved my hands out of the way finishing the job himself. I gasped as he entered me in a rush. A smirk painted his lips as his hips made the first thrust. The teasing ceased as we crossed the line both of us knew we couldn’t come back from. Yet neither one of us regretted it.
Third Person P.O.V
Zayn woke up in the unfamiliar bed. He looked down to see Kat lying with her head on his bare chest. Looking over at the clock on the nightstand he saw that it was after eight o’clock and he had to be at the studio at ten. Gently he rubbed Kat’s side until her eyes fluttered open. She sat up with a heavy sigh and leaned against the headboard clutching the sheets to her bare chest.
“I have to go,” Zayn explained getting out of the bed and getting dressed. “Do you work today?” he asked as he pulled his shirt over his chiseled abs. Kat shook her head. “You should stop by the studio. Bring Sammy if you want.” He talked casually trying to not make a big deal out of what happened.
“I’ll think about it,” Kat mumbled clearly still sleepy. She did not wake up early unless she absolutely had to. “I’ll walk you out,” Kat offered starting to kick off the cover, but Zayn shook his head.
“I got it.” He walked over to the bed sitting on the edge.
“I thought you weren’t a morning person?” Kat looked at him with accusing eyes.
He shrugged, “We have to make music.” He leaned forward giving the girl a quick kiss. “I’ll see you later.” As soon as he stood Kat laid her head on the pillow determined to get more sleep. Her desire was interrupted by Sammy rushing into her bedroom.
“You totally had sex with him, didn’t you?” Sammy demanded. Kat groaned pulling the cover over her head.
“Go away,” she muttered. Her chipper blonde friend yanked the cover back. “Sammy!” Kat quickly grabbed the cover before her naked body was exposed.
“It’s a simple yes or no question. Although judging from the satisfied look on his face and the way you’re gripping that cover for dear life I’m guessing the answer is yes.” Sammy smirked knowingly.
“Then you don’t need me to answer do you?” Kat countered keeping her eyes close. She just wanted some more sleep.
“So are you two like a couple now?”
With a groan the dark haired girl opened her eyes and sat up, “I don’t know.” She huffed grabbing the oversized shirt lying on the floor. She knew Zayn had on a t-shirt under his shirt the night before.
“What?” her friend stared at her with an appalled expression.
“I. Don’t. Know.” Kat spoke slowly as realization hit her. She truly had no clue what was going on between her and Zayn.
“It’s not fair that you got the largest suite and you’re never here.” Niall complained as Zayn checked his reflection.
“It’s not my fault I have a friend.” Zayn responded with a shrug.
“She’s more than a friend if you shagged her,” Louis countered.
Zayn looked back at him, “You sound like Liam.” He informed him before turning back to the bathroom mirror.
Louis mock gasped, “No. Never!” He ran out of the bathroom causing Niall to look after him in curiosity.
“Wait you shagged Kat?” Niall asked suddenly. His question went unanswered.
“Tell you what Nialler, we’ll go out tonight and find you a bird, yeah?” Zayn patted the blond boy’s head should as he passed by. They all went to the lift. It was time for them to go or they would be late. During the ride Zayn pulled out his mobile and composed a new SMS.
Zayn: Want to go out tonight? Niall wants to party.
Kat: Mm clubs have alcohol and Niall likes to get me to drink alcohol.
Zayn: Scared Kat?

Kat: Never that.
“Are you seriously texting her after you left her place not even two hours ago?” Harry questioned looking over at Zayn. Louis was driving today which was proving to be a bad decision.
“So what if I am Haz?” Zayn shrugged nonchalantly. He knew the lads liked to give him a hard time. It was how they all did each other.
“You’re hooked mate. She has you wrapped around her fingers.” Harry commented feigning seriousness.
Niall pointed excitedly, “And he just shagged her last night.”
“Another one bites the dust,” Liam added with a nod causing Louis and Niall to laugh. They reached the studio now talking about whatever popped into their heads. The conversation continued until they were interrupted.
“Alright boys let’s get started.”
Three hours later and the lads had a break for lunch. As they discussed where to go Zayn checked his phone.
“You’ve been doing that all day,” Liam informed him.
“Huh?” Zayn was confused.
He pointed to the phone in his hand, “You’ve been checking it all day. You must really fancy her.”
“We’re just friends.” Zayn responded turning his attention back to his phone. “Hey are you coming with us tonight? I invited Kat and you know how Niall gets.”
Liam nodded, “Yeah I’m coming too.” He decided as they continued to walk. He kept his other comment to himself knowing that Zayn would only deny it. He knew that his friend was determined to stay away from a relationship after the break-up he had with Perrie, but he also knew that acting like you’re in a relationship without any set definition was not a good idea. Someone could get hurt.


I am sooo sorry for taking so long to update. Life had me busy.


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