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The Edge of Goodbye


I may not be putting myself in the best light by admitting this but let me say right now that I was real do-gooder; never skipped school and was always on time. Right now, I am break the rules and skipping the last two classes of my day (AP History and AP English) it made me so insanely jittery that it actually occurred to me that this plan was crazy and might not even be worth it.

Looking back, I can’t believe I was so close to chickening out of the most painful, beautiful, fun life changing experience I would have.

Jesus I was an idiot.

I am sitting at the old oak counter at Ma & Pop’s Pharmacy and Soda. There are about 8000 butterflies fluttering in my gut right now. I was bouncing the toes of my black and white converse shoes on the bottom part of the counter until Pop scolded me to stop.

I turned and took my shoes off and continued kicking my socked feet, my toes bouncing silently now as I wait for Wyatt.

I’m glad Pop didn’t ask me why I was there drinking his stale coffee instead of six blocks away at school where I was supposed to be, at Forks community High School. I really don’t miss listening to Mrs. Winters ramble on about the Fall of the Roman Empire.

If he would have asked I would have said well Pop- I mean Mr. Avery, I mean I’m waiting for the boy who would never date me and I’m about to ask him to run away on a cross country road trip. It’s either going to save our lives or destroy us completely.

Pop doesn’t care much about teenage delinquency, which is probably why the only people to ever come here are old people. That and because Ma and Pop could run you out just from their bickering alone.

Its OK though, I don’t mine and neither does Wyatt, Ma and Pop’s is our place. Wyatt had left me a note earlier today. How he’d gotten into my locker, I’ll never know. Wyatt dropped out of school two years ago and the school has navy seal like security, so who knows how he got in.

You have life changing news huh? I’m shocked that you think you can surprise me. Anyways I can’t wait to hear it. Meet me at our place at 1:30, Yeah that means skipping class. No excuses!!
-You’re favorite idiot

Wyatt is 18 years old, my best friend and partner in crime, that’s Wyatt for you.
I hear the bell on the front door chime before I feel a pair of strong hands clap onto my shoulders.

“You nut job” he said jokingly

“Never drink Pop’s coffee on an empty stomach, it’ll eat a hole right through it” he told me.

“Pop can we get two of Ma’s famous cheese Danish’s please?” he asked plopping down beside me.

I turn to look him up and down. He is wearing my favorite black leather boots, skinny jeans and a loose button-down shirt (with only ¼ of the buttons done up.)

“Hey Pop you hear the Nationals fired their head coach?” Wyatt calls

“Baseball? I’m not interested in it.” Pop says setting a plate with two cheese Danish’s down.

“Here, on the house” Pop says

Wyatt jabbed a thumb up at him

“I love this guy” he says smiling wide

“So, GG what’s the crazy news?” He looks at me

He knows I hate when he calls me GG, aka Good Girl.

“Well I’m probably going to fail all of my classes except English” I exaggerate

“Knowing you that’s highly unlikely. So what if you’re a bit distracted and god for bit you get a B on a paper. You’re writing the next great American novel remem.. -OW!”

I punched him in the arm.

“Please, between school and caring for my dear ol dad I haven’t found any time to write, needless to say the strategy isn’t working for me. Now can we focus on the matter at hand?” I say

“Which is what?”

I stare into his beautiful green eyes for a moment.

“I’m running away” I tell him

Wyatt’s mouth gaped open in utter shock.

“And FYI, you’re coming with me” I tell him


Ok so i've been holding this off since September. i wanted to have a couple of chapters written before i put it on here. i hope you like it as much i as love writing it, Best wishes to everyone XOXO please comment, like and subscribe... also i'm having surgery on the 14 so there will probably be more updates on a few of my stories.. peace and love


I realize i forgot to let you all know i changed Wyatt's name to COLSON so from now on it will be Colson not Wyatt!!


Allie Miller Allie Miller


@Allie Miller

The Willie Nelson book is called "On the Clean Road Again"

notinuseanymore notinuseanymore

i love road trips and the book On the road again isn;t by Willie Nelson but i'm pretty sure he's written a book or two dont quote me on it lol.. and yes i have compression socks and hate them with a passion, i just got home because i ended up having a clot in my leg and lung that caused some breathing trouble with me because im asthmatic too but yes i am doing good now! and willie nelson is a friggin legend

Allie Miller Allie Miller

So road trips are kind of my favourite! And I was totally unaware that Willie Nelson wrote a book he's kind of one of my music heroes so I might have to go check it out!

On a side note I totally get you I've had three knee reconstructions and I swear I wore those compression socks every time like my life depended on it! I'm glad you're okay!

ontheedge ontheedge

Thank you I was doing pretty well for only being a week out but now I’m in the hospital with blood clots in my leg and lung so I’m not getting much done :(

Allie Miller Allie Miller