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Heaven's Rejects



There are just some nicknames that always seem to get on your nerves. The kind of things that people call you with some sort of intention without ever thinking about what it was like to hear it all the time; not the type of cruel words that people spit at each other out of meanness or hate but just things that seem to push all the wrong buttons.

Over the last week at Eastlake High, I'd appeared to have acquired several of these despicable nicknames, at least that's what I'd heard from the rumor mill. But my ultimate favorite, the one for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get rid of, was the one yelled out just before the final period on Friday as I attempted to grab the dance textbook out of my locker.

"Hey, new girl!" Came the excited exclamation as I kept my face in my locker to hide the wince on my face; apparently, they didn't get new people in town much.

Turning around, I was faced with the bubbly and giggly smiles of two overly excitable seniors I'd nicknames the Ditz twins. Slender, fashionable, and the head of the school gossip mill the two of them had their fingers on the social pulse but didn't have enough brain matter to do anything with it.

"Hey," I said plastering a matching smile on my face, "what's up?"

"We were wondering if you were going to the party tonight?" Came the excited reply.

A party was news to me. I probably just hadn't been invited. Even though Harry had managed to snag a receivers spot on the football team it hadn't done much for my popularity; probably since I had made it clear that just because I was Harry's sister I was not going to be used just so girls could get to him.

"There is a party tonight?" I asked playing dumb as I tucked a wayward strand of hair behind my ear.

"Oh yeah!" The other one stated gesturing wildly with her hands, "Louis is throwing an 'it's the weekend' party down at the waterhole, the whole senior class is invited."

So apparently I'd been invited, just not told about said invite. It didn't surprise me it had been a whole week, and I hadn't actually met the infamous Louis Tomlinson, even though he was supposedly in my dance class. Keeping the smile on my face I just cocked my head slightly like I was considering, really I was just searching for a reply.

"I guess I'll see if I can go then," I offered with a shy smile.

"Perfect!" Came the enthusiastic reply as the two of them had obviously decided they had served their purpose and turned to leave.

"Be sure to invite your brother too." Came the last comment as with a wink as the two of them strutted down the hallway.

"So you'll never guess what happened before sixth period," I stated my mouth half full of chocolate milkshake.

"What?" Serenity stated cocking an eyebrow in the mirrored backboard of the diner where she was wiping down dishes.

It had been only a week, but it had started to be a habit for me to bug Serenity on her after school shift at the diner, at least when she was working. The manager didn't seem to mind -- as long as I bought something.

"The Ditz twins invited me to Louis' party tonight," I said scraping at the bottom of the glass.
Instead of replying Serenity just let out a snort of laughter, "the ditz twins?"

"You know..." I struggled to figure out another way to describe since of course, I'd managed to forget their actual names, "the wannabe barbies that follow around the football team?"

"Oh Annabella and Allison," Serenity said with a shake of her head obviously used to my blunt and not always pleasant descriptions of people, "you should go."

"Really?" I asked not sure if being buddy buddy with the school population was what I really needed tonight.

"I mean it's a good way to meet the rest of the class, and I mean Louis is known to throw one hell of a party."

"But I mean pizza, and a movie sounds good too," I protested with a smile.

"Don't be boring," Serenity jested turning to face me before sliding the milkshake glass from in front of me.

"Who's being boring?" Came Harry's voice from behind me nearly startling me off the counter stool.

"Lina," Serenity replied with a smile not quite meeting Harry's gaze.

"That's not typical," Harry stated slinging an arm across my shoulders causing me to wrinkle my nose as he was still in his stinky, and rather dirty workout clothes.

"I'm entitled to decline invitations to parties," I stated pushing Harry off of me and sliding off of the stool.

"Louis' party?" Harry asked with a mischievous look on his face.

"Yes," I said curtly grabbing my backpack from the ground.

"Oh you're going to that," Harry stated with a self-assured smile on his face before turning to Serenity, "And you're coming with us."

She looked like she was going to protest for a second but seeing the determined look on Harry's she just shrugged her shoulders accepting it. Apparently, I wasn't going to get any help from Serenity as was evident from the slight pink tint to her cheeks. So instead of dealing with this here I just shook my head and shouldering my bookbag headed towards the door.

"Well, I guess I'll see you both later, thanks for the milkshake Ren!"

I was mad, it was probably palpable to both Harry and Serenity, who was currently in the back of Harry and I's small Jeep. In the fifteen minutes since we'd picked Serenity up, I hadn't said so much as a word to either one of them. It wasn't that I didn't want to go to the party, as much as I had jested I was looking forward to it. But instead, it was Harry's utter insensitivity that had me seething.

"Lina," came Harry's slightly annoyed prodding as the car rolled to a stop.

"What?" I snapped back.

"We're here." He said gesturing to the sight in front of us.

Apparently, the waterhole was the local swimming hole, at least for the teenagers. Complete with a waterfall on the edge of the lake and a fire pit it was already crowded with teenagers drinking who knows what out of cups. Sliding out of the car, I went to storm towards the shore only to have a rough grip on my arm pulling me back towards the car. When I looked up, I saw Harry, a neutral but slightly angry expression on his face.

"What the hell is your problem," He stated once we were out of the earshot of other people.

"This is my problem," I stated gesturing towards the water not really expecting him to understand.

"What?" Harry stated obviously losing his patience, "the party?"

I was beginning to think that I was going to have to spell it out for him especially since we were just rehashing the same arguement we'd had earlier, "It's a swimming party, Harry, and I have two large very angry scars down my back."

Harry just ran a hand down his face and then back into his hair, "God, Lina, you're so vain."

"Excuse me?" I said wondering where exactly he'd gotten that from, especially since I was just trying to save us from having to explain why we had matching scars.

"No one is going to care," Harry hissed before shaking his head and heading back towards the party grabbing Serenity by her elbow gently as she sent a worried look over her shoulder.

Not wanting to ruin their fun I grabbed my bag from the back of Harry's car glad that I had remembered to bring a book. Keeping my face pleasant but distant I managed to make my way down the small sandy shore next to the lake. Once I laid down my towel and shed my shorts I was fully prepared to curl up with my book and ignore everyone else until Harry was ready to leave, my partying mood ruined.

I would have gone through with it, too, if someone hadn't decided to come and directly block my sunlight. Peering up into the sunlight I couldn't see much other than a silhouette, so I returned to my book.

"You're Harry's sister right?" Came the question from a deep but slightly reedy voice.

"Yeah," I said looking up from my book once again.

"Then you're coming with me." Came the reply that had me scrunching up my nose in confusion.

"Excuse you?"

"No excuses about it," A hand appeared in my face that I was apparently supposed to take.
With a shake of my head, I closed my book, stuck it in my bag and pulled myself to my feet before turning to meet the guy who had so rudely interrupted my reading. Standing in front of me a wide grin on his face was a boy with shaggy brown hair, a mischievous look and the prettiest eyes I'd ever seen.

"Or don't let me help you," Came the boy's teasing reply, "I mean I wasn't going to drop you or anything."

"What do you want?" I stated quickly interrupting him.

"I saw you and Harry fighting in the parking lot earlier, and I thought that you might need some cheering up," He said like it was the most natural thing in the world stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"I don't need saving," I said defensively.

"You could have fooled me," He said softly, a mischievous look on his face reaching over my towel he grabbed my hand and tugged me slightly as he set off at a brisk pace, "come with me."

Not in the mood or the position to argue I followed him up the incline towards the waterfall trying not to trip over the roots and rocks, "for your information I never need saving, I'm more than capable of saving myself."

"Is that right?" He said once we had reached the top of the slope the water some fifteen feet below us. "So you're telling me that you have no problems because you take care of all of them, and if anyone else tries to help you it would be a lost cause."

"Exactly!" I exclaimed trying to ignore the frustrating look that crossed his face; he looked pleased with himself. It wasn't helping with my train of thought especially since he was standing so close to me his hand still in mine at my side.

"Besides who are you to bust into my problems anyway. I don't think that it is appropriate for total strangers to butt into other people's issues even when they aren't issues. I mean we don't even know each other, I don't even know your name, and here you are pretending that you're all high and mighty and know it all. I mean I'll tell you--"

I didn't even get to finish my statement or my train of thought because with a look of frustration and something else in his eyes took a final step forward and brushed his lips against mine.


So Lina finally meets the infamous Louis :) (even if she doesn't know who he is yet)

I hope y'all had great Christmases and next one up soon (I won't keep you all hanging for too long)

Let us know what you think!



You’re so sweet!!! Thanks so much (: The next chapter should be up soon!!

Love this. It is already really well written and I'm eager for more :)

Awe, this made my morning!!
Thank you so much

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How has this got over ninety views but no comments? This is SO good. It's different and unique - I'm loving it so far xxx

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