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Heaven's Rejects



Harry tugged on my elbow while I looked back at a not very happy Lina taking out a novel from her bag she had brought with her and when she opened the book, I turned away and looked at where we were going.

"Is she okay?" I ask Harry.

"Yeah, she is. Just she's a little insecure and doesn't want to be in a bathing suit around this many people, she will get over it though." He smiles at me, taking my hand in his.

Harry and I continue to walk around the hangout area, trying to find a place where dumb teenagers aren't drinking out of kegs, smoking weed or vaping, just somewhere decently quiet.

I find an area near the fireplace, it had four big logs circling it and ice-chess and the best part was it had only a few teens.

Harry and I stroll over to the area and he bends down to grab us some drinks, "What would you like to drink?" He asks me.

"Uh, a beer?" I reply as more of a question rather than an answer.

"A beer? Never took you as a drinker." He chuckles as he hands me a beer and he holds a coke in his hand.

I open the beer and smell it, scrunching my nose in disgust. "I'm not." I take a sip of the beer and I absolutely regretted it, I spit it out into the grass beside me and I take Harry's coke to wash away that horrible taste.

"Why do people drink that? Oh my God, that was the worst thing I have ever tasted." I mutter and Harry can't stop laughing at me

"No one actually likes beer, it tastes like piss." He chuckles.

"Serenity Isabella Jackson." I hear in a stern voice and I look up to see my older brother Devin looking down at Harry and I and he is with his two friends Bryce and Nick.

"Shit," I mutter in my breath, knowing exactly what he would do.

"Wait until I tell dad about this one. Little Miss Perfect is out at a party with a boy and lied about going to the library with her new best friend, I am utterly disappointed in my little sister." He shakes his head, while all his words were said in a sneer.

"Don't tell dad, I still have photos of the party you through two months ago while mom and dad were on that trip and we can't forget about Annabelle and Allison in your bed that night either," I replied, scared of the consequences so I decided to throw a threat at him.

"Fair enough, have a nice day and keep your paws off my little sister Styles or I'll end you," Devin says walking away with his two friends.

"He doesn't mean that," I say laughing

"I know he doesn't but you aren't much of a rule breaker are you?" He asks me.

"Not really but that's okay."

Harry and I sat on the log for what felt like forever, talking about ourselves and things we liked and then we hear a bunch of noise.

We stand up and walk to where the noise was coming from, it was a crowd of a bunch of people chanting, "Fight, fight, fight." But neither of us couldn't see the two people,


I hope you enjoyed this extremely short chapter, have a nice day!
- Mo


You’re so sweet!!! Thanks so much (: The next chapter should be up soon!!

Love this. It is already really well written and I'm eager for more :)

Awe, this made my morning!!
Thank you so much

bubbles.s bubbles.s

How has this got over ninety views but no comments? This is SO good. It's different and unique - I'm loving it so far xxx

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