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Heaven's Rejects


~ Two Weeks Later ~


I sat miserably bored at my desk in English class, with my hand propped under my chin and my body leaning forward as though it was about to fall over while I watched my red-headed teacher, Mrs. Smith write the Agenda of the week and the daily journal question that we copied down every day at the beginning of class and answered. After writing down everything, she turned to face the class and smiled at everyone brightly.

"Good morning, I know it is eight in the morning and a Monday but we still have work to do, so with that being said can everyone please take out-" Mrs. Smith was cut off by the door opening.

Two teenagers walk in, one boy and the other a girl. The boy was very tall, he was about six feet tall, muscular and had brown slightly curly hair with a olive skin tone. He was extremely attractive and one of the hottest boys at school definitely. While the girl was very short, there was no way she was taller than five foot three, she was thin and had long blonde hair and a fair skin tone.

Mrs. Smith scanned over at both of their schedules and smiled at the two, "Well, welcome to my class, Evangeline and Harold. I'm Mrs. Smith and you guys can sit anywhere open."

The two new students nod their head at the teacher and walk to the only two open seats in the classroom, one was by me and the other was by Louis Tomlinson who was not only my Co-Worker but the captain of the Baseball and Football team.

Evangeline walked towards me while Harold walked to the back of the classroom where Louis was sitting and sat next to him and they started talking as soon as he sat down.
I watched as Evangeline sat down next to me and set her backpack on top of the desk and she rested her arms on top of it.

"Hi Evangeline, I'm Serenity Jackson. I'm guessing you're new and I can give you a tour around the school if you would like." I said sweetly, I wanted to come off as the nice helpful girl, not the annoying Straight A student chick.

Evangeline smiled at me, "You can call me Lina and that would be really amazing because I am very new and don't know anything about this school." She laughs.

"Everyone take out your notebooks and start writing the daily question down." I hear Mrs. Smith say in the background of the loud and noisy classroom.

"Awesome. I'll walk you to your classes all day today and even sit with you at lunch if you want of course." I smile and start to think of another topic to talk about, "Where did you live before Eastland?" I ask while I pull my journal and a pen out of my backpack and start to copy down the question written in green marker on the whiteboard.

"Of course that is okay and I'm from Los Angeles." She replies to me.

"Oh, I lived on the West Coast in Oregon when I was younger, how was it in California? I applied to Fullerton there." I ask her.

"That's really cool and California was okay. It had its ups and downs. I do miss it so much though."

The bell rang for lunch, I gather my things and sit up from my desk in my Government class and start to walk towards the cafeteria doors.

I see Lina and the cute boy she was with earlier standing by the doors waiting for me.
"Sorry, Mr. Johnson goes on and on and won't let you leave until he finishes talking." I apologize to them.

"It's okay, Serenity," Lina says to me smiling at me.

"Meet my brother Harry and Harry meet my new friend Serenity," Lina says gesturing her hands at him and then at me.

"Hi, nice to meet you. You have English with me, right?" He asks me.

'That is correct. Now, let's get in there. I am so hungry." I say guiding them into the cafe and walking them towards the table in the back of the Cafeteria where most the outcasts sat, butI didn't have a clique. I sit alone.

I sit down and take out my lunch bag and set it down on the table and I start to eat some orange slices.

"You two are siblings? You two look nothing alike." I say looking at them both.

"We get that a lot," Harry says.

"It would shock you," Lina adds on

I nod and take out my sandwich, "How are the teachers here from LA?" I ask.

"LA?" Harry asks raising an eyebrow.

Lina punches him on the arm lightly, "Yes, Los Angeles, remember, our home?" She reminds him.

"Oh. These teachers are way better than the teachers out there, they are way more lenient here. Sorry, had a total brain fart right there" Harry chuckles reaching over and taking a Pretzel out of my lunch bag.

"Really? That's awesome. I always thought the teachers here were a pain in the ass."

"You don't even understand a pain in an ass teacher until you dealt with the teachers there." Harry shakes his head.

"Good note. Have you guys made any other friends?" I ask.

Lina shakes her head no but Harry nods, "I have. That kid, um, I think his name is Louis or something. We talked in English class and he offered me a spot on the football team if I pass tryouts." Harry says, his tone giving off that he was extremely excited about this.
"Tryouts?" Lina asks.

"Yes, they're today after school." He replies.

"My brother Devin is on the team, he's the linebacker.

"Ah, I'll say hi and tell him I know you," Harry says.

"You might not want to do that," I tell him popping a pretzel in my mouth.

"Why?" He asks.

"My brother has a heart attack if any guy even looks at me, he is a huge reason why I have not dated in high school once," I reply.

"I'll be fine." Harry chuckles.

"Good luck," I tell him shaking my head.

"Thank you. Can I have your number Serenity?" Harry asks me.

I blush a little and nod. "Yeah, sure." I take out a little pink sticky note and a black pen and start to write my number on it real fast and hand it over to him as soon as I'm done and I slip the pen in my pencil case.

"Can I have it too? Just in case if something happens." Lina asks me.

"Yeah, just copy the same one I gave Harry," I laugh.

"Alright." She smiles.

The bell rings once again and I stand up from the hard chair and start to throw away all of my food trash and I grab my backpack off the table and put it on, while I grab my earbuds from my pocket and pop them in my ears and begin playing Bite by Troye Sivan, humming along
"Good luck at tryouts Harry. Lina, just text me if you need anything and same for you Harry. Bye!" I smile and leave the cafeteria and start to head to my final and worst class, Calculus.


Hi! I hope you enjoy the chapter.
I'm really happy to write more for you guys!

- Mona


You’re so sweet!!! Thanks so much (: The next chapter should be up soon!!

Love this. It is already really well written and I'm eager for more :)

Awe, this made my morning!!
Thank you so much

bubbles.s bubbles.s

How has this got over ninety views but no comments? This is SO good. It's different and unique - I'm loving it so far xxx

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