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The choice

An ordinary day.

Scarlett's P.O.V
It was an ordinary school day. The day went by fast, which was a good thing of-course.
Afterschool, as usual, Ade, Ryles, Soph and I went to starbucks to get a drink and some snacks.
We were walking to startbucks from school, just talking about random things and talking about school. Our anuual Winter dance was coming up and I was on the organising committee. It was really fun and I was telling them about my idead for the poster, banner and all that jazz.
We were walking into starbucks and I kept looking back and I was going on and on talking(as usual) and I walked right into a person, and I felt a hot liquid all over me, and I realized that I must've knocked that persons cup.
And I, being the idiot that I am screamed saying,"HOT, HOT, this thing is so freaking hot". And the person who I ran into ran to get some tissues, and he offered them to me saying that he's really sorry.
I turned to my friends expecting them to be laughing at the stupid thing that I've done, but instead they all looked star-struck and shocked, and before I could ask them what was wrong, the person asked me whether I was alright. When I turned to respond I realised why they all looked so star-struck. It was because the person who I walked into was Niall Horan from One Direction.


Sorry if it's not good, this is the first time I'm writing.
Hope you all enjoy it though:)


It is sooooo good. Luv it!
Can you red mine? http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/19389/The-mask/


Beautiful_MOFO Beautiful_MOFO
it is so good
you should make more
Loui's_Girl Loui's_Girl
it is so good
you should make more
Loui's_Girl Loui's_Girl
it is so good
you should make more
Loui's_Girl Loui's_Girl
You've gotta add more!!! UPDATE! It's been 9 days! Please???
Lily13 Lily13