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Chapter One

Harry's Point of View

The two girls seemed very sweet and well behaved, they were definitely worth the twenty thousand dollars. Ten thousand each.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you," Sophia responded, she smiles a bit at me.

"I'm Sophia and this is my younger sister Mia." She says, her smile slowly fading.

I didn't blame her for that smile fading, she was after all kidnapped with her sister and bought by us but she got lucky because Niall and I aren't even that bad of guys, personality-wise, what we do would be considered bad by the public.

"We should start heading back to the house," I say, as I help Sophia inside of the back seat and I watch as Niall does the same with Mia.

Mia seemed like a quiet girl.

I get inside the passenger seat and Niall drives.

I put my seatbelt on and I look back at the two silent girls in the backseat, "So what part of England are you two ladies from?" I ask.

"Leeds," Mia responds, the first time I heard her speak.

"I've never been to Leeds, is it nice there?" Niall asks the two, his eyes on the road still.

"Yeah, it is," Sophia says.

"Not nice enough if this happened to us," I hear Mia mumble.

"Excuse me?" I ask the teenager.

"It isn't nice enough if this happened to us." She says a bit louder.

I mean, she was right, but what she said angered me.

I reached in the backseat and I smacked her for that, I didn't want her to think having an attitude like that was okay.

Sophia looked at me in disbelief and disgust, "Don't fucking touch my sister or I'll-" She shut up when I gave her a stare, a stare I always use as a warning.

Sophia's Point of View

I couldn't believe that he had smacked my sister, I was still in shock and it was done and over with.

I decided I would break the current silence in the car, "Are we almost there?" I ask.

"Yeah, it's only two miles away," Niall says, Niall seemed nicer than Harry but obviously not too much nicer if he was okay with buying two teenagers for God knows what.

Niall pulled up to the huge house, it was guarded by a ten-foot gate.

Niall presses a button on the sun visor and the gate opens up and he drives through it before parking beside the house that was surrounded by trees, rose bushes and lots of grass, the only thing not covered in either of those things was the five-foot-wide cement walkway to the front door.

The boys got out of the car and they went to the backseat to help me and my sister out of the car, "Home sweet home." Harry chuckled taking my hand.

I watched as Niall took Mia's hand as well and the two boys walked me and my sister inside of the beautiful house.

Once I walked in, the smell of pine hit me as I looked around the cherry red painted living room, it had black leather couches with pillows that matched the walls, a 62-inch flat screen TV displayed on the wall and a fireplace under it, it was a very gorgeous room.

"This is the living room." Niall says.

"It is really nice, very well decorated." I say.

"Thank you, I actually designed this room." Harry chuckled.

"It's pretty late," Niall says. "I think we'll show you your rooms and then we will let you sleep." The blonde says.

I nod and I follow them upstairs looking at Mia, who still hasn't spoken since she had gotten slapped.

"Hey, are you okay?" I ask her quietly as we walk up the steps.

She nods a bit, I knew she was lying but I decided it would be the best to talk when we weren't around those two.

"So this is going to be Mia's bedroom," Niall says, opening a door that was the first door you see when you get to the second floor.

I walked inside and looked at the room, it was painted grey and in the center of the room was a queen-sized bed with white bedding with two night stands beside it with small lamps on them and by the door was a desk and a chair.

Mia nodded and she sat on the bed, "Thank you." She says in a soft and quiet voice looking down. I worried about her greatly, she was only sixteen.

"Goodnight," I say to her as I walk out with the boys, I watch as Niall locks the outside of her door.

Then they walk me two doors away from my sister and they open the door and it reveals a light blue room with a full sized bed in the center of it with black bedding and two night stands beside it as well, it was the exact same room as Mia's just with different colors.

"Well, this is your room," Harry says.

"Okay, thank you. Goodnight." I tell the two boys as I watch them leave the room and I watch as the lock turns.

I strip out of the dress they had me in at the auction and I look through the dressers and I find a pair of grey sweats and a white tank top and I change into them and look at myself through a mirror in the room before crawling under the black covers and reaching over to turn off the light.

I laid awake for a good forty minutes before sleep took over my body.


Hi, I'm sorry for taking so long to update.
I was busy with school and I had really bad writers block, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.



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