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Chapter Three

Sophia's POV

It was crazy that Mia had suggested we run away. Runaway? That is fucking crazy. I shook my head at her, "No fucking way, they will kill you, Mia." I tell her and turn to the sink to wash dishes.

I watch as Mia clears the table, "It is worth a try." She says. "Please Sophia, do you really want to die here?" She asks me.

I didn't want to see Mia hurt, I sigh and finally nod my head. "Fine but when?"

"Thursday at two in the morning," Mia says while putting all the table scraps in the trash and handing me the dishes.

"So, we have three days to prep basically," I say shaking my head, having a huge gut feeling this would most definitely not work.

Three days had gone by really quick, it was the same routine every day with the boys. Wake up, cook, clean, bathe and sleep. I was more than ready to escape tonight.

We were sitting in the living room watching The Guardians of The Galaxy and eating popcorn, I watched as the grandfather moved it's hand to the 11 and it let out a little jingle and that's when Harry stands up stretches and yawns.

"I think it's time to head to bed," Harry says to three of us as he turns off the television.
"I agree." Niall yawns.

Mia and I stand up and follow the boys upstairs and we all head to our rooms, they were so sleepy that they forgot to lock the doors! I know I would need rest by the time two in the morning comes so I crawl into bed and close my eyes as sleep takes over me.

Mia's POV

I went into the bedroom and didn't hear the lock turn, idiots.

I look through the bookshelf and choose PS I Still Love You, the sequel to To All The Boys I've Loved Before, sad I may never actually be able to watch this movie and that is exactly why I want to escape.

Yes, they feed us, give us a home, clothes to wear. But for what? They didn't spend so much damn money on us to have us just live with them, they want to do disgusting and unimaginable things to me and my sister and that is why we need to escape tonight.

I set the book down as I watch the digital clock turn to 2:00 and I set the book down, I change into some black leggings, a Pink Floyd sweater and converse while I quietly open my door and I tip-toe into Sophia's room and see her fast asleep, I shake her awake and she sits up and rubs her eyes

"It's time," I whisper to her and toss her some warm clothes to wear.

"Hurry," I say as I turn around so she can change.

I hear her shift around and she sighs, "Let's get the fuck out of here." I nod and we both follow each other downstairs and to the front door.

I notice there is a security system, "When the alarm goes off, run as fast as you can in the same direction as me." I whisper.

"1, 2, 3." I unlock and open the door and a loud alarm went off through the house and we both ran as fast as we could into the forest until we found some kind of road.

Niall's POV

A loud, ear piercing white noise had woke me up, I let out a groan and sit up for a minute before realizing what the noise was. The alarm system.

stand up and put on a shirt and some shoes before walking out to the hallway where I see a very tired and angry Harry.

"I'm going to fucking kill them." I hear him mutter.

I shake my head, "We will find them, we are in the middle of nowhere. Get changed and we will go find them, I will go dismiss the alarm system."

Harry nods and goes back into his room and I walk downstairs and punch in the code and the alarm went quiet, I sigh and grab my car keys as I see Harry walk down the stairs and we both exit through the garage and go inside my car and I start to drive into the forest.

"How did they even leave their rooms?" Harry asks me and I shrug. "Maybe they learned how to pick a lock."

"I bet you it was all Mia's idea," Harry mutters. "She has had no respect for either of us these past few days and she dragged Sophia into this with her."

I shake my head no, "They are sisters. Mia might've wanted out but wouldn't let Sophia stay here, so they both escaped together."

"Why don't we just sell Mia? All she does is ever fight with us." Harry suggests.

I did not want to sell her, she was really beautiful and just needed more structure and I plan on doing that. She is mine.

"No, Sophia would never submit if you sold her sister like that, dude." I shake my head at him.

"Yeah, you are right and after this, we need to really work on getting them to trust us so that we can trust them," Harry says looking at the road trying to find them.

"They aren't going to magically trust one of us, we bought them from an auction." I shake my head and I see two figures in the trees, they are both females.

"I see them," I say as I turn off the car and Harry and I both step out.

Sophia's POV

Mia and I had ran for twenty minutes until our bodies couldn't take it anymore, we started to walk the rest of the way until we found the road and that is when we saw headlights and we both started to walk towards it
The car turned off and two men stepped out; Niall and Harry.

"Fuck," I mutter and Mia starts to run until she falls over because she was too tired to and I stand frozen in place.

"You really thought you could get away that easy?" Harry asks.



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