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Chapter Two

Mia's Point of View

"Mia." I heard a voice say, it was a male voice, with a hint of Irish.

"What?" I groan as I open my eyes and I see Niall sitting at the edge of the bed.

"It's ten in the morning and you need to get up," Niall said standing up from the bed and pulling the covers from my body revealing my pajamas; a long black t-shirt and black cotton shorts.

I sigh and I get up from the bed, stretching my arms above my head and letting out a yawn
"Where is the bathroom?" I ask him.

"Follow me," He says.

I nod and I follow him out of the bedroom and to the bathroom a few doors down, "There you go, you can go shower and I'll go grab you some clothes." He says.

"Luckily you're the same size as the last girl." I hear him mumble.

What happened to the last girl?

I walk into the restroom and I close and lock the door behind me and I look around the nice bathroom, it was painted a light shade of pink, it had a bathtub and a separate shower and a toilet.

I strip from the pajamas and toss them to the side before turning the hot water and the cold water, I hold my hand inside the shower and wait for the temperature to be perfect and once it is I step inside and let the warm water hit my back, it felt amazing.

I stood under the water for a good five minutes before I heard knocking at the door, "What?" I yell so that the person outside could hear me.

"Is it okay to come in so I can drop the clothes off?" I hear Niall scream.

"Yes," I respond.

I hear the door open, "There you go, hurry up and meet the rest of us downstairs." Niall says before I heard the door close again.

Finally, I had peace

I look for the shampoo on the shelf in the shower and I grab it pumping it on my hand and rubbing it through my hair and then rinsing it off.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel on the shelf in the bathroom and started to dry off my body, I wipe the foggy mirror and look at my reflection while I change into the clothes he had picked out for me.

I look for a brush and I brush my nappy hair before tossing it into a ponytail and I leave the bathroom and head downstairs like I was told to.

Escaping was at the back of my mind, but I was too scared to.

I looked around for the kitchen before I finally found it, Sophia was sitting at the island while Harry and Niall cooked breakfast.

"Nice of you to join us," Harry says smiling at me, I hated him.

I sit next to Sophia on the island and look at what she was wearing, I sigh and shake my head, "Let me guess, Harry chose that outfit ." I whisper and she nods.

"Sharing secrets I see?" Harry says.

Shut up Harry, you douchebag.

"Nope, we were saying an inside joke from our childhood, I'd let you in on it but it's an inside joke after all," I say, I knew I got on his nerve.

Harry doesn't even respond to me, he just sighs and gets back to cooking.

"So, you two know how to cook?" Sophia asks.

"Yeah, Harry taught me though," Niall says, a smile on his face
I liked Niall, he was nice and not a douche like Harry was.

"And breakfast is done," Harry says, turning off the stove and grabbing some plates.

They had made pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns for breakfast.

Niall set down mine and Sophia's plates down in front of us, "Thanks." I mumble as I start to cut my pancake.

"Wait, is this poisoned?" I ask the boys sitting at the island with us.

"Why would we spend twenty thousand dollars on you just to poison you?" Niall asks, he had a point.

"You're right," I say as I take the piece of pancake in my mouth and I eat it, it was actually really good.

I finish up the rest of my food and I stand up tossing it in the trash, I had to talk to Sophia after breakfast.

"Can we have some alone time?" I ask Niall, I knew he liked me so I'm sure it would be a yes.

"Of course, you two can clean the kitchen up and talk while you two do and then you can come in the living room and we'll discuss the rules."

Rules? They have to be on some sort of drug.

"Alright, sounds good." I smile as I watch the two boys leave into the living room.

I heard the TV turn on, so I knew it would be loud enough to discuss what I wanted to with Sophia.

"Are you okay?" Sophia asks me gathering up the plates on the counter.

"Yes, why?" I ask her.

"You seem, a bit... weird." She says. Was she actually being serious? I didn't want to get a case of Stockholm Syndrome and she shouldn't want it either.

"No, I'm trying to not be broken into submission and you should try that too," I tell her.

"They'll hurt us if we don't listen though."

"Not if we escape."


Hi, sorry for the mini cliffhanger and how short it is, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.
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