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Young Love

Chapter Two☁

Young Love

Chapter two

Jennifer's Point of View

"Sit in a circle." Andria demands.

We all, lazily, sit in a circle.

"Ok, so we could play Truth or dare, or 20 questions strip."

My eyes grow wide,"Andria! You only play twenty questions strip when there's boys around."

She frowns at me,"Well what do you expect me to do about that?"

Before I could say another word, Deliah shoots up and runs to the dresser to retrieve her phone.

I sit staring at her as she dials a number and puts the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" She pauses,"Hey Dylan."



Just no.

This boy just screams trouble.

"Deliah!" I whisper/yell . She turns to face me, holding a finger up signaling me to wait.

She finishes on the fun and turns back around to face us,"Dylan is coming over ! He's bringing along some of his friends too." She winks at the last part eyeing me and Lydia.

"Deliah. You are honestly crazy! What made you think you could invite boys over to my house?! Especially when my parents are away."

"C'mon Jen. Loosen up a bit . You're 14 now for crying out loud. When do you turn 15 again?"

"July." I answer flatly.

"Please just give it a shot. I promise it'll be fun. Besides, Dylan's friend James seems pretty into you."

I put my hands up in defeat,"fine!"

She squeals and runs into the washroom with Andrea, both beginning to apply makeup.

Oh the things these girls do for boys.

We hear the doorbell ring and before I could even touch the doorknob, Andria and Deliah were pushing down the stairwell.

We watch as they open the door and Dylan,James, Andrew, and Chris walk in. They greet the girls and the two Guide them upstairs .

We quickly run back to our previous spots and sat in a circle again before they came back. As Dylan walked in, he flashed us a toothy grin.

"Hey Amber, Lydia." They both wave hello,"Hi Jen."

I smile and respond verbally, like a normal person,"Hi Dylan."

He takes a seat beside me and we wait as everyone else sits. James sits beside Lydia and Amber,Chris sits on the right of me and next to Andria and Andrew sits beside Amber and Deliah.

Once we've settled, Deliah begins."What do you guys want to play first? Truth or dare?"

We hear mostly 'yes''s so we decide on just that.

"Ok. Lydia you go first."

Lydia smirks at me and I know I'm in deep tihs .

Yes I say the word backward because the original one is too disgusting and not very pleasant to say.

"Easy. Jen; Truth or Dare?"

I groan,"Dare."

"I dare you to kiss the person to your right."

I thank the heavens I don't have to do anything disgusting and turn to Chris. He smiles at me and I turn to Lydia,"Timed or Just peck?"

"Now that I think about it, timed." She thinks for a moment,"Ten Seconds."

Good thing I brushed my teeth. Good thing Chris isn't ugly and very attractive. I close my eyes and lean in, my lips pressing against his soft ones.

After about three seconds we begin to deepen the kiss and at 10 seconds I smile into the kiss as we separate.

Lydia's expression was priceless and I know if my parents saw me now they'd kill me.

I mean, I'm allowed to date. I'm just not allowed to full on snog with boys..

As I turn around, Chris whispers something into my ear,"Text me."

He returns his attention back to the circle and I bite my lip and decide to take Deliah's advice,"How can I do that if I don't have your number?" I slowly move away from his ear and he chuckles and winks at me, pulling out his phone and I type in my number.

He saves it and thanks me, as I sit plotting my revenge on Lydia.

"Lydia, Truth or Dare?"

She smirks again,"Dare."

"Kiss the person to your left." I look between her and James, knowing she would most likely not do it."10 seconds."

This'll be interesting.

Niall's Point of View

"I blew it!" I scream, slamming my hand against the kitchen counter.

That's it.

I called her and she picks up . What do I do? Stand there like an idiot saying um until she says hello again then hangs up. After I tried calling again, it went straight to voicemail.

"I'm sure she's a good reason to have her phone off, Niall. It is a Saturday."

"What does a fourteen year old girl do on Saturdays? Go out clubbing Harry?" I shot back sarcastically.

"No, but they do have sleepovers and movie nights like us lads do." Harry answers plainly.

"How could you know that?"

"I've grown up with Gemma and around that age she'd have friends over all the time. They practically lived at my house sleeping on the floor."

I sigh inwardly,"Sorry for interrogating you,mate. I just can't over 'er."

Harry looks over in my direction,"It's fine Nialler. We should probably head to bed, it's getting pretty late."

I agree and we begin to make our way upstairs. I don't usually fall asleep this early but today's been a real bust and all I want to do is sleep.

Sleep is the only place I dream; About Life, Love, about her.

P.s. I re-wrote this twice because the app decided to be a total idiot and deleted it every time I saved it.

Updated on June 21st, 2013

1:09:00 a.m.


Wow ok so right now Niall sounds like a total creep but I promise you that he is not and its love my babies .

There will be drama and them meeting SOON!

How do you feel about Jen kissing and having boys over at like midnight at the age of 14. I sure know my parents don't even leave me alone for more than a couple hours. But days?!

Do you think Jen and Chris should go out?chat? Be friends? (Picture of chris Below)

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Yeah, yeah. I know . I haven't gotten the chance to update because of work and summer homework ! :/ then my Internet is continuously cutting off when I do get the time to update. :c
Jennifer Malik Jennifer Malik
You finally updated! It's been like a month!!
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi

Im gonna update todaY!
Writing more now c;
@Kaile The Dreamer

Jennifer Malik Jennifer Malik
When r u updating!?!?!? IM DYING
HeyItsGabi HeyItsGabi
Please update soon.
This is driving me crazy.
I love the story so far.

-xoxo Kaile the Dreamer