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The Edge of Goodbye

Chapter Two

The next morning I wake up at Four in the morning. I reach under my bed and grab my backpack and make my way to the kitchen. As I tip toe quietly through the living room as to not wake my father. I can see he is asleep on the couch, probably in yet another drunken stooper; Dad started drinking heavily again after my mom left with my little brother Jonah, that was two years ago.

When I get to the kitchen I silently reach for and grab the coffee tin on top of the refridgerator. I take out my babysitting money, which is exactly three thousand one hundred and fifty two dollars. I shove it into my backpack along with some bread, peanut butter, can goods and some water. I debate whether or not to leave my dad a note. I doubt he'll even notice if I'm gone so I decide on the latter and don't leave a note.

I leave my house quickly to go meet Wyatt at the small graveyard on the outskirt of town.

"Well, well, well Miss Millie White kept her promise of not being a GG anymore" Wyatt says sarcastically

"Oh shut up" he knows I hate it when he calls me that.

I inform Wyatt that the bus we are taking leaves the depot in ten minutes from across the street.

"Oh no Millie you can't have a proper adventure from a bus seat" he says

"Ok then, what do you suggest we do?" I ask and regret it immediatly

Wyatt nods to the left and I look, there is a shiny black Harley Davidson motorcycle sitting in the drive way to the house next to us. Before I know his intentions and say anything Wyatt has pulled out a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

"What are yo..?" I don't even finish my sentence as he makes his way towards the bike.

I follow him whispering under my breath "What are you doing?"

"C'mon GG we don't have a lot of time." He tells me smirking

As much as I really don't want to, I follow him over to the motorcycle. Within minutes it's roaring with life. I stand frozen, my heart racing with anxiety.

"C'mon Millie hurry up get on!" Wyatt yells at me

I clamber onto the back and grasp Wyatt's waist tightly holding on for dear life. We make it out of town unnoticed, but when we come across a police officer on the freeway my whole body tenses up instantly.

"Hey, how about we stick to the back roads year?" I say loudly in Wyatt's ear

"I agree" he yells back as we take the next exit.

We follow highway five until we reach the Washington/California state line. We stop at a shell station to fuel up before we drive the rest of the way to Hollywood.

"So what's our first stop on this epic adventure?" Wyatt mocks me twirling a stick of jerky like a wand.

"Hollywood first, then Slab City." I tell him

He ponders for a moment before nodding his head in approval.

"I guess that sounds fun, how far is it to Hollywood?"

"It's four hundred and twenty seven miles so i'm guessing five maybe six hours at most." I tell him

I hate the thought of riding six more hours on the back of this death trap, but i don't exactly have a choice.

"How about here? I'm starving" I yell to Wyatt as the wind whips crazily.

"Yeah, it'll do" he yells back.

We pull off into a small town and find a cafe to eat at. When we get the motorcycle parked I hop off and stretch out my stiff muscles.

"Hey nice bike" A burly man with mutton chops says to Wyatt.

"Oh thanks, She gets us around" Wyatt nods to the man as he approaches us.

"Washington Eh? I have a brother who lives in Forks, he has a similar bike as you" the man tells us.

My heart starts thumping loudly and my stomach begins to churn.

"Oh really? I hear Forks is a nice little town" Wyatt says

"It's not too bad... you kids have a nice day now." The man says walking away

"Ok we need to get out of here right now!" I say panicked

Wyatt agrees and we mount the bike again and don't stop until we reach Hollywood three hours later. It's just after seven o'clock when I tell Wyatt to pull into the Roosevelt Hotel.

"Millie how will we afford this place?" He looks at me

"Don't worry about that, I have that part covered." I tell him as we go inside, backpacks in tote.


Sorry i've been away so long! have legal issues going on with my son's school and my anxiety is through the roof. I hope you like this update I just got a new computer so i will probably have chapter three up tomorrow. ILY guys xoxo


I realize i forgot to let you all know i changed Wyatt's name to COLSON so from now on it will be Colson not Wyatt!!


Allie Miller Allie Miller


@Allie Miller

The Willie Nelson book is called "On the Clean Road Again"

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

i love road trips and the book On the road again isn;t by Willie Nelson but i'm pretty sure he's written a book or two dont quote me on it lol.. and yes i have compression socks and hate them with a passion, i just got home because i ended up having a clot in my leg and lung that caused some breathing trouble with me because im asthmatic too but yes i am doing good now! and willie nelson is a friggin legend

Allie Miller Allie Miller

So road trips are kind of my favourite! And I was totally unaware that Willie Nelson wrote a book he's kind of one of my music heroes so I might have to go check it out!

On a side note I totally get you I've had three knee reconstructions and I swear I wore those compression socks every time like my life depended on it! I'm glad you're okay!

ontheedge ontheedge

Thank you I was doing pretty well for only being a week out but now I’m in the hospital with blood clots in my leg and lung so I’m not getting much done :(

Allie Miller Allie Miller